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Testing of DNA by a Nicely and a Knisely returned positive results. Later a Kneisly, a Knisley, and a Niceley matched. We also have matched with the following surnames; Bernstein, Harmon, Joseph, Levine, Torrington, and three different Wright's. These individuals with different last names are likely to be cousins before the year of 1400 since surnames were not assigned at that time. This would be the reason for the different surname. We have gathered considerably more information on our family tree since the initial development of this web site. I curently have over 8,700 descendants of Hans Knussli in my family tree file. I also have over 500 descendants of Martin Nissli in my file and 2 lines that are not connected to Martin yet but with DNA that macthes the Nusli line. We also recently have linked by DNA to a Knisely line who came to America in 1739. He came freom Berne Switerland, which is the area where our Antonious was born to Hans Knusli. We have not found a paper link yet, but since the DNA matched there has to be a link in Switzerland.
It is important to understand that the Knusli and Nusli lines are not rtelated and have different haplogroups. Previous family tree researchers identified them as from the same family line but DNA testing has indicated the early research was incorrect. Information on both family lines indicates that both lines were Mennonite Anabaptists who were presecuted in Switzerland for their religious beliefs. After being forced to leave Switzerland it appears the Knusli line moved to Alsace and the Nusli line moved to Germany, both places were in the Palatinate area. At a later date members of both lines left their respective areas and moved through Rotterdam to England and in 1717 were carried by English ship to Philadelphia. They were met by a group of Mennonites who had arrived in America in 1710 and they were then moved to the Lancaster, PA area. They settled in the same basic area about 1/2 to 3 miles west of Lancaster off the Harrisburg Pike that ran from Lancaster to Harrisburg. 
A Deep Clade test was completed on my DNA and it was determined that my DNA is in the J2b2 Haplogroup. My DNA was also submitted to an International study in Greece on the J2 Haplogroup and because my DNA contained a M172+ factor, The Knusli line is a descendant of a man who resided in the Anatolia region (current day Turkey) north of the eastern end of the Mediterranian Sea approximately 15,000 to 22,000 years ago. According to a National Geogeaphic report the J2b haplogroup began in the Fertile Crescent area about 10,000 years ago and samples of this DNA have been found in Jericho. This would mean that we could be descendants or distant cousins of the people listed in the Bible This means that everyone whose 12 Marker Y-DNA matchs mine has that same basic relationship.
We continue to look for new family members and extend our knowledge of both the different and unrelated Knusli and Nusli family lines.

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