I-M223 Y-Haplogroup Project- Background



I2a2a (new), I2b1 (old), I2-M223, I-CTS1958, I-CTS1977, I-CTS616, I-CTS6433, I-CTS661, I-F3195, I-L1194, I-L1198, I-L1201, I-L1226, I-L1227, I-L1228, I-L1229, I-L1230, I-L126, I-L1272, I-L147, I-L623, I-L699, I-L700, I-L701, I-L702, I-L703, I-L704, I-L801, I-L812, I-M223, I-M284, I-P195, I-P53, I-P78, I-P95, I-Z161, I-Z166, I-Z171, I-Z183, I-Z185, I-Z190, I-Z2054, I-Z78, I-Z79, M223, M223+


*** Note that the results page has a "Page Size" feature.  Change the default from 500 to 1200 to see all results!  ***

*** Please make sure to test your Terminal SNP by following the header tag of your specific subgroup in our Project Results page***

If you're new to the project, please make sure you've done the following to help things along...

- Upload your markers to Ysearch.org and keep your entry updated should you upgrade to more markers. You can find a link to do the upload on your Y-DNA Matches page. I-M223 researchers use Ysearch to access individuals' markers as opposed to having to sift through the results table.

- Should you have SNP testing done or other advanced testing, please consider posting those results in the Additional Information section in Ysearch. In any case, your SNP and advanced results are visible to the project. If you have also tested with Geno 2.0, please make sure you "Transfer Your Data to FTDNA". If you have a problem with the transfer, please contact an administrator for advice.

- Please make sure you set your Most Distant Known Ancestor Paternal Side option on the User Preferences page and include his name, dates and location. This will be displayed in the results table. If users don't have this set, this information will be pulled from ysearch if available, or set to the surname if not. If you have trouble doing either of these things, please let me know, and I can help. 

Please feel free to contact the project administrators if you're interested in having additional testing done to aid with research and/or learn more about your deep roots. We can help guide you as to what would be most helpful and most cost effective.

The I-M223 Walk Through the Y (WTY) Project began in April of 2009. Also make sure to follow the Geno 2.0 developments.

Please see the Project News and Project Results sections for the status of the I-M223 Y-Haplogroup Project.

Our Project Goals can be found here.

Project Administrator as of 03/2011:
Aaron Salles Torres

Please also consider joining:
I-M223 Y-Haplogroup Project Discussion at Yahoo! Groups

General Fund

Current balance: $661.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Debit $39.00 4/16/2014       Unknown
Credit $139.00 4/7/2014 Scott Engel Stewart     Individual
Debit $39.00 3/26/2014       Unknown
Credit $89.00 3/20/2014 Scott Engel Stewart     Individual
Debit $39.00 3/12/2014     216735 Unknown
Credit $50.00 3/11/2014 Scott Engel Stewart     Individual
Credit $50.00 3/7/2014 Scott Engel Stewart     Individual
Credit $58.00 3/1/2014 Scott Engel Stewart     Individual
Debit $139.00 2/26/2014     N118056 Unknown
Debit $129.00 2/20/2014     205719 Unknown
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