Mattingly - Results

Lineages, SNPs and STRs

The following tables present views of the Mattingly SNPs and STRs with respect to the various patriarch trees of the project participants. It is a work in progress . It will be updated as test results or more accurate lineage information becomes available. For questions of comments about these pages or the project contact the Co-Administrator, Steve Hank, sph520[at]outlook[dot]com (replace [at] with @ symbol and [dot] with a period.

Thomas Mattingly II Descendants

There are currently four project participants, T1, T2, T3 and T4. Analysis of the raw data from Big-Y tests has identified two SNPs that are unique to this line of descent. Participants T1 and T2 test positive for SNPs Y20213 and Y20214. Participant T3 tests positive for SNP Y20214 only. Because SNP Y20214 is common in two distinct lineages, SNP Y20214 had to have been passed down from an ancestor common to both lineages. In this case, that ancestor is Leonard Mattingly II (generation 5), the 1st great grandson of Thomas Mattingly II. SNP Y20214 could have formed in any of the previous generations (2 through 5). It is certain SNP Y20214 was not carried by Thomas Mattingly I; otherwise, it would be carried by the Cezar descendants and those participants clearly do not have this mutation. SNP Y20213 appears to be unique to participants T1 and T2. SNP Y20213 had to be present in their common ancestor, William Taylor Mattingly; however, this mutation could have formed in generations 6 through 9. Results for member T4 show he does carry SNP Y20214. This result indicates Leonard Ignatius Mattingly Sr (b. 1704) was not a carrier either and that this SNP formed with his son, Leonard "Old" Mattingly Sr (b. 1739), or his grandson, Leonard Mattingly II (b. 1764). Family Tree DNA has identified a mutation for member T4 at position 17706453: T->C. A review of the raw data of all other members indicates they do not carry this mutation - it is unique to member T4. It could be a new SNP unique to T4's line of descent.

Haplogroup: R1b1a1a2a1a2a:  DF27/S250–>ZZ12_1–>ZZ19_1*
SNPs:  Y13607, Y13608, Y13609, Y14080, Y14081, Y14082, Y14084, Y14085, Y14086, Y18449, Y18574, Y18575, Y18576, Y18577, Y18578, Y18579, Y18580, Y18581, Y30440, Y32298
1 Thomas Mattingly I
(~1622, England; d. ~1664, MD)
m. Elizabeth (unknown)
(Sons: Thomas II & Cezar)
2 Thomas Mattingly II
(b. 1650, England; d. 1714, MD)
(See the next table for descendants of younger brother, Cezar Mattingly)
m2. Elizabeth (unknown)
(Sons: Thomas III, James, Charles, William, Luke, Ignatius)
Are you a direct Mattingly descendant of Thomas III, James, Charles, William or Luke and willing to provide a DNA sample?
The project will fund DNA testing provided your patriarch tree can be substantiated. Please contact the site co-administrator.
3 Leonard Ignatius Mattingly Sr. Y20214-
(b. 1704, MD; d. 1789, MD)
m. Sarah (unknown)
(Sons: Leonard, William, Luke, Ignatius Jr.)
4 Leonard "Old" Mattingly Sr
(b. 1739, MD; 1829, KY)
m1. Margaret Monarch
(Sons: John, Leonard, Ignatius, Basil, William, Joseph)
m2. Dorothy Hardesty
William "Constable Billy" Mattingly
(b. 1741, MD; d. 1821, KY)
m1. Mary C. Spalding
(Sons: James, Edward, Richard)
m2. Nancy E. Clark
(Sons: William,  Benjamin, Felix, Ignatius G., George C., John C.)
5 Leonard Mattingly II: Y20214
(b. 1764, MD; d. 1843, KY)
m1. Ann Nancy Cissell
(Sons: Henry M., John C., William, C., John R.)
m2. Dorothy Dolly Thompson
(Sons: Leonard III, Cornelius)
Felix Mattingly
(b. 1800, KY; d. 1880, KY)
m1. Martha Matilda Spalding
(Sons: James A., William M., David C., Felix G., Benjamin L., Martin V.)
m2. Mary Monarch
(Sons: John D., Valentine T., Joseph L.)
6 William Cissell Mattingly
(b. 1807, KY - d. 1876, KY)
m. Teresa Irene Girten
(Sons: John, James A., Leonard L., William, John M.)
Henry Martin Mattingly
(b. 1799, KY; d. 1858, KY)
m. Helen Thompson
(Sons: George, Henry T., John C., Henry M., Augustine, Edward, William)
Felix Grundy Mattingly
(b. 1834, KY; d. 1924, KY)
m. Mary Ann McKeigney Browning
(Sons: Joseph L., John T., Joseph E., James F.)
7 John Martin Mattingly
(b. 1851, KY; d. 1917, IL)
m. Martha Jane Ladd
(Sons: Robert C. James T. Liston T.)
Henry Thomas Vinson Mattingly
(b. 1832, KY; d. 1907, KY)
m1. Mary Ann Leake
(Sons: William C., John T.,Martin J., Clarence J.)
m2. Anna Lamkin Alvey
John Thomas Mattingly
(b. 1884, KY; d. 1962, KY)
m. Claudia F. or Francis C. Mattingly
(Sons: John R. and Joseph F.)
8 Liston Taylor Mattingly
(b. 1884, KY; d. 1988, KY)
m. Alma (Flossie) Thurmond
(Sons: Listen H. & William T.)
John Thomas McClelland Mattingly
(b. 1861, KY; d. 1943, KY)
m. Mary Alice Cissell
(Sons: Henry F., Felix N., Joseph C., Paul C., James A.,Benedict J.)
Joseph Francis Mattingly
(b. 1930, KY; d. 2013, KY)
m. Joan E. Kitson
T4: Y14084*, Y20214-, T_17706453_C
9 William Taylor Mattingly
(b. 1921, KY; d. 1997, KY)
m. Geneva Brown Morrow
Joseph Clell Mattingly
(b. 1900, KY; d. 1976, KY)
m. Josephine Galloway
(Sons: Charles L., Thomas J.)
10 T1: Y20213, Y20214 T2: Y20213, Y20214 T3: Y20214   

Cezar Mattingly Descendants

The SNP that is common to the descendants of Cezar Mattingly is Y14083. So far it has been found in five participants representing four distinct lineages. Two participants, C1 and C2 share a common lineage. Tests are pending on participant C3. The ancestors for participants carrying SNP Y14083 is fairly well known after generation 4, and there is some debate as to how generation 4 connects to generation 3 because of scant documentation. What is clear from the finding of SNP Y14083 is that all of these participants share a common ancestor and that ancestor at a minimum must have existed in generation 3; however, the mutation could have occurred with Cezar himself.

Haplogroup: R1b1a1a2a1a2a:  DF27/S250–>ZZ12_1–>ZZ19_1*
SNPs:  Y13607, Y13608, Y13609, Y14080, Y14081, Y14082, Y14084, Y14085, Y14086, Y18449, Y18574, Y18575, Y18576, Y18577, Y18578, Y18579, Y18580, Y18581, Y30440, Y32298
1 Thomas Mattingly I
(~1622, England; d. ~1664, MD)
m. Elizabeth (unknown)
(Sons: Thomas II & Cezar)
2 Cezar Mattingly
(b. 1654, England; d. 1719, MD)
(See the above table for descendants of oldest brother, Thomas II)
m. (unknown)
(Sons: Thomas, John) [also possibly Samuel & Clement])
3 John Mattingly: Y14083
(abt. 1690, MD; d. 1744, MD)
m. Grace Brewer
(Sons: Luke, Joseph, John Baptist Sr., Richard Sr., Ignatius, Mark, James)
4 Richard Mattingly Sr.: Y14083
(abt 1720, MD; d. ~1783, MD)
m. (unknown)
(Sons: Barnett, Richard Jr., Joseph, James B.)

John Baptist Mattingly I: Y14083
(b. 1715; MD; d. 1759, MD)
m. Elizabeth Brewer
(Sons: John Baptist, James Barton, John, William, Henry, Bennett)
5 Joseph Mattingly
(b. 1760, MD; d. 1820, KY)
m. Hessina Hinton
(Sons: Leonard B., John A., Lewis H., Gabriel, Zachariah, James A.)
James Barton Mattingly
(b. ~1763, MD; d. ~ 1832, KY)
m. Emma (unknown)
(Sons: Joseph, Ignatius, James L.)
Richard Mattingly Jr.
(b. ~1756, MD; d. 1833, KY)
m. Eleanor Hinton
(Sons: John, Zachariah, William, Edward, Lewis, Thomas, George)
Henry Mattingly
(b. 1751, KY; d. 1823, MD)
m. Honor Durbin
(Sons: John, Samuel, Henry Jr., William)
6 Leonard Barton Mattingly
(b. 1784, MD; d. 1860, KY)
 m. Anna Smith
(Sons: James E., Edward, Augustine, Benedict W., John W., Joseph A.,Barton, Thomas M.)
James L Mattingly
(b. 1798, KY; d. 1876, KY)
m. Mary Matilda Coomes
(Sons: Charles F., Elias L., James R., Benedict J., Henry C.)
John Mattingly
(b. 1780, MD; d. aft 1860, KY)
m. Sarah Wheatley
(Sons: William, Leonard, Charles C., Thomas A., John R., Elias)
William Mattingly
(b. 1786, MD; d. 1857, OH)
m. Sarah Chidley Matthews
(Sons: Chidley M., Francis)
7 Edward Mattingly
(c. 1813, KY; d. 1860, KY)
m1. Louise Back
(Sons: Alexander O., William F., John T., Joseph S.)
m2. Mary Jane Smith
(Sons: Charles H. & Edward Jr.)
Elias L. Mattingly
(b. 1824, KY; d. 1887, KY)
m. Theresa Ann Rhodes
(Sons: Martin S., Elias B., William M., Thomas J.)
William Mattingly
(b. 1807, KY; d. abt 1875, KY)
m. Barbara Spencer
(Sons: William A., James A., Robert L. John H., Leonard J., Elias M., Charles A.)
Francis Henry Mattingly
(b. 1824, OH; d. 1908, OH)
m. Mary A. Heenan
(Sons: William H., James A. Frederick B., Julius F.)
8 Alexander Owen Mattingly
(b. 1835, KY; d/ 1870, KY)
m1. Mary Elizabeth Fields
(Son: James E.)
m2. Mary Isabel Higdon
(Son: William F.)
Elias Barton "Ely" Mattingly
(b. 1854, KY; d. 1943, KY)
m. Rhoda Ann Weatherford
(Sons: Raymond, Bernard O., Martin E., Richard C., Daniel O.)
Robert L. Mattingly
(b. 1837, KY; d. 1917, KY)
m. 1861 Sarah Ann Armes
(Sons: William R., James M., Elza B.)
James A. Mattingly
(b. 1856, OH; d. 1890, OH)
m. Margaret E. Bushu
(Sons: Francis, Claude R., Ralph J.)
9 James Edward Mattingly
(b. 1859, KY; d. 1908, KY)
m1. Elizabeth Frances Flanagan
(Sons: Joseph E. & Benedict O.)
m2. Annie Mamie Gettings
(Sons: Thomas H., Leo A., William R., John O.)
m3. Cynthia Josephine Thompson
(Sons: Hubert E. & Virgil C.)
Raymond Mattingly
(b. 1879, KY; d. 1963, KY)
m. Elizabeth Catherine Mitchell
Sons:(Norbert V., Lafayette J., John F., Charles E.)
William Robert Mattingly
(b. 1865, KY; d. 1929, AL)
m. Rosa Ether Duncan
Sons: (William O., Chester J., Robert W.)
Claude R. Mattingly
(b. 1881, OH; d. 1955, CO)
m. Ethel Mae Bass
(Sons: Living & Living)
10 Hubert E Mattingly I
(b. 1895, KY; d. 1960, IL)
m. Susan Vincent Buckler
Sons: (Hubert E. Jr., Living, Living)
Lafayette Joseph Mattingly
(b. 1917, KY; d. 1990, LA)
m. Emma Lee Smith
William Oscar Mattingly
(b. 1890, KY; d. 1938, KY)
m. Martha Elmira Gideons (Sons: Herman H., Elbert V.)
Living Mattingly
11 Living Mattingly
: Y14083
Hubert E Mattingly II
(b. 1924, IL; d. 2012, KS)
m. Marlys Edith Spongberg
Sons (Living)
Living Mattingly
: Y14083
Herman Hanson Mattingly
(b. 1912, AL; d. 1983, FL)
m1. Mary Lee Oma Crowe
(Sons: Living)
m2. Katie Lou Hartley
: Y14083
12    Living Mattingly
: Y14083
   Living Mattingly
: Y14083

Matney Descendants

Three members of the Matney clan all test positive for SNP Y14083. This suggests they are descendants of Cezar Mattingly. However, this biological connection has not been proven through available documentation.

Haplogroup: R1b1a1a2a1a2a:  DF27/S250–>ZZ12_1–>ZZ19_1*
SNPs:  Y13607, Y13608, Y13609, Y14080, Y14081, Y14082, Y14084, Y14085, Y14086, Y18449, Y18574, Y18575, Y18576, Y18577, Y18578, Y18579, Y18580, Y18581, Y30440, Y32298
1 Thomas Mattingly I
(~1622, England; d. ~1664, MD)
m. Elizabeth (unknown)
(Sons: Thomas II & Cezar)
2 Cezar Mattingly
(b. 1654, England; d. 1719, MD)
(Younger brother to Thomas Mattingly II in the above table)
m. (unknown)
(Sons: Thomas, John) [also possibly Samuel & Clement])
3 John Mattingly: Y14083
(abt. 1690, MD; d. 1744, MD)
m. Grace Brewer
(Sons: Luke, Joseph, John Baptist Sr. (Y14083), Richard Sr. (Y14083), Ignatius, Mark, James)
4 Unknown Mattingly/Matney1 Unknown Mattingly/Matney Unknown Mattingly/Matney3
5 Walter Mattingly/Matney Sr.
(b. 1738, MD; d. 1799, VA)
m. Mary Polly (Elswick?)
(Sons: Walter & Brooks)
Unknown Mattingly/Matney2 Clement Allen (Mattingly) Matney
(c.1740, MD, d. 1838)
m. (1790, KY) Sarah Allen
(Sons: Henry C., Elias B., Uriah A., Stephen, Thomas)
6 Walter Matney
(b. 1772, MD; d. 1862, VA)
m. Charlotte Charity Young
(Sons: Daniel & Walter)
Brooks Matney4
(b. 1775, VA; d. 1828, VA)
m. (1794, VA) Jennet Young
(Sons: Walter, Daniel D., Charles J.,William C., Jefferson)
Broadwater M.  Matney
(b. ~1788 VA, d. 1862, OR)
m. Sally McCully
(Sons: Samuel, Brooks, Charles, William M., Walter J., John A., James M., Elisha, Carrell B., Phinn M., Jackson D., Isaac, Joel)
Stephen Matney
(b. 1796, KY; d. 1869,)
m. Eleanor Cravat
(Sons: William A., Isaiah, Joseph L., James B., Uriah, Elias, Richard)
7 Walter John Matney
(b. 1818, VA; d. 1881)
m. Lee Ann Phillips
(Son: John T., George W., William A. Robert A., Moses P.)
Walter Matney
(b. 1796, VA; d. 1852, VA)
m. (1815, VA) Nancy Ann Moore
(Sons: Elisha, Henry)
John Alexander Matney
(b. 1819 TN, d. 1856, MO)
m. Elizabeth Ann Scrutchfield
(Sons: Isaac & James H.)
Isaiah Matney
(b. 1824, IN; d. 1890, MO)
m. Martha Jane Harmon
(Sons: Jacob C., James W., Isaiah H., John C., Charles S.)
8 Robert E. Matney
(b. 1865; d. 1938)
m1. Sarah Francis Norris
(Sons: Henry, William, Deward)
m2. Perzada Ann "Zada" Young
(Sons: Sonnie, Woodrow, Cecil, Johnny, Lloyd)

William B. Matney
(b. 1819, VA; d. 1916, OK )
m. Sofia Rowe)
(Sons: John B. Charles H., James S., William J.)
Isaac Noah Matney
(b. 1852, MO; d. 1934, OR)
 m1. (1881, MO) Mary E. Sears
      m2. Casanda A. Hinsley
(Sons: John H., Walter, Orvel B., Tyre J., Sherman, Jimmy W.)
Isaiah Harmon Matney
(b. 1860; d. 1922)
m. Celia Catherine Hargus
(Sons: John C., Elias L., Terrel F.)
9 Lloyd Albert Matney
(b. 1904 KY; d. 1969, KY)
m. Fay Young
(Sons: Garland. Dennis, Maxie, Jerry, William, Junnie)
John B. Matney
(b. 1848, OH; d. , )
m. Lucinda (Lavina) A. (Manley)
(Sons: William B., Charles T.,John A., Rufus E.)
Tyree Jones Matney
(b. 1902, MO; d. 1988, OR)
m. Effie Etta Marcum)
(Sons: Teddy F., Douglas M., Robert, Richard, Ronald)
Elias L. Matney
(b. 1890, MO; d. 1967, OK)
m. Martha Ann Hall
10 Dennis Lloyd Matney
(b. 1935, KY; d. 1986)
m. Thelma Jewel Burris Matney Creason
(Sons: Living)
William Brooks Matney
(b. 1868, IL; d. , )
m. (1895, AR) Vermelia Wells
(Sons: Infant, Charles E., William B.)
Ted F. Matney
  (b. 1924, OR; d. 2005, OR)
m. Claire Louise Lamb
Louis J. Matney
(b. 1917; d. 1969)
m. Frances Lorene York
(Sons: Living)
11 Living Matney William Brooks Matney
(b.1906, AR; d. 1965, TX)
m. (1932, OK) Maurine Huff
(Sons: Living)
Living Matney Living Matney
: Y14083
12 Living Matney
: Y14083
M4 Y14084-
Living Matney
: Y14083 

Matney Ancestor Notes:

  1. Willie Sean Matney is a great grandson of Alexander Pate Matney, and great great grandson of Daniel Matney, son of Walter Matney (b. 1772). Back in 2009, Willie placed several posts in the Mattingly Surnames Forum on In those posts be offered a comprehensive and circumstantial case suggesting John Mattingly (abt 1690) was the father of Walter Mattingly/Matney (b. 1738).
  2. Several Matney genealogies list William Carrell and Jane (Brooks) Matney as the parents of Broadwater M. Matney. Dan Matney, a descendant of Broadwater's son, Walter J., is not convinced. The genealogies list the birthplace of William Carrell Matney to be England. It is highly improbable William Carrell Matney could developed the same mutation (SNP Y14083) as his American Mattingly and Matney cousins. Some researchers believe Broadwater is a brother to Walter Matney and Brooks Matney, ancestors of M1 and M2 respectively.
  3. There is a conflict with DNA findings and the traditional ancestors of project member M3. This tradition claims descent Clement Allen Mattingly/Matney is the son of Thomas Mattingly III, son of Thomas Mattingly II. This participant is positive for SNP Y14083 and his STR Y-GATA-A10 marker is consistent with other carriers of this SNP. If the DNA evidence is to be believed, then the findings would suggest that he is not descended from Thomas Mattingly II but a descendant of Cezar.
  4. Member M4 is negative for SNP Y14084 which indicates he is not a biological descendant of Thomas Mattingly I. It is possible the mother of one of his patriarchs was not married to a Matney at the time of his birth and she later married into the Matney clan where her son was raised as a Matney. More testing of this lineage is necessary to determine where in the Brooks Matney lineage SNP Y14084 was lost.

Y-STR Allele Differences

All project members tested 111 Y-STR markers. The differences in findings are shown in the following table below highlighted in bold red. Members C1 and C2 matched all 111 STRs.
There was only one pattern that emerged from the Y-STR marker differences between participants The data shows Cezar Mattingly descendants exhibit a value of 13 for the Y-GATA-A10 marker; whereas, Thomas Mattingly II descendants exhibit a value of 14. A STR Y-111 test is needed to see results for this marker.
The distances are calculated using the difference between the observed STR value and the predominate STR values that are observed across the majority of members descended from the common ancestor.

Ancestor Cezar Mattingly (b. 1654,England; d. 1720, MD)
Thomas Mattingly II (b. 1650, England; d. 1714, MD) Ancestor
Member ID     C1         C2         C3         C4         C5         M1         M2         M3    
    T1         T2         T3         T4     Member ID
DYS390 25 25 25  25 25 25 25 25
25 25 24 25 DYS390
DYS19 14 14 14 14
14 14 14 14
15 14 13 14 DYS19
DYS439 12 12 12 12
12 12 12 12
12 12 13 12 DYS439
DYS389i 13 13 13  13 13 13 13 13
13 13 13 14 DYS389i
DYS389ii 30 30 30  30 30 30 31 30
30 30 30 31 DYS389ii
DYS464c 16 16 16 16
16 16 16 16
16 16 16 17 DYS464c
DYS464d 18 18 18 18
18 18 18 18
18 17 18 18 DYS464d
CDYa 36 36 36 36
35 36 36 36
36 36 36 37 CDYa
CDYb 37 37 38 37
37 37 37 37
37 38 37 37 CDYb
DYS534 17 17 18 17
17 17 17 17
17 17 17 17 DYS534
DYS444 15 15 15  15 15 15 15 15
15 15 15 13 DYS444
DYS446 13 13 13  13 13 14 13 13
13 13 13 12 DYS446
DYS710 34 34 34  34 34 34 33 34
34 34 34 34 DYS710
Y-GATA-A10 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13
14 14 14 14 Y-GATA-A10
DYS463 22 22 22  22 22 22 23 22
22 22 22 22 DYS463
DYS712 21 21 21  22 22 22 21 23
22 22 22 22 DYS712
DYS504 16 16 15  16 16 16 17 16
16 16 16 16 DYS504
0 0 3  1 2 2 4 2
1 2 3 7 DYS463

Names of known fast changing markers are highlighted in bold purple

Mattingly SNPs

The positions, ancestral and derived values of the Mattingly SNPs as identified by YFull from Big-Y raw data are shown in the table below. Unless specifically stated otherwise, all project participants are derived (positive) for these mutations.

SNPChrY PositionAncestralDerivedPedigreeSource
Y14080 04756237 A C All Descendants YFull (Jul 2015)
Y18579 07129535 C T All Descendants YFull (Dec 2015)
Y14081 08517023 G A All Descendants YFull (Jul 2015)
Y18575 08729904 A G All Descendants YFull (Dec 2015)
Y13609 09907246 G A All Descendants YFull (2014)
Y18449 14228131 G A All Descendants YFull (Nov 2015)
Y18576 14281679 T A All Descendants YFull (Dec 2015)
Y18576 14911018 G A All Descendants YFull (Apr 2017)
Y20213 15203140 C T William Taylor Mattingly Descendants Only YFull (Mar 2016)
Y18577 15328133 T A All Descendants YFull (Dec 2015)
Y30438 15781489 InDel A All Descendants YFull (Pending 2017)
Y14082 16585931 C A All Descendants YFull (Jul 2015)
Y18581 17417663 G A All Descendants YFull (Dec 2015)
Y20214 18087253 G C Leonard Mattingly II Descendants Only YFull (Mar 2016)
Y13608 18386139 G T All Descendants YFull (Jul 2015)
Y18580 18400883 G T All Descendants YFull (Dec 2015)
Y30440 18419221 InDel C All Descendants YFull (Pending 2017)
Y18574 21141002 A G All Descendants YFull (Dec 2015)
Y13607 21190174 T C All Descendants YFull (Jul 2015)
Y14083 22634766 C T Cezar Mattingly Descendants Only YFull (Jul 2015)
Y18578 22930691 T C All Descendants YFull (Dec 2015)
Y14084 23112624 G A All Descendants YFull (Jul 2015)
Y14085 23151956 G A All Descendants YFull (Jul 2015)
Y14086 23412198 A G All Descendants YFull (Jul 2015)

Note: Individual tests are for SNPs Y14084, Y14083, and Y20214 and can be ordered as a kit upgrade under Advanced Tests which can be reached by clicking on the blue Upgrade button at the upper right of your myFTDNA page. If you test positive for SNP Y14084 you are likely a Mattingly descendant.