R-Z255 and Subclades Project - Goals

The goal of this project is to discover the origins of both Z255 and L159.2. There have been some interesting observations:

1) A number of families associated with the Kings of Leinster and Diarmaid MacMurchada (Dermot MacMurrough) are L159.2+: O'Byrne, Kavanaugh/Cavanaugh, and Kinsella.
2) L159.2 is mostly found in coastal areas of the Irish Sea, including the Isle of Man and the Hebrides
3) L159.2 can also be found in Norway, from Troms in the North, to Møre in the South. Whether it arrived there in the Viking Age or earlier has yet to be discovered.


  Note: The first discovery of L159.2 was within Haplogroup I-M26; it was then found within R-L21. FTDNA designated them L159.1 and L159.2, respectively. L159.2 can be found under the "Advanced Orders" page, as part of a stand-alone test within R-L21. I strongly recommend any R1b male who is L159.2+ -or is 2C2G on 464X - to join the project so that a definitive hypothesis can be made as to the origins of this SNP.