Mexico and the Southwest USA - Native Y DNA - Results

Phylo Trees Based on Project Member's STR Results 

If you don't know what a phylo tree is I would suggest checking out this short YouTube video on understanding phylogenetic trees which is very helpful in understanding the basic idea behind these charts.

- Haplogroup Q, Subclade Q-M346 (M3-): Q-M346 Phylo Tree (PDF) (updated 11/1/2013)

- Haplogroup Q, Subclade Q-M3: Q-M3 Phylo Tree (PDF) (updated 11/1/2013)

These phylo trees have been constructed using each project member's 12 Y-STR markers (Panel 1), processed with Phylip-Kitsch software, and trees drawn with MEGA 5 software. Project members must have at least 12 reported Y-STR test results to be included in these reports.