The Y-Haplogroup R SRY2627/L176.2/Z198 Project - Goals

The Project will bring together SRY2627+ L165+ L176.2+ Z198+ and CTS4188+ individuals with the aim of discovering further shared genetic markers and learning more about their haplogroup.

FTDNA customers who satisfy one of the following criteria are invited to join the Project
(a) anyone who has been tested positive for SRY2627, L165, L176.2, Z198 or CTS4188 by FTDNA or Geno 2.0;
(b) anyone who has been tested positive for SRY2627 by another DNA testing company and has purchased the 67 marker test from FTDNA;
(c) anyone who has genetic and documentary evidence which indicates they share recent paternal ancestry with project members satisfying (a) or (b);
(d) anyone who has DYS490 = 10 and clearly belongs to R1b1b (whether tested or not) - this value occurs particularly strongly within R-SRY2627 and we are interested in understanding its significance.