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Welcome! :) This project has 3 aims. Aim 1.) comparing the Y-DNA of people with the surname 'Kogel', or variants thereof, in order to establish if they all descent from a common founder, or if there are multiple founders of this surname. Since 'Kogel' is a very rare surname, however present in many countries (USA > 12x, Germany > 2x, Sweden > 1x, UK > 2x, the Netherlands > 6x, Belgium > 2x, Costa Rica > 7x, Spain > 1x), it is likely that there was a single founder several 100's of years ago, whose descendants were then forced to leave the original country in which the person lived, who first carried the family name 'Kogel.' Aim 2.) anyone who matches either the Y-chromosome of my patrilinear line of descent (= Schweitzer = E-V22 [E1b1b1a3]), or any of my mitochondrial results (J2 & T2), or any of my research samples (Y-DNA = J1, E-V13, I2a, L, O & mt-DNA = B, H) is also very welcome to join. :) Aim 3.) anyone who is just interested in expanding his/her knowledge about his/her descent is also very welcome to join this project. :) To join this Project, please click on "Request to Join this Group" in the upper left corner followed by "I want to purchase a test to join this Project" if you have not yet done a DNA test with FT-DNA. Otherwise, please enter your Kit Number and Password. Thanks. :) Notice: All Administrators of FT-DNA Projects are Volunteers and receive no Compensation or Incentives from Family Tree DNA.

General Fund

Current balance: $11.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Debit $79.00 7/16/2010     184216 Unknown
Credit $90.00 6/19/2010 Walter S. Gabennesch Mojo!   Individual
Debit $99.00 1/21/2010   12-37 upgrade. N78605 Unknown
Credit $99.00 1/20/2010 EUAL D BLANSETT JR FOR A 37-MARKER TEST   Individual
Debit $64.00 5/19/2009     N45770 Unknown
Debit $148.00 5/19/2009     N74379 Unknown
Debit $99.00 5/12/2009     N74379 Unknown
Credit $300.00 5/4/2009 Fannie Linder     Unknown
Debit $99.00 3/3/2009   Kit N67520 N67520 Unknown
Debit $29.00 2/18/2009   Kit 109889 109889 Unknown
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