Manley Surname Project (with variations like Manly, Munley, etc) - Goals

The goals of our project are to:

1) Through the use of DNA, establish the path of migration taken by our ancestors.

2) Help members to establish their ancestry through solid research.

3) To make connections to unknown relatives with similar DNA results.

4) Discover and document common ancestral lines and pedigrees to the extent possible.

5) Compare pedigree/gedcom information on direct lines with the goal of locating Most Common Recent Ancestors.

Members using documented sources (ie, census, birth/death/marriage records, wills, etc...) working to establish family lines. Group members will assist one another where possible and share the results of their efforts.

We will use the DNA results to support this research, establish connections, determine the distances between them as well as determining their migration patterns.

Determine which of the many surname variants are in fact part of one “genetic” family.

Work towards reconnecting the “branches” globally and determine which surnames variants in the project are in fact their own, separate genetic family.

It is critical that ALL project members provide an up to date e-mail address as well as a family tree outline or gedcom. We are still looking for basic family tree information for about half of our project members!

If you require assistance with the family tree or gedcom, please e-mail the project administrator for assistance.

It is critical for anyone undertaking DNA testing to expand their genealogy to remember that there will be times where surprising results are returned.

There are many instances where the surname of an individual is not, in fact, their genetic lineage.
There may have been adoptions which family traditions or history did not carry down.

There may have been illegitimacy not recorded in family history.

There are also many instances in the past where a younger son (who would not inherit) married into a family with no sons only a female descendant, land and/or wealth. He would then take his wife's surname to carry on their family name and would be established as the heir.

In short, it is entirely possible that through the centuries someone with the surname Jones is in fact of the Smith genetic family based on any one of the reasons listed above.

In the case of differing surname and "genetic family", the bonus in testing is that FtDna has thousands of results in their database that will help establish the correct genetic family lines.