Messina Province of Sicily DNA Project - News

ATTENTION:  All participants of the National Geographic Genographic DNA Project who are descended on a direct paternal or maternal line from any of the listed surnames or whose ancestors once lived in the Messina area, are welcome to join the DNA Project!

The National Geographic Genographic Project will be testing people around the world and as a result more people will be encouraged to test with a project. Persons who test in the Genographic Project can move their data to Family Tree DNA. We welcome all of you at this geographic project as well.

Who Do YouThink You Are? Conference is scheduled for February 25-27, 2011 in London. It is the largest genealogical conference in the world.  Your administrator will attend and help at the Family Tree DNA or the ISOGG booth. Stop by to say hello!

The American version of Who Do You Think You Are? will air its second season starting January 21st on NBC.  Check your TV schedule for local times

This is a very exciting time in genealogy as DNA testing can help prove or disprove our paper trails without a doubt.

For anyone wishing to see how DNA samples are taken see Dave Dorsey's site at: