Maybury Family DNA Project- Background



Mabary, Maberry, Mabery, Mabray, Mabrey, Mabry, Mayberry, Maybery, Maybry, Maybury


The Maybury Surname Project is for persons named Mabry, Mayberry, Maybury, Maberry, Mabrey, etc. We seek participants who descend from different emigrants from England and Ireland who came to America, Canada and Australia. Those who came to America include: Francis Maybury (1679 VA); Thomas Maybury (1716 PA); William Mayberry (1730 MA); Frederick Mayberry (ca 1750 NJ); Richard Hawkes Maybury (to Missouri in 1868); etc. More information and updates will be posted on the Maybury Family web page: For more information please contact me at

Don Collins

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