McClellan (various spellings) DNA Project- Background



Clelan, Cleland, Clellan, Clelland, Gilland, Gilleland, Gilliland, MacLelan, MacLeland, MacLellan, MacLelland, McClallen, McClelan, McCleland, McClellan, McClelland, McClendon, McLelan, McLeland, McLellan, McLelland, McLendon, McLennon


This group has been established for male participants with the surname McCleland, McClelland, McClellan or other closely related spellings. Many of the spelling variations are listed at and all are welcome. The objective is to determine relationships that might be difficult to prove using traditional methods of genealogical research.


You can click on the link to “Results” under the tab “About This Group”to see the ancestral information of the Y-DNA participants.

General Fund

Current balance: $58.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Debit $154.00 10/14/2013     312007 Unknown
Credit $20.00 10/3/2013 Patrick C Gilliland     Unknown
Credit $30.00 9/26/2013 Kate Maynard For Gilliland DNA testing   Individual
Credit $30.00 9/26/2013 Caroline Short Redding For Gilliland DNA Tests   Individual
Credit $30.00 9/26/2013 Harold Gilliland To help pay for the kit for James Gilliland   Individual
Credit $30.00 9/26/2013 Frances Gililland Gililland, Gilliland, etc. DNA research   Individual
Credit $15.00 9/26/2013 LuAnn Elsinger For Gilliland DNA tests.   Unknown
Debit $96.00 12/30/2012     264052 Unknown
Debit $30.00 6/6/2012     241477 Unknown
Debit $30.00 4/20/2012     234344 Unknown
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