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Maines, Mainous, Manas, Maners, Manes, Maness, Manis, Manus, Maynus


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The global Maness DNA Project (Manis, Manes, Manus, Manas, Mainous, Maynus, etc.) aims to supplement genealogical research on Maness families with genetic evidence in hopes of further developing the Maness family tree.

At this time, definitive evidence is lacking for the origin(s) of the surname generally pronounced like Main´-us, with traditions in various family branches referring to Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, Holland, or France as a possible place of origin.  People who think they might bear any variation of this surname from any part of the world are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Maness DNA Project.

In the United States in the 1700s, families with this surname appear to have been concentrated mainly in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, but by the end of the next century the surname had spread far and wide in that country. The spelling of the name has not remained uniform, even amongst family lines known to have a common ancestor.

It is hoped that this project will tell us which family lines are related and give us a rough estimate of how many generations back they branched apart, confirming or refuting lineages with established paper trails and pointing the way for further research for other lineages.  It is also hoped that eventually enough data will be collected to identify particular DNA signature variations for particular family lines, enabling us to place previously unlinked families into their respective branches of the Maness family tree.  Finally, it is hoped that the project will yield scientific evidence shedding light on the surname’s origin (or origins).

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