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Lanham, Lannom, Lannum


Who are we? Where are we from?

For nearly the entire history of genealogy, there was only one sure path to learning the answers to these questions. The path was simple: talk to your living elders, get as much information as possible, and then turn to historical documents like census records, deeds and wills to find great-grandparents, great-great grandparents, and so on. While these traditional methods are still the most important ones available to genealogists, we are fortunate to live in an age that has seen the introduction of a new tool: DNA testing.

Genealogical DNA testing is only a decade old. It has still not entered the mainstream in terms of being a method that most genealogists use, or even think about using. However, it is increasingly being recognized as a powerful tool to answer tough questions, and it’s the only one you can turn to when the paper trail at last reaches an end. And it always does.

Our DNA study is the only one focused exclusively on the Lanham and Lannom surnames that we know of, in the world. It is run by volunteers Dale Lanham of Littleton, Colorado and Thomas Lannom of Portland, Oregon for the benefit of all family members and genealogists who are interested in learning more about their ancestors. We have gathered 21 DNA samples from 11 Lanhams and 10 Lannoms. We have undertaken this study to help move past “brick walls” in our traditional genealogical research. While having 21 samples is a good start, we need more tests to draw firm conclusions about how the Lanham and Lannom families interrelate.

We need your help!

By joining our group you will help broaden and deepen our understanding of how the various branches of our family relate to each other. Being a group member ensures you have access to all our latest findings, raw data, pedigree charts and analysis in an easy-to-read format. It also connects you to a broader network of cousins who are trying to solve the same riddles you are – who are we Lanhams/Lannoms and where are we from?

If you are a male and your last name is Lanham or Lannom please consider joining our group. There will be no cost to you beyond getting your DNA test kit (we recommend the y-37 kit located elsewhere on this website, but kits sold by other vendors also work). If you do choose to join, make sure you do so under our surname project as this entitles you to a discounted price. The science underlying the test does not permit women to take the test, but women can get a close male relation (brother, father, uncle, first cousin) to take the test on their behalf. Please take a few moments to read over other sections of our website including the News section which highlights our recent findings. You can find more comprehensive information about DNA testing in general by clicking on the link "FAQ about DNA testing and genealogy by genetics" to the left and above.

If you have already taken a DNA test with another service, you don't need to take another one. Simply contact us and we'll get your data integrated with the rest of the group. If you have not taken a DNA test and you'd like to sign up, click on the link "REQUEST TO JOIN THIS GROUP" above and to the left.

We have three requirements for joining our surname study. The first is that you must send us a copy of your paternal pedigree chart back to the last male ancestor you are aware of (exact dates of birth and death are not needed). This information is vital to determining how to interpret the test results; the DNA test results are of little value if we don't know your lineage. Second, we ask that each group participant consent to sharing their DNA results and our analysis so that other genealogists can benefit from the study. Why do research if we don't share what we learn? Your confidentiality in terms of address, date of birth, etc. will be safeguarded. Third, you must be a male Lanham or Lannom or the test will not work.

It is important to note that genealogical DNA tests do not reveal confidential medical information or predisposition to illness, so you have little to worry about from sharing your results. Read more about this on other parts of this website.

It should also be noted that DNA samples are collected with cheek swabs, not needles! Go to this website for a step-by-step demonstration of how it's done:

Please contact the project co-administrators if you have questions or comments about this study. We would love to hear from you.

Warm regards,

Dale Lanham
Thomas Lannom
Project Co-Administrators