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<August 2013>

<The recent Geno2 results for Jay McAfee and the recent discussion that he and Garnet MacPhee had on the R1b L21 Plus yahoo group including a bit of information>
<on the CLAN MCFIE HISTORY by Bill Pictman is of interest:>


Re: I'm Geno 2.0 tested,  confirmedL1065+ C7030+, Scots Modal, FTDN

Thu Aug 22, 20136:12 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Bill Pictman"lost_without_me


<Also good to see some snps moving further down the lines and it looks like maybe a step closer to the Clan's Gaelic Origins:>

<Although its origins are obscure, Clan Macfie is acknowledged as one of the oldest Scottish Clans. It has been claimed that the Clan originated in Ireland before >

<becoming established in Scotland and this may well be the case.Traditionally though, it’s homeland is held to be the islands of Colonsay and Oronsay off the>

<west coast of Scotland. A Clan presence in Lochaber, Gallowayand on several other Hebridean islands is also evident from the earliest times.>



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Subject: [R1b-L21-Project] Re: I'm Geno 2.0 tested, confirmed L1065+ C7030+,Scots Modal, FTDNA Kit No. H1084


It is good to hear from another clan member (McDuffee, McAfee, MacPhee).

I'm 1065+>C7030+

I wonder if there are many found to be C7030+ ?


(FTDNA Kit No. H1084 & Geno 2.0 tested)

--- In,"dhubsith&quot; <dhubsith@...> wrote:
> Congrats, Jay, good to see another in the McDuffie family completingGeno2. Your results confirm what I had expected, that many, and perhaps most,of the >

<McDuffie/McFie clan are Scots Modal L1065+.>
> I'm not one of them though. I am DF13*, there are about a dozen of us onthe FTDNA McDuff page, and we are all closely related to a group of Camerons.>

<I don't know how my cluster relates to the L1065+ cluster.>
> Garnet MacPhee
> DF13*
> 145001
> --- In,J McAfee <jaysgr8@> wrote:
> >
> > Dear Group:
> >  >  
> > I tested Geno 2.0 just completed results and confirmed L1065+(CTS11722+) and
> > C7030+. 
> > Tested FTDNA Y-DNA111 completed  FTDNA Kit No. H1084.
> > Scots Modal.