McAlister DNA Project - Results

The Privacy Policy of Family Tree DNA does not permit the public display of the member's full name with Kit number. The results for public display of the McAlister Project are displayed in chart form under the tab Y-Results and mtDNA Results.


The Y-DNA results are presented by kit number, name of most distance ancestor and sub grouped with the Haplogroup, Allele values, and DYS #'s for each member. Members of Clan McAlister of America have prefixed their most distance  ancestor with the family ancestral index code.  Project members are divided in to subgroups based on the results of their Y-12 test.  Sub grouped are those who have an exact match on the first 12 markers or their genetic distance is no greater than one. 


At present, we have 14 subgroups with matching markers.  Members in subgroup #15 do not have matching marker for the first 12 markers, but they are subgrouped based on Haplogroup matching results.  Members in this subgroup and the unassigned group should consider having a distance relative in their family tested for comparison.  The additional test would verify and substantiate the family lineage.