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Nicole PolkAthol McDonald and Elizabeth McPherson are the volunteer administrators for this project. Contact any one of us for questions about the project and Macpherson/McPherson history/genealogy.

Athol McDonald is in charge of SNP and STR upgrading and future testing if you have a question concerning either please contact him.

Elizabeth "Beth" McPherson Frost is in charge of helping with Family Finder questions if you have any autosomal dna questions please contact her.

Nicole Polk is in charge of answering any genealogy questions you have concerning any branches of America. I have a very large database at this point (over 18,500 folks). I can also answer any of the above areas if you can't reach Athol or Beth. Athol knows more of the Scottish genealogy than I do so he is the best bet for that. I would love to add any of your genealogy (American or otherwise) to my database so feel free to send me that. →Nicole Polk is responsible for DNA analysis and the naming of subgroups and grouping of DNA kits on the Y-Results page.

We all will answer to the best of our abilities any questions you may have please do not hesitate to ask any questions to either of our email addresses. We are here to help with this fantastic journey into DNA for genealogy!

Many of the testees in this project have ordered testing on advanced markers ( STRs ) or individual STRs in the last marker panel. FTDNA programing at this time does not allow for the display of those markers. Many testees have also ordered advanced SNP testing. Project administrators have indicated the primary haplogroup branch SNP in the name of the subgroups where applicable.

If you have a YDNA test as part of our group please consider upgrading to a basic 37 marker YDNA test as this is our best chance for finding you matches and seeing where your line fits into the bigger picture. The higher the resolution the better! In addition if your "family" group does not have a member that has done a Deep Clade (the deep clade test has been replaces by Gene 2.0 and The Big Y tests) test for Haplogroup assignment please consider being that pioneer and doing one for yourself and your matches. If cost is an issue please contact us and we will do all we can to help.

Please note that the large R group has been organized from "A-Z" this does not mean any one group is considered more significant to the study it was just necessary to organize this very large group into a clear path. Please ignore the "letters" this was only for organization purposes and they don't mean anything.

Family Finder, autosomal DNA testers now allowed to join the project:

Recently many group members have taken the Family Finder test to test their autosomal DNA. Remember autosomal DNA is different than YDNA or Mtdna. However many interesting developments/matches are found in your more recent family (autosomal DNA). With my own lines we have made some very good progress using distant cousin Family Finder tests to compare against each other. For these reasons I have decided we can make discoveries together by allowing those that have tested their autosomal DNA into the project. I will begin to add Family Finder tests to our group when time allows. If you are female Macpherson/McPherson and have felt left out due to the nature of YDNA I believe this will be an excellent way that you can share in the findings of the genetic genealogy community. Please request to join the project if you are female or male and where born with the surname or any of the many related names and we will pave this new path of discoveries together. Please send me an email if you do join based on the Family Finder test or if you have any questions about the test and I hope I can help walk you through what information the test can offer and then later what your matches mean.

Project Administrators are not FTDNA employees; they are volunteers and DNA/Genealogy hobbyists. They do not receive any form of financial payment or any other incentive or reimbursement for their work. Project administrators are responsible for the content on the project websites.

Organization of DNA kits into subgroups and naming of those groups is done by project administrators after analyzing the comparative results. Placement of DNA kits within the subgroups is dictated by FTDNA programming and cannot be altered by project administrators.

The project also aims to provide evidence of common ancestors for
genealogical researchers in their quest to pool resources, so by joining,
members agree that the administrators may upload test results to Ysearch and
other databases, as long as identities and privacy are respected.


Links of Interest & Where to find more information on the World Wide Web:

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) (The first society founded to promote the use of DNA testing in genealogy):

after you join ISOGG you can join their facebook and yahoo groups as well for interesting updates and information:!/groups/11416337921

The ISOGG is the only source I know of for the best/current Y-DNA Haplogroup tree. Here is a link to the most current tree:


Understanding Haplogroups:

The L21 Plus Wiki:

Tech. Links:

Mutation Rates:

Geographic and Culture Links:

Celtic Tribes of the British Isles:

Scottish Origenes:

Great Britain Family Names:

The Peopling of Europe:

DNA of the Three Collas:


Yahoo Groups:

these yahoo groups are similar to the older mailing lists you join with an email address at and the group updates you with findings about your haplogroup and stores files for you to view at the group site.

DNA Testing Yahoo Group:

DNA Anthrogenealogy:

L21 Yahoo Group:

R1b-YDNA Yahoo Group:

R1a1 Yahoo Group:

Haplogroup G News Group:

Facebook Groups:

There is a lot of information/research/discussion happening on facebook these days in "Groups" if you are a facebook member please consider joining any of these groups to learn more about your DNA/genealogy interests. In addition most of these groups are closed for your privacy so your comments and information will not be shared with the WWW. Most of them require you visit the page and request to join. Happy facebooking!

The Official Clan Macpherson Association:!/pages/The-Official-Clan-Macpherson-Association/101140893306676/

Macpherson/McPherson DNA group:!/groups/macphersondna/

McPherson Branches of America Genealogy Group:!/groups/mcphersonbranches/

McPherson’s of Charles County Maryland Genealogy Group:!/groups/mcphersonsgenealogy/

Facebook Haplogroup Projects:

Epigenetics Research + YDNA and mtDNA Haplogroups:!/groups/160665757375899/

Haplogroup R1b:!/groups/5488339316

Haplogroup R-P312+:!/groups/5488339316/

Haplogroup R-L21+:!/groups/159639954103947/

Haplogroup R1a1:!/groups/14443500485/

Haplogroup J:!/groups/6959054533/

Haplogroup J1 (M267):!/groups/HaplogroupJ1/

Haplogroup J2:!/groups/2406627768/

DNA Haplogroup I1 (M253):!/groups/5478499658/

Haplogroup E3b1 (E1b1b1)!/groups/e1b1b1/

The mtDNA H Haplogroup Project:!/groups/24589619408/

Haplogroup H (mtDNA) the Genographic Study:!/groups/8711267873/

Facebook Genealogy Groups:

DNA for Genealogy:!/groups/dna4genealogy/

I Love Genealogy Tips and Tricks:!/groups/255460947879918/

Nicole and Beth's Blog on their Early Maryland McPherson Line:

Note: I will post updates about our project on this blog in the future so stay tuned...

See the RESULTS PAGE (drop-down list under About This Group) for email contacts for specific Macpherson family groups.

General Fund

Current balance: $28.90

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