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Johnston of Barra, MacDonald of Barra, MacDougall of Barra, MacInnis of Barra, MacKenzie of Barra, MacKinnon of Barra, MacLean of Barra, MacNeal, MacNeil, MacNeill, MacPhee of Barra, MacPherson of Barra, McKneale, McNeal, McNeil, McNeill, Neil, Neilson, Nicholson of Barra, O'Neil


Traditionally, all MacNeils descend from forebears who lived on a small number of islands in the Hebrides, off the west coast of Scotland, especially the island of Barra, and other points to the south, notably Colonsay, Gigha and Taynish. These islands have had a long history of Norse Viking influence and it is expected that this will be evident in the results obtained by participants.
This project began in September 2004 and testing is now available. Vince MacNeil (vs.macneil@ns.sympatico.ca) and Alex Buchanan (abuchana@utas.edu.au) will be pleased to answer your questions.

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