R1b-L513 Hg: L513+, DF1+, Z249+, CTS5396+ - Goals

The goals are open to whatever the group wants to accomplish. My thoughts are that we try to develop the tribe/clade/family tree for all varieties of the R1b L513+ people, Perhaps we can get a feel for the progenitor of our whole group, where he lived and what culture he might have been in. We could try to decipher his descendants' routes that got us into modern times. There is also a good chance of finding distant cousins. With a little luck, you might find someone with a strong genealogical trail that help you take your family tree back in time a few steps. The more people we recruit that fit our signature, the better. On the Yahoo Groups forum we can discuss family folklore, surname origins and possibly clan and tribal origins. The idea is to share information with a growing pool of participants. If you find people with close genetic distances on FTDNA screens or in Ysearch ask them to join. We can't help but learn from the exchange of information and ideas! If your Y DNA results fit CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE PROJECT. Also please join the L513 Yahoo forum to see analysis, graphics and discuss heritage, folklore and deep ancestry possibilities. This forum has a "web only" option under Membership Options if you want to avoid email traffic. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE YAHOO GROUP.