SHULL FamilyTree DNA Project- Background



Scholl, Schull, Sholl, Shull


This Shull DNA project was started for the purpose of determining if the four Shulls in Washington County, IN
in late 1810's and early 1820's might be related. It has been the assumption of several researchers that they
are related but no records have been found to support that assumption.

These Shulls are:
Phillip Shull spouse Susannah (unknown) (kit number 46062)
Joseph Shull spouse Sarah Wright Johnson (kit number 46063)
Lewis Shull spouse Nancy Ellen Johnson (kit number 47856)
James Henry Shull spouse Mary Jane "Polly" Short (kit number 47161)

Also, we are attempting to determine if these Shulls might be descended from:
Frederick Scholl/Shull spouse Mary Barbara (Hertzel?)
thru their son John Frederick Scholl/Shull spouse Gertrude "Charity" Merckel.
John Frederick/Gertrude "Charity"Merckel had four children. Frederick, Simon, Elizabeth and John.
(kit number 46064 is from a direct descendant of Simon Shull)
(kit number 51850 is from a direct descendant of Simon Shull)