Munley / Manley Surname project - News

As of March 2017 we have 63 members.  I continue to recruit new members via a variety of means.  I encourage all others to do the same.

The Munnelly Connection on Facebook now has over 400 members.  It was started by Malachy Munnelly in Ireland.  If you are interested in this group and have a Facebook account, just put Munnelly Connection in the search box.  I am hoping that we may get a few new project participants from this group by publicizing our Surname Project there.

I have also invited several members of the McAnally / McNally / McNelly Surname project to also join our surname project.  The modal (most common values of all members) of their surname project is close to the modal of our Mayo Group, and both names are pronounced similarly in Gaelic.  Perhaps there is a connection further back in time?

I attended Family Tree DNA's Annual Conference in Houston again in November 2013.  The biggest benefit was further understanding of the Family Finder Test and the results.  If any of you are having problems understanding your results, let me know.   I feel like I am in a much better position to help you. 

I continue to follow several of the DNA email forums in order to better understand this rapidly changing science.  The experts all agree that more markers are always better, but especially for those who are of the most common Haplogroup R1b.  Most experts are now recommending the 67-marker test for anyone in that group or subgroup.

Joining Other Projects


If you are a member of the original Manley Surname Project and would also like to join the Munley/Manley Surname Project, or vice versa, login to your profile page on and look in the upper left hand corner where it says Join Projects.  Click on the box that says "Join Projects".  One of the Projects displayed will be the Munley / Manley Surname Project.  Click on that project and then click the JOIN button at the bottom of the page description.

It looks like all of the members of the y-DNA Mayo group may also qualify to be members of the  R-M222 Haplogroup Project.


If you would like to join this project, login to your personal page with your kit number and password.   From your personal page click on the blue Join button in the upper part of the page.  When the next screen opens up, click on R in the Y-Haplogroup Section.   In the next screen, click on R-M222.  Then on the next page click on the Join Request button.

You will be asked to "Please fill in the form below to request to join this project. Your information will be sent to the project's Administrator, who will get in touch with you regarding your request." (There are no extra charges or testing required to join this project.)

If you have been confirmed or predicted to be R-M222, just state that in the form.

The following statements can be copied and pasted for filling out this part of the form if you have NOT been confirmed or predicted to be R-M222:

According to my Surname Project Administrator, Marianne Manley Granoff, my y-DNA marker values are consistent with the characteristic values for R-M222 and I closely match others in the Mayo Group of the Munley/Manley Surname Project who have been confirmed or predicted as R-M222.
Then on the next page click on the Join Request button.

If are NOT confirmed or predicted for R-M222 yet and you would like to be specifically tested for R-M222 (cost is $29.00 US) you may order that test from your personal page by going to the "ORDER TESTS & UPGRADES" line under the Section near the top middle of the page.  On the next page, click on "Order Advanced Tests".  On the following page, use the pull down menu under "test type" to select "SNP".  A list of SNP tests will be displayed (10 pages worth).  Enter "M222" in the "marker" box and click on "FIND".

Select the R-M222 test and complete the order.

Number of markers to test?

I am encouraging all members to upgrade your y-DNA tests to at least the 37-marker level if you have not yet done so. It is really not possible to "group" 12-marker test results with any degree of accuracy.  I am also encouraging members of both projects to upload Gedcoms to your personal profile page at .

FTDNA has recently announced an additional panel of markers which extends the total to 111 markers.  This additional panel will help refine the distinctions between close matches. 

FTDNA Family Finder Tests

If you have not considered the new FTDNA Family Finder DNA tests, you should.  The Family Finder test looks at small strings of autosomal DNA to find matches with other individuals.  These matches can prove valuable in finding relatives as distant as fifth cousins.  These tests may be especially useful to those who do NOT have a straight-line Munley/Manley male relative who can be y-DNA tested. 


A good source of information about Haplogroups is here:

The current (2014) y-DNA Haplotree is here

As always, I am available to answer any questions that you have.  Stay in touch!

Marianne Manley Granoff