R1b-L513 Hg: L513+, DF1+, Z249+, CTS5396+- Background



Adams, Ammerlaan, Anderson, Anglin, Armstrong, Ash, Banks, Barber, Barrett, Belsher, Benn, Bergeron, Bibber, Bigham, Bingham, Blair, Boyd, Breen, Brown, Bullock, Burns, Bussey, Byrne, Cain, Cameron, Campbell, Carter, Clark, Clendaniel, Clendenin, Clendenning, Clifton, Coleman, Connell, Cope, Corrigan, Coulson, Craig, CTS5396, DeVane, Devin, Devine, DF1, Divin, Divine, Donohoe, Driscoll, Duff, Dugger, Edwards, Elliott, Evans, Ferguson, Fletcher, Gamble, Gammel, Gilroy, Gittens, Glendenning, Glendinning, Goff, Golliher, Gruetzmacher, Gurry, Guthrie, Healy, Heath, Holmberg, Holmes, Jackman, Johnston, Jones, Kelly, Kennedy, Kingston, Knox, L513, Lackey, Lamont, Leary, Lemons, Lewis, Little, Lytle, MacDonald, Mackenzie, MacLean, Maguire, Martin, Massey, Massie, Matheson, Mavity, McAllister, McAuley, McClain, McConnell, McCormick, McCowan, McCown, McCrea, McDonald, McGuire, McIver, McKenzie, McKlem, McLain, McLean, McMahon, McManus, McQueen, McQuillan, McVitty, Meek, Meeks, Miller, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Müller, Newman, Newton, Nichols, Nicolson, O'Donoughue, O'Gara, O'Hara, O'Neill, O'Rourke, O'Shea, Owen, Palmer, Phillips, Pillsbury, Pitts, Plunkett, Powell, Powers, Proffitt, Queen, Reid, Rine, Roberts, Robertson, Rose, Ross, Scott, Shay, Sinclair, Sinkler, Smith, Squires, St. Clair, Stephens, Stevens, Sunesson (Tibbhult), Taylor, Tiernan, Traylor, Turpin, Vance, Vans, Vaughan, Vaus, Vaux, Walsh, Ward, Watkins, Welch, Welsh, Whalen, White, Wilkey, Williams, Wilson, Winners, Winters, Woods, Young, Z249


Medieval Normans, Flemish-Norman allies, Hiberno-Vikings, or ancient Gauls, Gaels or Brythonic Celts? or all of the above? R1b-P312>L21>L513+ subclade of people are scattered across the British Isles, Scandinavia, Benelux, France and Germany. Many of the sub-groups have Most Recent Common Ancestors (MRCA) that go back to 800-1200 AD. There are almost 20 sub-groups, they are marked by the SNP L513 (aka DF1) which was discovered in January of 2011. There are a number of descendant subclades marked by the SNPs L193, L706.2, L705.2, L69.5, P66, L577, L908 and L909. More exploratory testing is needed for these SNPs. The SNPs Z249 and CTS3596 appear to be phylogenetically equivalent to L513 so also qualifies as a marker for the L513 subclade.

There are many surnames but the largest families with L513 variety people are Barber, Banks, Barrett of Mayo, Byrne/Burns of Monaghan, Kelly of Kildare, Kingston, MacKenzie/McKenzie, Vans/Vance of Barnbarroch, McClain/McLean, O'Shea, Sinclair/St.Clair, Banks, Barrett of Mayo, Fletcher of England, Hayes, Kelly of Kildare, Byrnes of Monaghan, Maguire/McGuire of Fermangagh, O'Gara of Ireland, O'Shea of Cork, Queen, Ross/Rose of Kilvarock, Massey/Massie, Walsh/Welsh/Welch, Woods, as well as the Scottish Border Reiver families of Elliott, Clendennen/Glendinning, Irvin/Irvine, Little/Lytle. 

Ysearch ID ZN8M3 is a 96 marker artificial haplotype that can be used to look for haplotypes that match the group's modal.

All of these L513 groups are a subset of R1b1a2 (R1b-M269) people that if deep clade tested are L21+. If you are L21- you would NOT fit into these groups. If your Y DNA results fit CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE PROJECT. FTDNA does not limit the number of projects you can join. For discussion, analysis, charts, etc. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE YAHOO GROUP. There are no fees and you can communicate in several modes from email to web site only viewing. There are many more people than are in the project because some are FTDNA members or are unreachable. All of the confirmed and suspected L513 people are at the Yahoo Group in the R1b-L513 Haplotypes file. CLICK HERE FOR FULL SPREADSHEET OF HAPLOTYPES. There are also links to some of the larger family surname origin/folklore web sites. CLICK HERE FOR FAMILY LINKS. If you haven’t done so already, please deep clade (SNP) test and upgrade to 67 markers. Anything less could cause an error in classification and reduces probabilities. If you'd like to contribute to the project to ensure any particular sub-variety or all sub-varieties get deeper testing, please click on the CONTRIBUTE TO THE SURNAME PROJECT menu item on the left.

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