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Updated 17 August 2009


We are seeking samples from particular lines of the family and we will pay 100% of the cost of your DNA test if you qualify. To qualify, you must have been born with the last name Lannom and be biologically descended from one of the following Lannom family branches:

SUSAN LANNOM LINE – son John Lannom
1. Any male descendant of the following sons of John Lannom (c.1796-1881)
a. Isaiah Robertson Lannom (1826-after 1881)
b. William Andrew "Crick" Lannom (1833-1882)

JOSEPH LANNOM LINE – son Thomas Browning Lannom
2. Any male descendant of Thomas Browning Lannom (unknown dates; only one questionable reference to this person exists)

WILLIAM LANNOM LINE – sons Green, William Green, Joseph W., and Albert Allen Lannom
3. Any male descendant of William Green Lannom (c.1821-1888, no known children but we’re asking anyway)
4. Any male descendant of Green Lannom (born c.1805, no known children but we’re asking anyway, only one questionable reference to this person exists)
5. Any male descendant of the following sons of Joseph W. Lannom (c.1822-?)
a. James Marion Lannom (born c.1850)
b. Joseph G. or N. Lannom (born c.1859/60)
c. Andrew Jeff Davis Lannom (1863-1945)
6. Any male descendant of the following sons of Albert Allen Lannom (1836-1923)
a. William Ira Lannom Esq. (1861-1940)
b. James Bell Lannom (1864-1953)
c. Edward Allen Lannom (1867-1948)
d. Lee Dempsey "Demps" Lannom (1871-1956)
e. Guy Berry Lannom (1873/4-1853)
f. B. Frank Lannom (1877-1961)
g. Ellis Herman Lannom (1878-1965)

LEVI LANNOM LINE – no known surviving direct male ancestors
If your last name is Lannom and you are descended from Levi, we would love to talk to you! To our knowledge, he had no surviving sons.

A man named Green Berry (or “Greenbary”) Lannom was living in Saint David’s District, Caswell County, North Carolina as of 1800, right next to the above named Lannoms. We do not know how this man fits into the family but a DNA test would help us sort it out. He was born about or before 1779 and we know little else. If you are descended from this man, you qualify for a free DNA test.

If you do not see your ancestor listed above, we already have a sample on their line so you do not qualify for a free test. However, we hope you will still consider submitting your sample as the more tests we have, the more accurate the results. Your sample will also validate your traditional genealogical research by scientifically proving which lines of the family you descend from.

Please contact project Co-Administrator Thomas Lannom at to confirm you qualify for a free test BEFORE you order a kit.