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Updated 9 September 2013

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For both genealogy and DNA, I am here to aid.
You just need to ask.

New Zealand is a pacific nation which is populated by persons from probably every country (and ethnicity) on Earth.
If you have ancestors who travelled to New Zealand (male or female), please hit the "Join Request" button.

For the project to give meaningful information, all project members need to be placed into their "ancestor port/area arrival and settlement" categories.
So please make certain you give me that information when you join the project.  If you cannot do this, then I may be able to aid you if you are willing to work closely with me.

If that port/settlement area cannot be discovered, then please do not join.

What follows is a map of just where New Zealand is in terms of the world
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A New Zealand data base of Family Trees can be located at
But this site hosts more than just a data base - much more!
You will need to register to see the people for whom you might be searching, but you will be intrigued with the concept of the site if you care to look at the introductory video.
(Disclaimer: I have no pecuniary interest in this site).

Project Stats

Statistic Type Count
Big Y 4
Combined GEDCOMs Uploaded 102
DISTINCT mtDNA Haplogroups 61
DISTINCT Y-DNA Confirmed Haplogroups 20
DISTINCT Y-DNA Predicted Haplogroups 8
Family Finder 196
Genographic 2.0 Transfers 7
Maternal Ancestor Information 155
mtDNA 94
mtDNA Full Sequence 70
mtDNA Plus 85
mtDNA Subgroups 7
Paternal Ancestor Information 179
Predicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 44
Total Members 264
Unpredicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 0
Unreturned Kits 14
Y-DNA Deep Clade (After 2008) 17
Y-DNA Deep Clade (Prior to 2008) 4
Y-DNA Subgroups 7
Y-DNA111 31
Y-DNA12 112
Y-DNA25 110
Y-DNA37 108
Y-DNA67 89