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Rementon, Remington, Reminton, Remmington, Rimington, Riminton, Rimmington, Rymyngton


This project was started so that this well recognized Remington surname would have a presence on the website. Hopefully, more Remington surname participants will join to help administer and carry on the research efforts. DNA testing can help Remington researchers break the bottlenecks that exist in the written records and push the lines of descent further back than possible with existing traditional genealogical sources. The surname descendants do have a fascinating history and connecting them to a common source may shed light on the ever increasing interest in our personal history and connection with our direct line ancestors. It is a fun hobby and I hope more help collect the wealth of information that science and research can bring together.

Members can access the order form for the Remington Group project by going to In the upper right corner, there is a box that says Search a DNA Project. Type in Remington. It will take you to a link to that project order form. We recommend at least the 25 marker test, but preferably the 37 or 67 marker tests.

There are multiple variants to this name, but the common modern spelling of this surname is Remington. One objective of this group is to try to link the several lines of the Remington family in the United States and determine a common origin or source within England. If anyone knows a male using the Remington surname, please sign them up so we can research DNA assumptions about migration patterns for origins.

We currently have seven male line Remington surname participants with very closely matched Y-DNA results for Haplogroup I1.   The current thinking is this group descended from Lt. John Rowley who settled in Rowley, Mass. about 1637 having arrived with his wife and two sons from Yorkshire, England.

Three Remington surname users are Haplogoup R1b1a2, but each set of results are not closely linked individually.  This will require more DNA results from other suers to confirm other related Remington surname matches or else pockets of other Remingtons from other areas, or use by adoption or adaptations of the surname over time.

Please feel free to email with any questions. Thanks and good luck.

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Thanks and Good Luck! JP

General Fund

Current balance: $369.00

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