Lithuanian Tatars Nobility DNA Project - Y-DNA SNP

The major branch points on our shared paternal lineage trace back through genealogy, history, antiquity, and ancient anthropology to reach our early hominid ancestors who lived in Africa. Recent (terminal) branches may be as recent as ten generations old or several thousand years. Thus, they are an established way to trace the migrations of human populations from the earliest times to the present. The branches on the paternal tree are haplogroups. SNP markers on the Y-Chromosome define them. This page displays Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) SNP results for the project. It shows Y-DNA haplogroups and all SNP results both positive (derived) and negative (ancestral). A plus, +, sign denotes positive results. A negative, -, sign denotes negative results. You may learn more about Y-Chromosome SNPs on the Understanding Y-DNA SNP Results learning page.

Learn more about this page. This page displays project members' Y-DNA haplogroups and SNP results. Predicted haplogroups are in red, and confirmed haplogroups are in green.

* denotes a no call or heterozygous call.

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Kit Number Last Name Paternal Ancestor Name Short Hand Confirmed SNPs
328146 Tatar Manus Tatar. Warsaw Poland E-Y4968 Y4968+
312836 Bohuszewicz   G-M201  
371900 Aleksander   G-M201 M201+
288732 Miskiewicz   G-M201  
288733 Bohuszewicz   G-M201  
312819 Tuhan-Baranowski   G-M201  
312818 Bogdanowicz   I-M223  
230326 Goryaev Yusup (Garej klan), 1687 Bigildino, Baskortostan I-P109 M253+, P109+, Y11203-
312831 Milkamanowicz Tatar J-L192 L192+
B326516 savas SAVAS J-L227 CTS7683+, M67+, L26+, PF5088+, PF5125+, L210+, M410+, M67+, Z2227+, Z1846+, Z1847+, Z458+, Z467+, L227+, Z478-, Z482-, Z489-, Z500-, Z6253-, Z6267-, Z7671-, Z7700-, Z7706-, Z8104-, Z8114-, Z2177-, Z2222-, Z33968-, Z36098-, Z387-, Z421-, Z435-, Z438-, Z28050-, Z28551-, Z28583-, Z30390-, Z30685-, Z30695-, Z33772-, M92-, P244-, PF2254-, L229-, L231-, L24-, L243-, L25-, L254-, PF5348-, PF5350-, PF5368-, PF5380-, PF5456-, PF7390-, PF7398-, PF7431-, PH185-, PH2725-, PH2838-, PH4273-, S11348-, S12459-, S21160-, S23155-, S25258-, SK1336-, SK1337-, SK1344-, Y11149-, Y11202-, Y11782-, Y13097-, Y13373-, Y13511-, Y13640-, Y14700-, Y15241-, Y3629-, Y6240-, Y6958-, Y6964-, Y7291-, Y7800-, Y9005-, L264-, L271-, L317-, L363-, L396-, L534-, L560-, L589-, L590-, L70-, L84-, M137-, M158-, M318-, CTS6804-, A5360-, A5834-, BY61-, CTS4132-, CTS6061-, CTS6804-, CTS8690-, CTS900-, F3369-, F4049-, FGC16561-, FGC16628-, FGC21079-, FGC21360-, FGC21376-, FGC24630-, FGC2857-, FGC30507-, FGC30635-, FGC30649-, FGC30681-, FGC32703-, FGC32709-, FGC32723-, FGC32752-, FGC33111-, FGC34168-, FGC35503-, FGC4977-, FGC4992-, FGC6734-, FGC6735-, FGC9883-, FGC9961-, FGC9962-, FGC9966-, SK1382*, Z33905*
IN11472 Aloshyn Aloshyn J-M172  
312830 Mucha   J-M172 M172+
312835 Smajkiewicz   J-M172  
371941 Alijewicz Alijewicz Assan, prince Tatar, 1631 J-M172 M172+
230325 Shabanovich   J-M172 M172+
174780 Yushynsky / Juszynski prince Chazbej Juszenski,, Lithuania J-M172  
209612 Assanowicz   J-M172 M172+
230322 Ratkevich   J-M267 M267+
B347456 suarez   J-PF5067 BY107417+, BY11868+, BY12039+, BY123547+, BY156093+, BY157227+, BY199392+, BY20317+, BY39192+, BY40919+, BY40931+, BY40932+, BY40933+, BY40963+, BY45713+, BY72551+, CTS10036+, CTS10134+, CTS1030+, CTS1068+, CTS1085+, CTS10858+, CTS11291+, CTS113+, CTS1146+, CTS11571+, CTS11750+, CTS11765+, CTS11787+, CTS12014+, CTS12015+, CTS12047+, CTS12632+, CTS12984+, CTS2769+, CTS3536+, CTS3543+, CTS3654+, CTS3816+, CTS3868+, CTS3872+, CTS3936+, CTS3938+, CTS3996+, CTS4195+, CTS4349+, CTS4356+, CTS4360+, CTS4368+, CTS4443+, CTS4540+, CTS4937+, CTS5066+, CTS523+, CTS5280+, CTS5482+, CTS5628+, CTS5728+, CTS585+, CTS5867+, CTS5904+, CTS6135+, CTS6660+, CTS687+, CTS6932+, CTS7229+, CTS7738+, CTS7832+, CTS8264+, CTS852+, CTS886+, CTS8938+, CTS8974+, CTS9240+, CTS9533+, CTS9538+, CTS9781+, F1209+, F1329+, F1559+, F1632+, F1633+, F1704+, F1714+, F1744+, F1753+, F1767+, F1826+, F2048+, F2078+, F2142+, F2155+, F2418+, F2587+, F2688+, F2746+, F2817+, F2837+, F2839+, F2985+, F3111+, F3119+, F3136+, F3335+, F3343+, F3368+, F3402+, F3556+, F3692+, F4100+, F4106+, F4188+, F4221+, F4259+, F4272+, F4283+, F4300+, F719+, FGC2790+, FGC2793+, FGC2795+, FGC34244+, FGC39654+, L1090+, L132+, L134+, L136+, L15+, L16+, L212+, L228+, L350+, L403+, L468+, L470+, L498+, L505+, L559+, L581+, L60+, L748+, L778+, M168+, M213+, M235+, M294+, M299+, M304+, M410+, M42+, M89+, M94+, P123+, P124+, P125+, P126+, P127+, P129+, P130+, P133+, P134+, P135+, P136+, P138+, P139+, P14+, P140+, P141+, P143+, P145+, P146+, P148+, P149+, P151+, P157+, P158+, P159+, P160+, P161+, P163+, P166+, P187+, P209+, P316+, PAGES00026+, PAGES00081+, PF2591+, PF2608+, PF2611+, PF2615+, PF2643+, PF2745+, PF2747+, PF2748+, PF2749+, PF2770+, PF3355+, PF3562+, PF4501+, PF4505+, PF4506+, PF4509+, PF4511+, PF4513+, PF4515+, PF4517+, PF4520+, PF4521+, PF4523+, PF4524+, PF4535+, PF4546+, PF4551+, PF4553+, PF4558+, PF4560+, PF4564+, PF4567+, PF4572+, PF4573+, PF4576+, PF4585+, PF4589+, PF4590+, PF4591+, PF4592+, PF4595+, PF4598+, PF4603+, PF4605+, PF4606+, PF4607+, PF4619+, PF4622+, PF4897+, PF4898+, PF4900+, PF4904+, PF4905+, PF4910+, PF4915+, PF4918+, PF4925+, PF4938+, PF4948+, PF4952+, PF4953+, PF4954+, PF4955+, PF4957+, PF4962+, PF4975+, PF4979+, PF4982+, PF4985+, PF4990+, PF4993+, PF5002+, PF5004+, PF5007+, PF5008+, PF5011+, PF5013+, PF5015+, PF5016+, PF5017+, PF5025+, PF5027+, PF5030+, PF5031+, PF5035+, PF5036+, PF5037+, PF5038+, PF5039+, PF5040+, PF5041+, PF5043+, PF5045+, PF5048+, PF5050+, PF5052+, PF5054+, PF5056+, PF5058+, PF5059+, PF5060+, PF5061+, PF5062+, PF5064+, PF5067+, PF5070+, PF5071+, PF5073+, PF5082+, PF7381+, PF7384+, PH1932+, PH1988+, PH2868+, S22619+, S35+, V168+, V186+, V189+, V205+, V221+, V241+, V250+, V52+, V9+, Y3125+, Y3126+, Y38071+, Y4922+, YP1283+, YP1284+, YSC0000134+, YSC0001296+, YSC0001306+, YSC0001310+, YSC0001313+, YSC0001315+, YSC0001316+, Z2065+, Z28376+, Z28378+, Z28380+, Z28382+, Z28386+, Z28388+, Z28391+, Z28393+, Z28394+, Z28395+, Z28396+, Z28399+, Z28400+, Z28401+, Z28402+, Z28403+, Z28404+, Z28405+, Z28407+, Z28433+, Z28434+, Z29409+, Z35889+, Z37821+, Z37822+, Z38501+, Z38502+, Z38503+, Z38504+, Z38505+, Z38507+, Z38509+, Z38510+, Z38511+, Z38512+, Z7740+, Z7755+, Z7757+, Z7814+, Z7815+, Z7822+, Z7830+, PF7384+, M172+, M410+, PF5050+, PF5056+, PF5058+, PF5088-, PF5125-, PF5172-, PF5174-, PF5183-, PF5191-, PF5197-, PF5252-, PF7316-, PF7320-, M419-, M67-, M68-, P279-, M205-, M241-, M319-, M340-, CTS7683-, CTS9636-, FGC15782-, FGC16088-, FGC16096-, FGC30776-, FGC35005-, L24-, L25-, L26-, L283-, L290-, M12-, PF7413-, PF7415-, PF7418-, PF7421-, PH3085-, PH4970-, S15439-, S18115-, S19231-, S23154-, S23891-, S25338-, SK1313-, SK1317-, SK1363-, SK1390-, SK1395-, SK1396-, Y12386-, Y14678-, Y5168-, Y5169-, Y5500-, Y7708-, Y8378-, Y8880-, Y8991-, Y8992-, Y9347-, Y965-, Y972-, Y998-, YP113-, YP129-, Z1048-, Z1296-, Z1297-, Z1846-, Z2222-, Z2227-, Z2433-, Z2443-, Z2444-, Z2448-, Z28502-, Z34440-, Z34460-, Z35865-, Z36800-, Z438-, Z467-, Z500-, Z575-, Z590-, Z6048-, Z6049-, Z6057-, Z6060-, Z6064-, Z6065-, Z6091-, Z628-, Z7366-, Z7430-, Z7671-, Z7700-, Z8074-, Z8085-, Z8425-, Z8428-, Z8429-
222496 Maslowski Stefan-Mustafa Maslowski b.c.1670, Bohoniki Grodn J-S15439 M172+, CTS7683+, FGC16096+, L26+, M410+, PF5191+, PF5197+, Z2222+, S15439+, PF5088+, PF5172+, PF5174-, PF5183-, PF5125-, FGC15865-, FGC16088-, Y998-, YP113-, YP129-, Z1048-, Z1296-, Z1297-, Z1846-, S18115-, S19231-, S23154-, S23891-, S25338-, SK1317-, SK1363-, SK1390-, SK1395-, SK1396-, Y12386-, Y14678-, Y5168-, Y5169-, Y5500-, Y7708-, Y8378-, Y8880-, Y8991-, Y8992-, Y9347-, Y965-, Y972-, Z2227-, Z2443-, Z2444-, Z2448-, Z28502-, Z34440-, Z34460-, Z35865-, Z36800-, Z467-, Z500-, Z575-, Z590-, Z6048-, Z6049-, Z6057-, Z6060-, Z6064-, Z6065-, Z6091-, Z628-, Z7366-, Z7430-, Z7671-, Z7700-, Z8074-, Z8085-, Z8425-, Z8428-, Z8429-, Z8430-, PF5252-, PF7316-, PF7320-, PF7384-, PF7413-, PF7415-, PF7418-, PF7421-, PH3085-, PH4970-, M419-, M67-, M68-, P279-, PF5050-, PF5056-, PF5058-, L283-, L290-, M12-, M205-, M241-, M319-, M340-, FGC30776-, FGC35005-, L24-, L25-, CTS9636-, FGC15782*, Y978*
353043 GEDIMINID ROYAL PRINC Vitian Bujwid King Son Zvelgote Gedimin Dinasty N-BY21908 BY21908+, BY21909+, BY21910+, BY26172+, BY27761+, BY28873+, BY28874+, BY3070+, CTS10064+, CTS10117+, CTS10118+, CTS10152+, CTS10272+, CTS10318+, CTS10333+, CTS10336+, CTS10527+, CTS10570+, CTS10760+, CTS10761+, CTS1077+, CTS10773+, CTS10889+, CTS10907+, CTS11117+, CTS11190+, CTS11321+, CTS11448+, CTS11491+, CTS11546+, CTS11547+, CTS11612+, CTS11710+, CTS11752+, CTS11941+, CTS12907+, CTS1553+, CTS1653+, CTS1806+, CTS2275+, CTS2415+, CTS265+, CTS2652+, CTS2699+, CTS2929+, CTS3103+, CTS3266+, CTS3449+, CTS3542+, CTS3654+, CTS3734+, CTS3750+, CTS3982+, CTS4082+, CTS4211+, CTS4228+, CTS4260+, CTS4286+, CTS4308+, CTS4368+, CTS439+, CTS4437+, CTS4463+, CTS45+, CTS4502+, CTS5290+, CTS5631+, CTS568+, CTS5858+, CTS5884+, CTS5912+, CTS5970+, CTS6069+, CTS6138+, CTS6183+, CTS622+, CTS6336+, CTS6605+, CTS6904+, CTS6967+, CTS6974+, CTS6991+, CTS7230+, CTS7264+, CTS7280+, CTS7299+, CTS7433+, CTS7494+, CTS7728+, CTS813+, CTS8146+, CTS8194+, CTS8346+, CTS8428+, CTS8624+, CTS8687+, CTS8751+, CTS8868+, CTS8871+, CTS8893+, CTS8983+, CTS9197+, CTS92+, CTS9210+, CTS9239+, CTS9381+, CTS9920+, F1052+, F1053+, F1061+, F1068+, F1206+, F1209+, F1257+, F1329+, F1357+, F1359+, F1419+, F1529+, F156+, F1563+, F1582+, F1704+, F1714+, F1715+, F1753+, F176+, F1767+, F1815+, F1840+, F1941+, F1951+, F2048+, F2049+, F2080+, F2088+, F2130+, F2142+, F2155+, F2156+, F2201+, F2231+, F2344+, F2402+, F2420+, F2552+, F2567+, F2571+, F2584+, F2587+, F2596+, F2598+, F2667+, F2688+, F2692+, F2783+, F2837+, F2919+, F2968+, F2981+, F2985+, F2996+, F2999+, F3002+, F306+, F3094+, F3108+, F3111+, F3117+, F3123+, F3136+, F3227+, F3235+, F3299+, F3308+, F3312+, F3331+, F3335+, F3354+, F3361+, F3422+, F3426+, F3436+, F3485+, F3518+, F3526+, F3556+, F3573+, F3606+, F3641+, F3691+, F3692+, F3693+, F3694+, F3823+, F4115+, F415+, F4218+, F4342+, F468+, F53+, F549+, F650+, F658+, F6658+, F719+, F769+, F8180+, F8225+, F963+, FGC10745+, FGC14164+, L1025+, L132+, L136+, L15+, L16+, L350+, L392+, L393+, L394+, L395+, L468+, L470+, L498+, L549+, L550+, L667+, L708+, L729+, L734+, L735+, L736+, L839+, M168+, M178+, M2005+, M2014+, M2091+, M213+, M214+, M2276+, M2300+, M231+, M232+, M235+, M294+, M299+, M42+, M526+, M756+, M89+, M8963+, M9+, M9108+, M94+, P128+, P131+, P132+, P133+, P134+, P135+, P136+, P138+, P139+, P14+, P140+, P141+, P143+, P145+, P146+, P148+, P149+, P151+, P157+, P158+, P159+, P160+, P161+, P163+, P166+, P187+, P192+, P193+, P194+, P195_2+, P298+, P316+, PAGES00026+, PAGES00056+, PAGES00081+, PF2591+, PF2608+, PF2611+, PF2615+, PF2643+, PF2745+, PF2747+, PF2748+, PF2749+, PF2770+, PF3561+, PF810+, S12897+, S19819+, S23232+, Tat+, V168+, V186+, V189+, V205+, V221+, V241+, V250+, V52+, V9+, Y13982+, Y13983+, Y14116+, Y14117+, Y3138+, Y3535+, Y3536+, YSC0000227+, Z1950+, Z1952+, Z1971+, Z1975+, Z1979+, Z19841+, Z19842+, Z4762+, Z4814+, Z4835+, Z4845+, Z4846+, Z4850+, Z4852+, Z4853+, Z4855+, Z4861+, Z4862+, Z4863+, Z4864+, Z4865+, Z4872+, Z4874+, Z4875+, Z4876+, Z4884+, Z4885+, Z4891+, Z4892+, Z4894+, Z4895+, Z4897+, Z4919+, Z4930+, Z4931+, Z4932+, Z4946+, Z4947+, Z4949+, Z4950+, Z4954+, Z4956+, Z4974+, Z4976+, Z4977+, Z4980+, Z4984+, Z4985+, Z4986+, Z4987+, Z4991+, Z4992+, Z4994+, Z4996+, Z4997+, Z5000+, Z5023+, Z5024+, Z5025+, Z5026+, Z5027+, Z5036+, Z5037+, Z5045+, Z5046+, Z5047+, Z5049+, Z5051+
176396 Valkiūnas Jurgis Valkiūnas, b.c.1811, Gajūnai, Lithuania N-M178  
371903 Biciutko (Bitsyutko)   N-M231  
370481 abrahimowicz   N-M231  
865656 Giordano Klemensas Sadauskis N-M231  
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