McQueen DNA Study- Background



MacQueen, MacQuein, MacQuin, MacQuine, MacQuinn, MacQuinne, MacSayde, MacSeveney, MacShuibhne, MacSveinn, MacSwain, MacSwaine, MacSwan, MacSwane, MacSwann, MacSween, MacSwen, MacSwene, MacSweyn, MacSweyne, MacSwyde, MacSwyne, McQuean, McQueane, McQueen, McQueene, McQuene, McQuien, McQuiene, McQuin, McQuinn, McSwain, McSween, McSwyne, Revan, Revans, Suain, Svan, Sveinn, Swain, Swan, Swane, Swann, Swayne, Sween, Swein, Sweing, Swen, Sweyn, Sweyne, Swyde, Swyn, Swyne


This is a clan/surname specific Y-DNA study.

To be included in our project you must have the McQueen surname or variation, have a DNA match within the group or have a clan surname/variation

We are conducting a McQueen Y-DNA Study. The study is open to all participants of the McQueen, MacQueen, McQuinn, clan affiliations and variant names [When we refer to McQueen, I am including all variations]


Since the time of inception in late April 2006, as the project (and our curiosity) grew, we expanded our objectives.  Some of the study's added objectives:


  1. Prove and/or disprove relationships within various McQueen genealogies with special interest to the pre-18th century immigrants and the Jacobite rebels


  1. Confirm variant surnames as part of the McQueen family


  1. Supplement, strengthen and verify conventional genealogical research


  1. Locate new avenues of research for those who have reached "dead-ends" by introducing new relationships and areas (localities) to research


  1. Connect with other McQueen families worldwide


  1. Locate our McQueen origins


We are specifically targeting participants based on preliminary test results.

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