Mackay/McKay/McCoy Y-DNA Surname Project - Results

Previous updates:

Oct. 8, 2004: Project has just begun. No results to date.

Nov. 28, 2004: Results of 3 tests have been received. None of them are related to each other. Two have had surprising Haplogroup results. One is presumed to be Irish. The other two were anticipating Scottish backgrounds.

Dec. 21, 2004: We are actively recruiting new members to the Surname study. Two new kits have been ordered and we are awaiting their return.

Jan. 12, 2005: The Mackay/McKay project has been combined with the McCoy project, which adds other possible names, including McKee, MacCoy, McKoy.
There are now results of 6 tests, one test is being conducted and two more kits are due back.

March 13, 2005: The Mackay/McKay/McCoy project has 14 members. Twelve kits have been returned and we have the results for 10 people. Still no exact matches, although one close match on 12 alleles is awaiting the results of 13-37.

April 15, 2005: Our first match! Descendants of two brothers, Samuel and Francis Mackay have confirmed the relationship with a 12 for 12 match. The two brothers arrived in North America as British military officers during the French and Indian War. They claimed to be born to Scottish parents, but not much else is known of their ancestry.

April 20, 2005: And now there are three that match each other 12 for 12. Two descendants of Francis Mackay and one of Samuel Mackay.It is interesting to note that the surnames of the three are MacKay, McKay and McCoy!