The R-DF49 and Subclades Project- Background



DF23, DF49, L302, L319.1, M222, Z2961


Welcome to the R-DF49 and Subclades Project.

The purpose of this project is to act as a central resource for the research of DF49 & its subclades.

Our aim is to help identify clusters under DF49 and investigate the age and possible origin of these various groups.

Only people who have tested positive for DF49 or one of the SNPs below it are eligible to join the project unless we feel there is enough supporting evidence to assume somebody is DF49 plus.

Ordering individual SNPs

Tests for individual SNPs that aren't in FTDNA's Haplotree
are not found under the 'Order Advanced SNP Test'.

To order these tests you need to click the
'Order an Advanced Test' tab and then select 'SNP' from the drop down menu, after that fill in the required SNP in the box on the right hand side and click 'Add'

General Fund

Current balance: $20.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Debit $109.00 12/20/2013     30114 Unknown
Credit $109.00 12/20/2013   Upgrade Biddick to 111   Individual
Debit $39.00 8/19/2013 David Stedman Was supposed to be in Biddick GF 30114 Unknown
Credit $39.00 8/3/2013 David Stedman To test Mr Biddick, identified as C3 in the project for the SNP DF49   Individual
Debit $109.00 12/28/2012     181809 Unknown
Credit $100.00 12/28/2012 John C P Burleigh For attention of D Stedman   Unknown
Credit $29.00 11/5/2012 David Pettit     Unknown