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These pedigrees do not list individuals who were born after 1910.

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Kit 68119 & kit smgf2 – Group A

1. Samuel KINGSTON, b.c.1780 Meenies, Drimoleague, Co. Cork, Ireland, believed to have moved to Seehanes after East Meenies eviction of 1850, dying shortly afterwards

1.1.    George KINGSTON, b.c.1812 Meenies, Drimoleague, Co. Cork, Ireland, farmer, converted to Roman Catholicism in 1847, evicted from East Meenies townland by landlady Patience Noble, along with numerous other Kingstons, in early 1850, and then moved to Seehanes, d.1897, Seehanes, Drimoleague, married Ellen CASEY (his third cousin, from Ceancullig, Drimoleague) in 1846

1.1.1.      Samuel KINGSTON, b.1847 (twin of Anne), Meenies, Drimoleague, farmer in Seehanes until 1898, then sold his half of the farm and moved with his wife and children to Skibbereen, was working in 1901 on Lissard estate of The O’Donovan (most likely for The O’Donovan’s widowed sister Ann Melian O’Donovan Adams) married 1. Margaret DONOVAN (three children) and 2. Margaret LEARY (eight children)     Mary KINGSTON, b.1876, Seehanes, Drimoleague, d. 1947, Gurranes North, Drimoleague, married William W.P. O’MAHONY     Anne KINGSTON, b.1877, Seehanes, Drimoleague     William KINGSTON, b.1879, Seehanes, Drimoleague     Kate KINGSTON, b.1890, Seehanes, Drimoleague     Ellen KINGSTON, b.1891, Seehanes, Drimoleague     John KINGSTON, b.1892, Seehanes, Drimoleague, baker, married Hannah DONOHUE     George KINGSTON, b.1893, Seehanes, Drimoleague     Margaret KINGSTON, b.1895 Seehanes, Drimoleague, d.1982, married George C.C. DAWSON in London     Samuel KINGSTON, b.1896, Seehanes, Drimoleague  William KINGSTON, b.1898, Ceancullig, Drimoleague  Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1903, Drimoleague, d.1982, Derby, England

1.1.2.      Anne KINGSTON, b.1847 (twin of Samuel), Meenies, Drimoleague

1.1.3.      Mary (‘Mary Curly’) KINGSTON, b.1848, Meenies, Drimoleague, married O'BRIEN

1.1.4.      Ellen KINGSTON, b.1850, Seehanes, Drimoleague

1.1.5.      Jane KINGSTON, b.1852, Seehanes, Drimoleague, lived Lahana, Drinagh, Co. Cork, married Daniel O’DRISCOLL

1.1.6.      William KINGSTON, b.1853, Seehanes, Drimoleague, married Hanora O'BRIEN     Samuel KINGSTON, b.1893, Seehanes, Drimoleague, d.1921     Mary KINGSTON, b. 1896, Seehanes, Drimoleague, married Patrick McCARTHY     George KINGSTON, b.1899, Seehanes, Drimoleague, farmer, resided in Seehanes, d.1984, married Mary REGAN

1.1.7.      Catherine KINGSTON, b.1855, Seehanes, Drimoleague, lived Barre (Vermont), New Hampshire, Lowell (Massachusetts), Maine, married William HARKINS

1.1.8.      George KINGSTON, b.1859, Seehanes, Drimoleague, emigrated to Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA (to Casey cousins) but returned to Ireland in 1886, publican and labourer in Dunmanway, Co. Cork, d.1935, Dunmanway, married Hannah MANNING in Dunmanway in 1893     Ellen KINGSTON, b.1902, Main Street, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, nurse, emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts, married William SAYLES, moved to California, returned to Cork where she died in 1972     William KINGSTON, b.1904, Main Street, Dunmanway, blacksmith, sapper in Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers from 1940-53, serving in Gibraltar during WWII, and in Singapore after the war, emigrated to Tadley, Hampshire, England in 1950s, d.1971, Tadley, married Hannah HICKEY  (grandson tested with kit #68119 and kit #smgf2)     Hannah Mary KINGSTON, b.1907, Main Street, Dunmanway, d.1907     Catherine (Kitty) KINGSTON, b.1910, Main Street, Dunmanway, lived in Cork City, d.1990, married Michael McCARTHY


Kit 93641 – Group A

1. Paul KINGSTON, b c1750 Co. Cork, Ireland m Mary

1.1.    William KINGSTON, b c1769 Kilfaughnabeg, Co. Cork, Irelandm Mary LEARY

1.1.1.      William KINGSTON Jr., b c1812 Dungannon, Co. Cork, Irelandm Catherine PURCELL     George William KINGSTON, b 1844 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canadam Janet HUTCHINSON              George Gerard KINGSTON, b 1882 New York, New York, USAm Margaret Monica DARMODY (grandson tested with kit #93641)


Kit 99618 – Group A

1. Richard KINGSTON, farmer, lived Touraheen/Meenies, Drimoleague, Co. Cork, Ireland, d. pre-1860

1.1.    William KINGSTON, b.1832, Meenies/Touraheen, farmer, lived Touraheen/Meenies, d.1901-11, married Jane (Jennie) KINGSTON (of Kealanine, Caheragh parish, daughter of Samuel Kingston) in Caheragh in 1860. They, and all their children, converted from Church of Ireland to Roman Catholicism in 1860s.

1.1.1.      Mary KINGSTON

1.1.2.      Eliza KINGSTON, b.1861, Meenies/Touraheen

1.1.3.      Richard KINGSTON, b.1863, Meenies/Touraheen, married CONNOLLY (from Meenies)

1.1.4.      Samuel KINGSTON, b.1865, Touraheen/Meenies, lived Touraheen, farmer, married Bridget     Mary KINGSTON, b.c.1898, Touraheen/Meenies     George KINGSTON, b.1900, Touraheen/Meenies

1.1.5.      Anne (Annie) KINGSTON, b.1866, Touraheen, married William KINGSTON (b.1836, Deelish, Drimoleague, son of Samuel Kingston – see pedigree Untested#2 below) in Ireland in 1886 and then emigrated to Vermont, USA

1.1.6.      George KINGSTON, b.1869, Meenies/Touraheen, emigrated to Newport, Vermont, USA, where he worked as granite manufacturer, married Katherine SULLIVAN in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA in 1906 (grandson tested with kit #99618)     Charles KINGSTON, b.c.1908 (twin), Newport Village,Orleans County, Vermont, USA     Raymond KINGSTON, b.c.1908 (twin), Newport Village     Kathleen R. KINGSTON, b.1908/9, Newport Village     and six others born post 1910, some in Vermont, USA, and some in Caheragh, Ireland

1.1.7.      Ellen KINGSTON, b.1874, Touraheen, d.1940, married Timothy O’Brien (from Nedinagh, Dunmanway, farmer, son of Patrick O’Brien) in Drimoleague in 1898

1.1.8.      William KINGSTON, b.1878, Touraheen

1.2.    Jane KINGSTON, b.1835, Meenies/Touraheen, married William KINGSTON (of Gurteeniher, son of John Kingston) in Drimoleague in 1858. Lived in Caheragh?


Kit 107275 – Group A

1. Paul KINGSTON, b.1750s/60s, resided in Clodagh, Drimoleague, Co. Cork, Ireland, (reputed son of William KINGSTON)

1.2.    John KINGSTON, b.c.1789, Clodagh, d.1847, married Jane COTTER in 1817

1.2.1.      Paul KINGSTON, b. Clodagh, farmer and miller, married Susan FULLER (from Gurrane, Dunmanway, daughter of Thomas FULLER) in 1848     John KINGSTON, b.1849, Clodagh, a teacher at Meenies school, married Ellen ROSS in Drimoleague in 1875      Jane KINGSTON      John KINGSTON, served in army?      Paul KINGSTON, b.c.1880, married Mary Jane KINGSTON in 1914 (grandson tested with kit#107275)      Robert Innocent KINGSTON, aged 1 year      Nathaniel KINGSTON, resided in Kilmeen, married Helena Rose GOOD in 1926      Esther KINGSTON, married Wilfred JACKSON      Horace KINGSTON, d. aged 3 years      Ethel KINGSTON, married Thomas James GOOD in 1922      Frank? KINGSTON, d. in childhood  Arthur KINGSTON, resided in Armagh, married Henrietta DUFF in 1929  Edwin KINGSTON, resided in Ballinamallard (?Co. Fermanagh), married Maudie MARSHALL     Jane KINGSTON, b. 1851, Clodagh, resided in Mallabracca, Dunmanway after marriage (she was the mother of Irish republican and footballer Sam MAGUIRE) married John MAGUIRE (a farmer from Mallabracca, son of William MAGUIRE) in Drimoleague in 1868     Thomas KINGSTON, b.1853, Clodagh     Paul KINGSTON, b.1856, Clodagh, d. in infancy     Mary Jane KINGSTON, b.1859, Clodagh, married Thomas BATEMAN (farmer from Madame in parish of Kilmalooda) in Drimoleague in 1876     Richard KINGSTON, b.1861, Clodagh     Paul KINGSTON, b.1863, Clodagh, d. aged 30 years     Thomasina / Tamsin KINGSTON, b.1865, Clodagh, married Paul KINGSTON (a farmer from Kealanine, Caheragh) in 1884     Susan KINGSTON, b.1867, Clodagh, married James KINGSTON (son of James KINGSTON and Mary SULLIVAN of Bohonagh, Rosscarbery, see kit#210692) in 1887

1.2.2.      Richard KINGSTON

1.2.3.      Thomasina KINGSTON

1.2.4.      John KINGSTON

1.2.5.      Francis KINGSTON

1.2.6.      William KINGSTON, b.1830, Clodagh

1.2.7.      Daniel KINGSTON, b.1832, Clodagh

1.2.8.      Thomas KINGSTON, b.1833/4, Clodagh

1.2.9.      Rebecca KINGSTON, (twin of Daniel)

1.2.10.  Daniel KINGSTON, (twin of Rebecca)

1.2.11.  James KINGSTON, resided in Drimoleague


Kit 109951 – Group A

1.Samuel KINGSTON, b 1700s near Timoleague, Co Cork, Ireland

1.1.    Jeremiah KINGSTON, b Timoleague or Ballinascarthy, Co Cork

1.1.1.      Jeremiah KINGSTON, b 1830s, lived in Madame, Ballinascarthy, Co Cork

1.1.2.      John KINGSTON, lived near Ballinascarthy, Co Cork 

1.1.3.      James KINGSTON, lived in Ballinascarthy, Co Cork 

1.1.4.      Richard KINGSTON, lived near Ballinascarthy, Co Cork 

1.1.5.      Paul KINGSTON, b 1830s, lived in Lisselane, Ballinascarthy, Co Cork 

1.1.6.      Thomas KINGSTON, b 1820s, lived in Barryshall, Timoleague, Co Cork     Samuel KINGSTON, b 1856, Timoleague, Co Cork     Jeremiah KINGSTON, b 1864 Madame, lived in Ahaliskey, Ballinascarthy, married Mary Anne HAYES      Thomas KINGSTON, b 1898, lived in Cloughgriffin, Timoleague      Paul KINGSTON, b 1900, Barryshall, Timoleague, married Eileen O'DRISCOLL (son tested with kit #109951)     Ellen KINGSTON, b 1860s, lived in Barryshall     Sarah KINGSTON, b 1860s, lived in Barryshall     Kate KINGSTON, b 1860s, lived in Barryshall

1.2.    Paul (Jerome) KINGSTON, b c1800, Madame, Ballinascarthy, moved to Aghafore, Timoleague, married Catherine CUNNINGHAM

1.2.1.      Paul KINGSTON, b c1820s, Aghafore, Timoleague

1.2.2.      Jeremiah KINGSTON, b c1820s, Aghafore, Timoleague, married Honoria O'LEARY     Sarah KINGSTON, b 1847, Aghafore, Timoleague     Ellen KINGSTON, b 1849, Aghafore, Timoleague     Jeremiah KINGSTON, b 1851, Aghafore, Timoleague, married Annie      Mary KINGSTON, b c1884, Aghafore, Timoleague      Kathleen KINGSTON, b c1886, Aghafore, Timoleague      Annie KINGSTON, b c1889, Aghafore, Timoleague, married John DONOVAN      Maggie KINGSTON, b c1890, Aghafore, Timoleague      Paul KINGSTON, b c1891, Aghafore, Timoleague, married Margaret DONOVAN     Nora KINGSTON, b 1853, Aghafore, Timoleague     Catherine KINGSTON, b 1856, Aghafore, Timoleague     Richard KINGSTON, b 1857, Aghafore, Timoleague

1.2.3.      Richard KINGSTON, b c1820/30s, Aghafore, Timoleague

1.2.4.      John KINGSTON, b c1820/30s, Aghafore, Timoleague


Kit 114954 – Group A

1. George KINGSTON, b c1800, ?Ireland?Scotland, married Elizabeth

1.1.    John KINGSTON, b 1838, Canada, married 1. Lizzie CROCKETT (four children) and Johanna SHEA (one child)

1.1.1.      Thomas J. KINGSTON, b 1872, New Brunswick, Canada

1.1.2.      John KINGSTON, b 1875, New Brunswick, Canada

1.1.3.      Margaret (Maggie) KINGSTON, b 1877, New Brunswick, Canada

1.1.4.      Ellen KINGSTON, b 1879, New Brunswick, Canada 

1.1.5.      Alfred John (Pat) KINGSTON Sr, b 1895, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA, married Flora ELLIOT (grandson tested with kit #114954)


Kit 173705 – Group A

1. John KINGSTON, b c1670, Silverstone, Northamptonshire, England, a farmer

1.1.    John KINGSTON, b c1700, d.1789, m Rachel NEAL

1.1.1.      Thomas KINGSTONb 1735

1.1.2.      John KINGSTONb 1736

1.1.3.      Matthew KINGSTONb 1739

1.1.4.      John KINGSTONb 1740

1.1.5.      Elizabeth KINGSTONb 1742

1.1.6.      William KINGSTON b 1745, Northamptonshire, d.1813, m Margaret     John KINGSTONb 1770s Bedfordshire m Mary HART     William KINGSTON b 1770s Bedfordshire, d.1812, married 1. Margaret  and 2. Mary WHITE              William KINGSTON b 1802 Bedfordshire, d.1871, m Elizabeth RUFFHEAD       Frederick KINGSTON b 1830 Bedfordshire, d.1895, m Rachel ROBINSON     William KINGSTONb 1854 Lidlington, Bedfordshire m Annie Maud KIRKBY     Emma Jane KINGSTON b 1856 Lidlington, Bedfordshire, d.1926, m Thomas KINGSTON     Unknown KINGSTON     Unknown KINGSTON     Edward KINGSTON b 1864 Lidlington, Bedfordshire, d.1866       George KINGSTON b 1832 Bedfordshire, d.1833       Charles KINGSTON b 1834 Bedfordshire, d.1891, m Helen BOSWORTH     Elizabeth Sarah KINGSTON b 1862 Bedfordshire, d.1931     Thomas Henry KINGSTON b 1864 (a twin) Bedfordshire m Elizabeth KINGSTON     Charles William KINGSTON b 1864 (a twin) Bedfordshire, d.1908, m Ida     Frederick KINGSTON b 1866 Bedfordshire, d.1896, m cousin Kate KINGSTON (b 1868)     Edward KINGSTON b.1868, Lidlington,Bedfordshire m. Winifred Mary Sawyer  in 1899    Charles KINGSTON m. Helen KEEVIL     George KINGSTON b 1870 Bedfordshire, d.1948, m cousin Mabel KINGSTON    Charles John Euart KINGSTON b 1898 Lidlington, Bedfordshire, d.1979, m Norah Blanche HOLCROFT (grandson tested with kit #173705)    Mabel Helen KINGSTONb 1900    Stuart Maurice KINGSTONb 1902    George Frederick KINGSTONb 1904 Shepperton, England m Phyllis HOWELL    Harold Arthur KINGSTONb 1906    Kenneth Thomas KINGSTONb 1908    Eileen Thomazine FrancesKINGSTON b 1910    2 sons and 1 daughter born post-1910     Helen Jane KINGSTONb 1872 Bedfordshire m Miles COWARD     William John KINGSTON b 1875 Bedfordshire, d.1893       Ellen KINGSTON b 1837 Bedfordshire, d.1841       Jane KINGSTON b 1839 Bedfordshire              Nellie KINGSTON b 1806, d.1823              Maria KINGSTON b 1810, d.1827     Samuel KINGSTON b 1776 Bedfordshire, d.1836, lived Aspley Guizes, Bedfordshire m Ann ARNOLD              George KINGSTON b 1801, d.1817              Mary KINGSTON b 1802, d.1819              Charlotte KINGSTONb 1804              James KINGSTON b 1806              Elizabeth KINGSTONb 1808              Samuel KINGSTON b 1810              Ann KINGSTON b 1814              William KINGSTON b 1815 Lidlington, Bedfordshire m Prudence PAGE       Mary Ann KINGSTON b 1844/5 Aspley Guizes, Bedfordshire m John COCK       George KINGSTON b 1846/7 Aspley Guizes, Bedfordshire       Charles KINGSTON b 1848/9 Aspley Guizes, Bedfordshire              Thomas KINGSTON b 1817, d.1849, m Catherine MacCALLUM       John Samuel KINGSTON b 1846 Aspley Guizes, Bedfordshire, d.1927, m Sarah KNAPPING     Kate KINGSTON b 1868 Bedfordshire, d.1949, m cousin Frederick KINGSTON (b 1866)     Thomas KINGSTON b 1870, d.1938, m Lucy SPRIGG     John KINGSTON b 1872, d.1879     Frances KINGSTONb 1873 d 1877     Mark KINGSTON b 1876, d.1936, m Fanny BALL     Mabel KINGSTON m cousin George KINGSTON     Robert KINGSTONb 1879 m Winifred ROBERTS     Charles KINGSTONb 1880 m Harrie FISHER     Dorothy KINGSTONb 1882 m Desmond BOYES  Arthur KINGSTONb 1884 m Eva  Jessie KINGSTONb 1892 d 1892       Thomazine KINGSTON b 1849, d.1909, m John DYSON          Elizabeth KINGSTONb 1819 d 1820     Ann KINGSTONm Abraham SHUFFEL     Elizabeth KINGSTONb 1783

1.1.7.      Anne KINGSTONb 1747 m William CLARK

1.1.8.      Joseph KINGSTONb 1753

1.2.    and other children


Kit 179667 – Group A

1. Samuel KINGSTON, b.c.1760, lived Bantry (Bantry Bay West), Co. Cork, Ireland, married HALL

1.1.    Paul F. KINGSTON, b.1791, Bantry, Co. Cork, emigrated to Canada in 1826, d. 1867, Three Islands, Wayerton, New Brunswick, Canada, lumberman, farmer, teacher, married Lydia BYRD

1.1.1.      Avisia (Anastasia) KINGSTON, b.c.1811, Bantry, Co. Cork, emigrated to Canada, married John FLYNN

1.1.2.      Susannah KINGSTON, b.1813, Bantry, Co. Cork, emigrated to Canada, d.1891, married William ALLISON

1.1.3.      Samuel KINGSTON, b.c.1816, Bantry, Co. Cork, emigrated to Canada, d.1904, Wayerton, lumberman, farmer, married Mary CURRY     Margaret KINGSTON, b.1836, New Brunswick, Canada, married 1. James DOUCET and 2. John ROLFE     William KINGSTON, b.1838, New Brunswick, d.c.1844     Samuel KINGSTON, b.1840, Three Islands, Wayerton, d.c.1930, Wisconsin, lumberman, farmer, married 1. Elizabeth HINES and 2. Margaret MULLIN     Lydia KINGSTON, b.c.1841, Wayerton, d. in childhood     Avernia KINGSTON, b.c.1842, Wayerton, d.c.1867, married Thomas MULLIN     Cecelia KINGSTON, b.1844, Wayerton     Lydia KINGSTON, b.1846, Wayerton, d.c.1847     Susannah KINGSTON, b.1847, Wayerton, d.1904, Wayerton     John Curry KINGSTON, b.c.1850, New Brunswick, d.1932, lumberman, married Bridget O’SHAUGHNESSY       Betty KINGSTON, b.c.1870, New Brunswick       Cecelia KINGSTON, b.c.1871, New Brunswick       Catherine KINGSTON, b.c.1872, New Brunswick, lived New York, married Murdock WEDDEN       Patrick KINGSTON, b.c.1873, New Brunswick       Michael KINGSTON, b.c.1874, New Brunswick, lived Tennessee       Samuel KINGSTON, b.c.1875, New Brunswick, married FITZGERALD       Gerald KINGSTON, b.c.1895       Cecelia KINGSTON, b.c.1896       Jenny KINGSTON, b.c.1897       Marguerite KINGSTON, b.c.1898       Patrick KINGSTON, b.c.1899       John F. (Jack) KINGSTON, married 1. Alice McCABE (4 children, all listed below) and 2. Jennie Charlotte McPHERSON (6 children, all born after 1910)       Helen KINGSTON       Michael KINGSTON       John Andrew KINGSTON, b.c.1902, d.1935, Sarenac Lake, New York       Drew (Andrew) KINGSTON  Mary KINGSTON, b.c.1851, d.1871  Paul (‘The Boss’) KINGSTON, b.1852, Three Islands, Wayerton, d.1948, Wayerton, lumberman, riverman, farmer, married Mary Anne CROWE    Joseph M. KINGSTON, b.1883, Wayerton, d.Hamilton, Ontario, lumberman, salesman, married 1. Winnie GILLESPIE and 2. Edith REDMOND    Mary KINGSTON, b.1885, Wayerton, d.1885    Anna KINGSTON, b.1886, Wayerton, nurse, married Arthur LARNER    Susan Cecelia KINGSTON, b.1888, Wayerton, d.1904, Wayerton    Mary (‘Molly’) KINGSTON, b.1890, Wayerton, d.1921, Wayerton    Samuel A. KINGSTON, b.1893, Three Islands, Wayerton, d.1965, Newcastle, New Brunswick, lumberman, WWI gunner, married Lillian Isabella LOGGIE (grandson tested with kit#179667)    Cornelius F. KINGSTON, b.1895, Wayerton, d.1964, Chatham, New Brunswick, lumberman, farmer, WWI L/C, married Katherine Elizabeth O’SHEA    Paul KINGSTON, b.1898, Wayerton, d.1979, Newcastle, New Brunswick, lumberman, married Margaret MALLIET    Margaret Avernia KINGSTON, b.1899, Wayerton, d.1985, Burlington, Ontario, married Patrick O’SHAUGHNESSY Catherine Christina KINGSTON, b.1902, Wayerton, married Jeremiah HOWE Charles Louis O’Leary KINGSTON, b.1904, Wayerton, d.1995, Barre, Vermont, ENT specialist doctor, married Bertha LIMODGE Suzanne Cecelia KINGSTON, b.1907, Wayerton, d.1993, Buffalo, Wyoming, nurse, married George Brooks JOHNSON

1.1.4.      Paul KINGSTON, b.c.1820, Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland, emigrated to Canada, d.c.1877, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania


Kit 182431 – Group A

1. James KINGSTON, b 1800, ?Union Hall, Co Cork,Ireland m Sarah JENNINGS

1.1.    Richard James KINGSTONb 1828, Drombeg, Glandore Bay, Co Corkm Margaret SWEETNAM

1.1.1.      James Richard KINGSTON b Union Hall, emigrated to Nebraska, USA

1.2.    Sarah KINGSTON b c1834 m William JENNINGS

1.3.    James Richard KINGSTONb 1839 Ardagh, Union Hall, Co Corkm Jane SWEETNAM

1.4.    Samuel KINGSTONb Union Hall

1.5.    Mary KINGSTONb Union Hall

1.6.    Amelia KINGSTONb 1844 Union Hall m Richard GOOD

1.7.    John KINGSTON b 1848 Union Hall, lived at Skanagh Farm m Elizabeth Hester SWEETNAM

1.8.    Thomas KINGSTONb 1851 Union Hall m Elizabeth NORTHOVER

1.9.    Jane KINGSTON b Union Hall, died in infancy


Kit 186680 – Group A

1. Colonel Samuel KINGSTON, b.c.1620s, lived East Skeaf, Timoleague, Co. Cork, Ireland, d.1703

1.1.    Samuel KINGSTON, lived East Skeaf, Timoleague, married Elizabeth

1.1.1.      Samuel KINGSTON, lived East Skeaf and West Raharoon, Co. Cork, married 1.? And 2. Alice BLEWYTT in 1712     Samuel KINGSTON(by Alice Blewytt)

1.1.2.      Paul KINGSTON, lived Ballycatteen, Co. Cork

1.1.3.      James KINGSTON     Thomas KINGSTON, lived Lislee, Co. Cork, d.1773, married Dorothy MURPHY in 1741      James KINGSTON, lived Courtmacsherry, Co. Cork, d.1789, married Sarah GRANGER in 1771      Thomas KINGSTON       Thomas KINGSTON, d.1890, married Jane HANNAH     Charlotte Mary KINGSTON      Samuel KINGSTON, d.1750      George KINGSTON      Dorothy KINGSTON, d.1748      Dorothy KINGSTON, married John SEALY in 1768      Elizabeth KINGSTON, married Thomas BANFIELD in 1770      Susanna KINGSTON

1.1.4.      Jeremiah KINGSTON, lived Kilnagross, Co. Cork, married Margaret EADY in 1710     Paul KINGSTON      Samuel KINGSTON

1.1.5.      Mary KINGSTON

1.1.6.      Hester KINGSTON, married Jeremiah RAYNER in 1690

1.2.    John KINGSTON, b.c.1644, d.bef.1703, married Joane DOBSON in 1666

1.2.1.      Samuel KINGSTON, lived Kilgarriff, Co. Cork     Thomas KINGSTON      Samuel KINGSTON

1.2.2.      John KINGSTON

1.2.3.      Elizabeth KINGSTON, married Jeremiah RAYNARD in 1685

1.3.    Daughter KINGSTON, married Mr. FRENCH

1.4.    Daughter KINGSTON, married William AUSTEN of Lislevane

1.5.    Hester KINGSTON, married Edward COTTERELL in 1684

1.6.    Thomas KINGSTON

1.7.    James KINGSTON, of Ballycatteen, Co. Cork, married Sarah GILKES

1.7.1.      Sarah KINGSTON

1.7.2.      Samuel KINGSTON, b.1686, lived Gortnahorna, Co. Cork, married Ann HUNGERFORD in 1713     James KINGSTON, lived Gortnahorna and Kilscohanagh, Co. Cork, d.pre1757, married Bridgett PHILPOTT in 1741      Ann (Nancy) KINGSTON, married Thomas STUDDERT / STUDDARD of Cork (wine cooper) in 1767      Mary KINGSTON, d.1797, married Synge TOTTENHAM (lieutenant 28th foot, 6th son of Charles Tottenham, M.P. for Wexford)     Sarah KINGSTON     Mary KINGSTON

1.7.3.      George KINGSTON, lived Garryndruig, Co. Cork, married Catherine HUNGERFORD in 1723     Frances KINGSTON     James KINGSTON, b.1724, lived Derrynagree and Youghal and Oysterhaven, Co. Cork, d.1806, Palace, Kinsale, married Ann MURRAY in 1759      Catherine (or Elizabeth) KINGSTON, married Thomas HOLMES of Kinsale in 1786     Samuel KINGSTON, b.1735, lived Ballincalls, Co. Cork, d.1835     Catherine KINGSTON     Sarah KINGSTON, d.1816     Ann KINGSTON, married BARTER

1.7.4.      Mary KINGSTON

1.7.5.      Margaret KINGSTON

1.7.6.      Sarah KINGSTON

1.7.7.      Elizabeth KINGSTON, lived East Skeaf, Timoleague, Co. Cork

1.7.8.      James KINGSTON, lived Ballycatteen, Co. Cork, merchant, d.1754, married 1. Jane ?, 2. Alice BAYLEY in 1742     James KINGSTON, Mayor of Cork 1787-8, Alderman 1809, d.1813, Lucyville, Cork, married Jane RUGGE in 1788      James KINGSTON, b.c.1790, d.1823 at his mother’s house in Blackrock, Cork      John KINGSTON, b.1794, lived Ashton Place, Cork, “a private gentleman”, d.1873, Cork, married Frances LINDSAY in 1829       James KINGSTON, b.1829, lived Cork Lane, Youghal, Co. Cork, d.1917, married Helena Louisa LINDSAY in 1850     James KINGSTON, b.c.1852, joined Royal Navy     John KINGSTON, b.c.1853, joined Army, d. Manchester, England     Helena KINGSTON, lived England     Charles Henry Lindsay Pratt KINGSTON, b.1865, Youghal, lived Dublin, d.1945, married Matilda STUART in 1896    Albert Charles KINGSTON, b.1897, d.1984, married Eileen BOWEN    Ellen Louisa KINGSTON, b.1900, d.1900    Stanford Ernest KINGSTON, b.1901, d.1947, married Mary Frances REDMOND     Robert Russell Rugge KINGSTON, b.1868, Youghal, music teacher, d.c.1934, Youghal     George Samuel Joseph Lindsay KINGSTON, b.1870, Youghal     William KINGSTON, emigrated to Australia       John Lindsay KINGSTON       Samuel KINGSTON, solicitor, left his estate to St Finbarre’s Cathedral, Cork       Joseph KINGSTON       William KINGSTON, b.1840, Cork, d.1922, Duncan,British Columbia, Canada, married Norah KELLER in Torontoin 1871     William Jonathan KINGSTON, b.1874, Canada, d.1885     Lucy KINGSTON, b.1875, Waterford,Ireland, lived Canada, d.1952, Duncan, British Columbia     Charles Lindsay KINGSTON, b.1878, Canada, d.1908     Frances Lindsay (Fanny) KINGSTON, b.1880, d.1885     Madeleine KINGSTON, b.1886, Canada, d.1955, married Duncan Harold MacRAE     Francis Lindsay KINGSTON, b.1888, Duncan, British Columbia, d.1958, married Elfrida Mary Louisa GREENWOOD (son tested with kit#186680)       Thomas KINGSTON, b.1842, educ. Trinity College Dublin (B.A.) and Queen’s Univ. (M.D.), LRCS (Edin), Surgeon-Major 1879, served in India, Egypt, and Sudan, d.1888, Dublin, bur. Blackrock, Cork, unmarried       Jane Lindsay KINGSTON, born 1833, Cork, married John WINSPEARE McCARTY (Professor of Music) in Corkin 1864       Elizabeth KINGSTON       Frances KINGSTON     Samuel KINGSTON     William KINGSTON     Ellen KINGSTON     Alice KINGSTON, d.1820, married BARTER     Sarah KINGSTON, d.1816     Mary KINGSTON, married John WRIGHT of Farrinalough in 1755

1.7.9.      Hester KINGSTON

1.7.10.  Jane (Jean) KINGSTON, married Hugh LAWTON (Alderman of Cork and merchant) in 1734


Kit 208899 – Group A

1. William KINGSTON, b.1808, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork, Ireland, emigrated to USA, studied at Girard College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, moved to Canada c.1835, Professor of Mathematics at Victoria College, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, d.1887, Ottawa, Ontario, married Maria JOHNSON

1.1.    John James KINGSTON, b.1845, Cobourg, Ontario, d.1915

1.2.    Mary Adelia KINGSTON, b. 1847, Cobourg, Ontario, married Richard WILSON

1.3.    Norman KINGSTON, b. Cobourg, Ontario

1.4.    Alfred George KINGSTON, b.1853, Cobourg, Ontario, d.1934, ornithologist, married Anne BRADLEY

1.4.1.      Margaret KINGSTON, b. late 1800s, Ontario, married Nelson GILLESPIE

1.4.2.      Lawrence KINGSTON, b. late 1800s, Ontario, married Anne

1.4.3.      Jack KINGSTON, b. late 1800s, Ontario, twin of Sarah, architect, married Leslie

1.4.4.      Sarah (‘Haidee’) KINGSTON, b. late 1800s, Ontario, twin of Jack, head librarian at Ottawa Children’s Library, unmarried

1.4.5.      Kenneth KINGSTON, b. late 1800s, Ontario, d. 1911, Saskatchewan, Canada, surveyor

1.4.6.      Lois R. KINGSTON, b. late 1800s, Ontario, d.1980, ornithologist, unmarried

1.4.7.      Guy Alexander KINGSTON, b. 1902, Ontario, married Rebecca Isabelle RIDDELL (grandson tested with kit#208899)


Kit 210692 – Group A

1. John KINGSTON, b.c.1780, resided in Bohonagh, Rosscarbery, it is likely that he was the John KINGSTON who appeared with three other Kingstons in Bohonagh in the Tithes of 1834

1.1.    James KINGSTON, b.c.1820s, lived Bohonagh, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork, Ireland, farmer, (according to family tradition he was brother of John KINGSTON b.c.1815 of Ardagh East, see kit#262430), married Mary SULLIVAN (of Fanlobbus, daughter of Daniel SULLIVAN) in Dunmanway in 1848

1.1.1.      James KINGSTON, b.1849, Bohonagh, farmer, d.1920, married Susan KINGSTON (daughter of Paul Kingston and Susan Fuller, of Clodagh, Drimoleague)     Minnie KINGSTON, b.1887, Bohonagh, married James KINGSTON (shopkeeper, from Drimoleague, son of James KINGSTON also a shopkeeper) in Rosscarbery in 1906     Ellen KINGSTON, b.1889     James KINGSTON, b.1891, Bohonagh, farmer, d.1967, married Ella     Susan (Susanna) KINGSTON, b.1893, Bohonagh, married Henry BRYAN (farmer, son of Harry BRYAN) in Rosscarbery in 1921     Thomas KINGSTON, b.1895, Bohonagh, lived Prospect House, Curraheen, Downeen, Rosscarbery, farmer, d.1984     Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1898, Bohonagh     Anne KINGSTON, b.1900, Bohonagh     Jane KINGSTON, b.1902, Bohonagh     William (Willie) KINGSTON, b.1904, Bohonagh, d.1909  Paul KINGSTON, b.1905, Bohonagh, married O’DONOVAN (of Ballyhoulahan, Rosscarbery) (son tested with kit #210692)  Margaret KINGSTON, b.1908, Bohonagh  Thomasina KINGSTON, b.1913, Bohonagh

1.1.2.      William KINGSTON, b.1852, Bohonagh

1.1.3.      Mary (Maria) KINGSTON, b.1854, Bohonagh, married William McINTYRE (Royal Irish Constabulary, Newtown Barrack, Rosscarbery, son of William McINTYRE a farmer) in Rosscarbery in 1882

1.1.4.      Thomas KINGSTON, b.1858, Bohonagh

1.1.5.      Paul KINGSTON, b.1861, Bohonagh

1.1.6.      George KINGSTON, b.1865, Bohonagh

1.1.7.      Ellen KINGSTON, b.1868, Bohonagh, married Alexander MOORHEAD (schoolmaster & verger, widower, from Rosscarbery, son of John MOORHEAD a farmer) in Rosscarbery in 1898


Kit 210693 – Group A

1.  Thomas KINGSTON, b.1784 (b.1801 according to death), Dromgarriff, Kilnagross, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland, lived Madame House, Madame, Ballinascarthy, Co. Cork, d. 1883, married Mary NYHAN

1.1.   Jeremiah KINGSTON, b.1821, Madame, d.1887, Knockskeagh, Clonakilty, Co. Cork

1.1.1.      Thomas John KINGSTON, b.1860, Knockskeagh, Clonakilty, resided in Knockskeagh before marriage, lived Burgatia House, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork after marriage, emigrated to Whittlebury, Northamptonshire, bur. Whittlebury, farmer, magistrate, Justice of the Peace, married Annie Elizabeth DEANE (widow of Thomas John DEANE of Burgatia House, born Annie Elizabeth FULLER daughter of Thomas FULLER) in St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork in 1903    Thomas Fuller KINGSTON, b.1906, Burgatia, Rosscarbery, emigrated to Whittlebury, Northamptonshire with his parents, bur. Whittlebury

1.2.   James KINGSTON, b. Madame, lived Tawnies, Clonakilty, bur. Kilgariff

1.3.   John KINGSTON, b.1826, Madame, emigrated to Victoria, Australia c.1852, bur. Cheltenham Old Cemetery, Victoria

1.4.   Michael KINGSTON, b.1828, Madame, emigrated to Victoria, Australiac.1852

1.5.   Daniel KINGSTON, b. Madame, inherited Dromgariff, had four sons, three of whom emigrated to USA

1.6.   Samuel KINGSTON, b. Madame, lived in Bandon

1.7.   Thomas KINGSTON, b.c.1835, Madame, inherited farm at Tullig, lived in Mill House, Ballinascarthy, d.1908 drowned in mill stream near house, married Henrietta HOLMES SYMMS

1.7.1.      Thomas Paul KINGSTON, b.1865, Clonakilty

1.7.2.      Mary Anne KINGSTON, b.1867, Clonakilty

1.7.3.      Anne (Annie S.) KINGSTON, b.1868, Clonakilty

1.7.4.      Elizabeth Jane KINGSTON, b.1870, Clonakilty

1.7.5.      Patience Charlotte KINGSTON, b.1872, Clonakilty

1.7.6.      Henrietta KINGSTON, b.1873, Clonakilty

1.7.7.      Jeremiah Henry KINGSTON, b.1875, Clonakilty

1.7.8.      Emma KINGSTON, b.1879, Clonakilty

1.7.9.      Frances KINGSTON, b.1883

1.7.10.  Ellen KINGSTON, b.1885

1.8.   Paul KINGSTON, b.c.1837, Madame, farmer, resided in Beanhill South, Kilnagross, Co. Cork, d.1924, married Rebecca PHAIR in c.1892

1.8.1.      Mary KINGSTON, b.1893

1.8.2.      Florence R. KINGSTON, female, b.1895

1.8.3.      Maude KINGSTON, b.1897

1.8.4.      Allen KINGSTON, male, b.1899

1.8.5.      Sarah KINGSTON, b.1902, Beanhill South

1.8.6.      Thomas KINGSTON, b.1905, Beanhill South

1.9.   Richard KINGSTON, b. Madame, married Vickery (of Vickery’s hotel)

1.9.1.      Samuel KINGSTON, lived Tawnies, Clonakilty (grandson tested with kit#210693)

1.10 Allan KINGSTON, b. Madame

1.11 Mary Jane KINGSTON, b. Madame, married Richard WOOD


Kit 219122 – Group A

1. George KINGSTON, b.c.1720, Ardnagashel, Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland, (most likely born in Ardnagashel, although one source has suggested Rathruane/Rathruvane, Schull, Co. Cork), married Miss JAGOE (of German birth)

1.1.   Samuel KINGSTON, b.c.1750, Bantry? Rathruane? farmer in Rathruane? (there is some uncertainty regarding the movements between Bantry and Rathruane by this family in the 1700s, and whichever brother farmed in Rathruane – either William or Samuel – married Miss LEVIS)

1.1.1.      George KINGSTON, b.c.1770, originally from Bantry, after marriage he settled in Meenies East, Drimoleague, married Mary    Samuel KINGSTON, b.1803, Meenies East, married Mary KINGSTON (his first cousin, daughter of William, see below) and their descendants are known as the “Georgie Sam Williams”     William KINGSTON, b.1835, resided Meenies East, married Anne DEANE in c.1860       Samuel KINGSTON, b.1863, eldest child, resided Meenies East, married Susanna SHANNON in c.1901     George KINGSTON, b.1905, remained on the family farm in Meenies East, married Mary “Molly” KINGSTON (daughter of Richard KINGSTON of Kealanine) in 1939     Richard KINGSTON, b.1906, d.c.1908     Susan KINGSTON, married Thomas KINGSTON (from Dunmanway and Tipperary) in 1936     John KINGSTON, married Julia     Anne KINGSTON, married John Thomas LEVIS in 1939     Mary KINGSTON, married Richard ROYCROFT in 1929     Samuel KINGSTON, unmarried     Jane KINGSTON, d. in infancy     William KINGSTON, d. in infancy       Mary KINGSTON, b.1867, married Benjamin SWANTON (of Clonee, Durrus) in 1888       Rev. William KINGSTON, b.1871, resided in Oakham, England, married Mary in 1903, and they had seven children (two of whom were clergymen)     Percy KINGSTON     William KINGSTON     Victor KINGSTON     Samuel KINGSTON     Olive KINGSTON, married Henry John WARE     Edward KINGSTON     Kathleen KINGSTON       Richard KINGSTON, b.1876, married Alice HOWARD in 1904     William Henry KINGSTON, resided in Australia, married Joan JACKSON in 1940     John Howard KINGSTON, married Gertrude HARE in 1938     Mabel Elizabeth KINGSTON, married Geoffrey ROGERS (from Church Hill) in 1945     Maud Anne KINGSTON, married Robert CHAMBERS in 1944     Samuel Robert KINGSTON, resided in West Africa and Worthing, England, married Mary HAYES in 1942       Jane KINGSTON, married Richard KINGSTON (from Caheragh) in 1895       Catherine KINGSTON, married Paul ROSS in 1905?       George KINGSTON, resided in Limerick?, married Margaret COPITHORNE       John KINGSTON, b.1886, resided in Toronto, Canada, married Mary CONNOLLY       Susan KINGSTON, resided in England where she worked as a health visitor, married VAUGHAN (from Somerset)   Mary KINGSTON, married William ROSS   Anne KINGSTON, married John KINGSTON (from Upper Meenies) in 1897     Thomasina KINGSTON, b.1838     Richard KINGSTON, b.1840, resided in Meenies, married Mary FORBES in 1871, and they had four children       Samuel KINGSTON, resided in Upper Meenies/Glandart, married Sarah DRAPER in 1912       Catherine Ellen KINGSTON, married William KINGSTON (from Kealanine) in 1905       Mary KINGSTON, married William ROSS (from Derryduff) in 1897       Eliza Jane KINGSTON     Catherine KINGSTON, b.1842, Meenies East, married William KINGSTON (also of Meenies East, b.1830, see kit#262270) in 1865, and they resided in Meenies Upper     John KINGSTON, b.1845, married Elizabeth SHANNON in 1875       George KINGSTON, b.1884, resided in Bantry, married Jane YOUNG       John KINGSTON, b.1889, unmarried       Catherine KINGSTON, married Paul KINGSTON (from Inchingerig)       William KINGSTON, resided in Milleenananig, Dunmanway, married Ann BANKS in Dunmanway in 1908     John Thomas KINGSTON     Kathleen Elizabeth KINGSTON       Susan KINGSTON, emigrated to USA, married Donald McCUSS       Mary KINGSTON, married Thomas SWEETNAM (from Church Cross) in 1896       Samuel KINGSTON, resided in Meenies and Dunmanway, married Thomasina DEANE     John KINGSTON, unmarried     Elizabeth KINGSTON, married Barnabas DEANE     Thomas KINGSTON, d. aged 22 years, unmarried       Elizabeth KINGSTON, married Thomas YOUNG in 1915       Jane KINGSTON, married William BLACK (from Cork) in 1911     Thomas KINGSTON, b.1847, emigrated with his wife to Australia in 1885, married Elizabeth ALLEN     Samuel KINGSTON, b.1848, one sources states that he died aged 22, married Eliza Jane ROSS       Mary Anne KINGSTON     Paul KINGSTON, b.1851, d.1936, moved to a farm at Trawlebane, Co. Cork (which he purchased from Thomas Cotter)  in the 1870s, married Mary Anne (Minnie) KINGSTON (from Kealanine, b.1862, daughter of George Kingston and Catherine Ross) in 1880       Samuel KINGSTON, b.1881, Trawlebane, married Patience JOHNSTON       Mary Ann (Molly) KINGSTON, b.1884, Trawlebane, married John NORTHRIDGE       Kathleen (Catherine) KINGSTON, b.1887, Trawlebane,  married Jim LEVIS in 1911       Jane (Jenny) KINGSTON, b.1890, Trawlebane, resided in England       Eliza (Lizzie) KINGSTON, b.1892, Trawlebane, resided in England, married Bob BENNETT       George KINGSTON, b.1894, Trawlebane, d.1963, married Kathleen KINGSTON (from Meenies Upper, b.1900)       Richard KINGSTON, b.1897       Paul KINGSTON, b.1899, resided in England     George KINGSTON Mary Anne KINGSTON

1.1.2.      William KINGSTON, b.c.1780, resided in Ardnagashel, Bantry, where his fields are still called “Kingston Fields”, married Susan BATEMAN    Samuel KINGSTON, b.c.1812, Ardnagashel, Bantry, resided in Rathruane, Schull, Co. Cork, married Catherine LEVIS (daughter of James LEVIS, from Schaheenaleara, Schull, Co. Cork) in 1837 (but one present day researcher names Samuel’s wife as Diana DAVIS)     William KINGSTON, b.1837, Schaheenaleara, Schull, Co. Cork     James KINGSTON, b.1840, Schaheenaleara, Schull, d.1924, married Mary YOUNG       Samuel KINGSTON, b.1868, Arduslough, Kilcoe, Co. Cork, d.1939, married Maria JERMYN (sister of Anne JERMYN, see below)       William KINGSTON, b.1870, Arduslough, Kilcoe, Co. Cork, d.1932, married Margaret J. HARWOOD       Ann KINGSTON, b.1872, d.1945, married 1. Thomas BEAMISH and 2. Arthur PELLOW       Mary KINGSTON, b.1877, Rathruane, Schull, Co. Cork, d.1960, married William BEVAN       Thomas KINGSTON, b.1884, d.1955, married Sarah SWANTON       Richard KINGSTON, b.1888, d.1958, married Ellen FULLER       Robert KINGSTON, b.1892, emigrated to America c.1915, d.1970, married Rebecca Rose SHANNON (who emigrated from Co. Cork to America c.1920) in Rochester, New York     Had three sons and one daughter       Catherine KINGSTON, b.unknown, married Joseph SWANTON       Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.unknown, d.1940   James KINGSTON, b.unknown   Mary Jane KINGSTON, b.unknown     Susan KINGSTON, b.1842, Schaheenaleara, Schull, Co. Cork     Samuel KINGSTON, b.1844, Schaheenaleara, Schull, married ? PATTERSON     George KINGSTON, emigrated to Rochester, New York, USA     Thomas KINGSTON, b.1847, Schaheenaleara, Schull, resided in Rathraune, Schull, Co. Cork, d.1932, buried in Garryvurcha cemetery, Bantry, Co. Cork, married Mary EVANS       Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1874, Rathruane, Schull, Co. Cork, emigrated to USA       Samuel Thomas KINGSTON, b.1877, Rathruane, Schull, Co. Cork, emigrated to Rochester, New York, via Ellis Island, in 1900, married Ann JERMYN (from ?Schull, Co. Cork, sister of Maria JERMYN, see above) in 1902     Samuel Henry KINGSTON, b.1908, Rochester, New York (son tested with kit#219122)     Elizabeth KINGSTON, married William YOUNG in USA       John KINGSTON, b.1880, Rathruane, Schull, Co. Cork       Susan (Susie) KINGSTON, b.1882, Rathruane, emigrated to USA, d.1953, Rochester, New York, married Robert YOUNG       Thomas KINGSTON, b.1885, Rathruane, emigrated to USA       William KINGSTON, b.1888, Rathruane, emigrated to USA       George KINGSTON, b.1891, Rathruane, emigrated to USA       James KINGSTON, b.1892, Rathruane, did not emigrate       Mary Jane KINGSTON, b.1896, Rathruane, did not emigrate     Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1850, Rathruane, Schull, Co. Cork, emigrated to Rochester, New York in c.1859, d.1905, married Charles DUKELOW (from Mt Morris, Livingstone County, New York) in Rochester in 1880     John KINGSTON, b.1853, Rathruane, Schull, Co. Cork     Catherine KINGSTON, b.1856, Rathruane, Schull, Co. Cork, emigrated to Rochester, New York, married Charles DUKELOW (from Canandaigua, New York) in Rochester in 1883    Katherine KINGSTON, d.1890, married William Charles LANNIN (from Main Street, Bantry)    Mary KINGSTON, resided in Ardnagashel, Bantry before marriage and in Meenies East after marriage, married Samuel KINGSTON (her first cousin, of East Meenies, Drimoleague, son of George, see above)    William KINGSTON, b.1813, worked on his father’s 23 acre farm in Ardnagashel, Bantry, Co. Cork, moved to a tenant farm in Ardnagashel after marriage, emigrated in 1848 to Rochester, New York (where his wife’s father, George Clarke, had settled), where he remained for seven years working on the railroad, before moving to Pittsburgh, then Ohio, eventually settling into farming life in Muskego, Wisconsin, USA, d.1902, Wisconsin, married Barbara CLARKE (from Inch, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, sister of Eliza CLARKE, see below, and daughter of George Clarke a prosperous butcher and cattle dealer) in 1845     Samuel KINGSTON, b.1846, Bantry, Co. Cork, emigrated to Rochester, New York, with his parents in 1848, eventually settling in Muskego, Wisconsin, farmer, married Lydia Ann CONNELL (whose family were from Skibbereen, Co. Cork)       Lillian May KINGSTON, b.1875, Muskego, Wisconsin, became successful real estate vendor in Milwaukee, unmarried       Jessie Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1876, Muskego, Wisconsin, married Arthur Matthew PURVES (a physician) in 1903       Lydia Ann KINGSTON, b.1878, Muskego, Wisconsin, d.1879       Elsie Barbara KINGSTON, b.1881, Muskego, Wisconsin, married Dr William MacFARLANE (a dentist) in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1903       Arthur Connell KINGSTON, b.1884, Muskego, President of the Wisconsin Banking Association       Nelle Maude KINGSTON, b.1887, Muskego, resided in Muskego after marriage, married Findley Earl COOK in 1914     Thomas KINGSTON, b.1848, born nine days after the family landed in Grosse Isle, Quebec, Canada (after seven weeks at sea)     and eleven more children    Thomas KINGSTON, b.1815, worked on his father’s 23 acre farm in Ardnagashel, Bantry, Co. Cork, emigrated with brother William in 1848 to Rochester, New York, where he remained for seven years working on the railroad, before moving to Pittsburgh, then Ohio, eventually settling into farming life in Muskego, Wisconsin, d.1877, Muskego, married Eliza CLARKE (from Inch, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, sister of Barbara CLARKE, see above) in Rochester, New York?    Susan B. KINGSTON, b.1821, emigrated to Rochester, New York, USA, d.1919, Rochester, married Charles GAY (from Coorlacka, Schull, Co. Cork)    Eliza KINGSTON, married William FULLER

1.2.   William KINGSTON, b.c.1750, Bantry? Rathruane?, farmer in Rathruane? (there is some uncertainty regarding the movements between Bantry and Rathruane by this family in the 1700s, and whichever brother farmed in Rathruane – either William or Samuel – married Miss LEVIS)


Kit 224702 – Group A

1. Samuel KINGSTON, b.c.1780, lived Rearahinagh (in civil parishes of both Caheragh and Drimoleague), Co. Cork, Ireland, farmer, d.pre-1860, married Mary

1.1.   James KINGSTON, b.c.1809 (speculatively James KINGSTON of Inchinagotagh, kit#N91340, was son of Samuel KINGSTON of Rearahinagh)

1.2.   Susanna KINGSTON, (speculatively Susanna was a member of this family), d.1879?, married Peter DUKELOW in Drimoleague in 1841

1.3.   Mary KINGSTON, b.c.1814, Rearahinagh, married Paul SHANNON (of Durrus) in Drimoleague in 1848

1.4.   Richard KINGSTON, b.1816, Rearahinagh, farmer, resided in Rearahinagh, d.1889, married Sarah KINGSTON in 1859

1.4.1.      Unknown KINGSTON, b.1860, Rearahinagh

1.4.2.      Samuel KINGSTON, b.1861, Rearahinagh, meat cutter & truck driver, d.1942, Everett, Massachusetts, USA, married Rebecca JENNINGS (of Reavouler, Drinagh) in Somerville, Massachusetts in 1901    Sarah KINGSTON, b.1904, resided in Everett/Melrose/Wakefield, Massachusetts, d.1998    John Edward KINGSTON, b.1906, resided in Everett/Melrose, Massachusetts, d.1968    Richard KINGSTON, b.1908, resided in Everett/Brewster/Arlington, Massachusetts, d.1993, married Anna KROPP in 1933    Esther Marion KINGSTON, b.1910, d.1914    Samuel KINGSTON, b.1912, d. in infancy

1.4.3.      Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.c.1863, Rearahinagh, resided in Carrigbawn, d.1937, married John BAKER (a farmer from Rearahinagh) in Drimoleague in 1896

1.4.4.      Mary KINGSTON, b.1864, Rearahinagh, resided in Rearahinagh, d.1915

1.4.5.      Richard KINGSTON, b.1866, Rearahinagh, farmer, resided in Derryclough/Rearahinagh, d.1938

1.4.6.      James KINGSTON, b.1868, Rearahinagh, farmer, resided in Rearahinagh/Derryclough, d.1944, married Jane JENNINGS (from Benduff, Rosscarbery) in Rosscarbery in 1911 (grandson tested with kit#224702)

1.4.7.      Sarah KINGSTON, b.1871, Rearahinagh, d.1872

1.4.8.      John KINGSTON, b.1873, Rearahinagh, farmer, resided in Derryclough/Rearahinagh, d.1932, married Ursula DUKELOW (from Derrycarhoon, Ballydehob) in Ballydehob in 1919

1.5.   Evis (Avesia) KINGSTON, b. Rearahinagh, d.1887, married John GAY (a farmer from Durrus) in Drimoleague in 1854

1.6.   Jane KINGSTON, b.1825, Rearahinagh, married John DUKELOW (a farmer from Durrus) in Drimoleague in 1855


Kit N91340 – Group A

1. James (Jim) KINGSTON, b.c.1809, d.1889, lived Inchinagotagh, Abbeystrewry, Co. Cork, Ireland, farmer, (possibly son of Samuel Kingston of Rearahinagh, kit#224702), married Ann

1.1.   Samuel (Sam) KINGSTON, b.c.1841, d.1913, lived Inchinagotagh, farmer, married Mary Jane SWEETNAM

1.1.1.     Anne KINGSTON, b.1878, Inchinagotagh, d.1906

1.1.2.     James KINGSTON, b.1879, Inchinagotagh, d.1895

1.1.3.     Richard KINGSTON, b.1880, Inchinagotagh, d.1958, lived in Australia before marriage, then lived in Clodagh, Drimoleague, married widow Sarah Ann Ross nee KINGSTON (daughter of John & Sarah Kingston, of Gurteeniher, Drimoleague) (grandson tested with kit#N91340)

1.1.4.     Samuel KINGSTON, b.1882, Inchinagotagh, d.1975, lived in London and Luton, England, fought in WWI, married Eleanor Mary Barbara BEAMISH

1.1.5.     John (Jack) KINGSTON, b.1884, Inchinagotagh, d.1951

1.1.6.     Avesia KINGSTON, b.1886, Inchinagotagh

1.1.7.     Paul KINGSTON, b.1887, Inchinagotagh, d.1976, married Elizabeth Margaret FRENCH

1.1.8.     William (Willie) KINGSTON, b.1891, Inchinagotagh, d.1949, lived Lakelands, Skibbereen, and Carrigbawn, Drinagh, married Margaret BAKER

1.2.   Sampson KINGSTON, b.1844, Inchinagotagh

1.3.   Richard KINGSTON, b.1846, Inchinagotagh

1.4.   John KINGSTON, b.1847, Inchinagotagh, d.1907, lived Lakelands, Skibbereen

1.5.   Richard KINGSTON, b.1849, Inchinagotagh, d.1928, lived Lakelands

1.6.   James KINGSTON, b.1852, Inchinagotagh, d.1928, lived Lakelands, married Catherine CAMIER

1.6.1.     Annie KINGSTON, b.1899, Lakelands, d.1977, lived “The Rock”, Milleenanig, Dunmanway, married George KINGSTON(son of John & Eliza Kingston of Unarth, Clodagh, Drimoleague)

1.6.2.     Mary KINGSTON, b.1901, Lakelands, d.1916

1.6.3.     Eliza Jane KINGSTON, b.1902, Lakelands, d.1974, lived Milane, married Paul KINGSTON (son of John & Eliza Kingston of Unarth, Clodagh, Drimoleague)

1.6.4.     James KINGSTON, b.1904, Lakelands, d.1967, married Grace Margaret TYNER

1.6.5.     John KINGSTON, b.1906, Lakelands, lived Saskatchewan, Canada

1.6.6.     Patience (Susan) KINGSTON, b.1908, Lakelands, d.1917

1.6.7.     Richard KINGSTON, b.1909, Lakelands, d.1990, lived Coolcap, Killeagh, married Kathleen BEAMISH

1.6.8.     Kathleen KINGSTON, b.1912, Lakelands, d.1943

1.7.   Mary KINGSTON, b.1854, Inchinagotagh, d.1907, lived Lakelands, married Henry Hedges O’Donovan BECHER


Kit smgf1 – Group A

1. Paul KINGSTON, b.c.1805, Meenies?, Drimoleague, Co. Cork, Ireland, married Mary KELLY

1.1.   Mary KINGSTON, b 1835, Drimoleague

1.2.   Samuel KINGSTON, b 1836, Drimoleague

1.3.   John KINGSTON, b 1839, Drimoleague, married Julia HOLLERAN

1.3.1.      John KINGSTON, b 1864, Canada, married Katherine A. HOTH    John Charles KINGSTON, b 1886, Cheney, Sedgwick, Kansas, USA, married Elizabeth Caroline MOHL  (grandson tested with kit #smgf1)

1.3.2.      Peter KINGSTON, b 1865, Elma, Erie County, New York State, USA, married May ELLIOTT

1.3.3.      Margaret KINGSTON, b 1867, Elma, NY, married George PERSONS

1.3.4.      Paul Joseph KINGSTON, b 1868, Elma, NY, married Etta (Jeanetta Agnes, Nettie) TACKBARY 

1.3.5.      Mary June KINGSTON, b 1870, Elma, NY, married John GREENAN

1.3.6.      William KINGSTON, b 1872, Elma, NY, married Edith CONLEY

1.3.7.      Samuel KINGSTON, b 1874, Elma, NY, married Kathryn McNERNEY

1.3.8.      Elizabeth KINGSTON, b 1876, Elma, NY, married Edward Thomas CARROLL

1.3.9.      Anna Agatha KINGSTON, b 1878, Elma, NY, married Merle SCHNUR

1.3.10.  Joseph KINGSTON, b 1880, Elma, NY

1.3.11.  Thomas (Ed) KINGSTON, b 1882, Elma, NY, married Jennie Frances DICK

1.3.12.  Teresa Catherine (Kathryn) KINGSTON, b 1885, Elma, NY

1.3.13.  Lucy KINGSTON, b 1889, Elma, NY, married Fred SILK

1.4.   Jane KINGSTON, b 1841, Drimoleague

1.5.   Richard KINGSTON, b 1844, Drimoleague 



Kit 138797 & 138799 – Group B

1. James KINGSTON b c1805 St. Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire, England m Sarah INNISS

1.1.   Joseph KINGSTON b 1837 Danby, Cleveland, Yorkshire, Englandm Elizabeth JORDAN

1.1.1.      George KINGSTON b 1866 Kent, England

1.1.2.      Arthur James KINGSTON b 1868 Charlton Vale, Woolwich, Kent, England m Amy Maria STARK    Marjorie KINGSTON b 1897 Portsmouth,Hampshire, England m Robert Leonard HANCOCK     Arthur John KINGSTON b 1898 Portsmouth, Hampshire, Englandm Doreen Drummond TUNNICLIFFE (son tested with kit #138797)    Constance Amy KINGSTON b 1900 Portsmouth,Hampshire, England m David John HORNE     Donald Philip KINGSTON b 1902 Southsea, Hampshire, Englandm Phillis Irene McDOUGAL (son tested with kit #138799)

1.1.3.      John KINGSTON b 1870 Kent, England

1.1.4.      Frank KINGSTON b 1878 Kent, England

1.1.5.      unknown KINGSTONb?

1.2.   Sarah Jane KINGSTON b 1839 Danby, Cleveland,Yorkshire, England

1.3.   William KINGSTON b 1841 Cleveland, Yorkshire, England

1.4.   Charles Henry KINGSTON b 1855 Thornaby, South Stockton, Durham, England



Kit 145431 & 150315 – Group C

1. Robert KINGSTON,b c1705, Somerset, England m Ann HELLIER

1.1.   William KINGSTON, b 1743, Cameley, Somerset

1.2.   Mary KINGSTON, b 1744, Cameley, Somerset, married Henry JONES

1.3.   William KINGSTON, b 1747, Chew Magna, Somerset, christened in Cameley, married Hester SPEAR

1.3.1.     Samuel KINGSTON, b 1799, Chew Magna, Somerset, married Martha BRANCH    Henry KINGSTON, b 1838, Chew Magna, Somerset, married Hester STEPHENS     Mary Anne KINGSTON, b 1861, Heathcote, Christchurch, New Zealand, married Alfred FARRELL     Samuel Henry KINGSTON, b 1863, Akaroa, New Zealand, married Mary NEWBEGIN     Alfred Edmond KINGSTON, b 1865, Akaroa, New Zealand     Charles KINGSTON, b 1866, Christchurch, New Zealand, married Eliza HARTLEY     Hester KINGSTON, b 1867, Akaroa, Christchurch, New Zealand, married Samuel RADDINGS     Henry KINGSTON, b 1868, Christchurch, New Zealand, married Sarah HARTLEY       Ivan Stanley KINGSTON, b 1894, Christchurch, New Zealand, married Florence WHITELAW       Rhoda May KINGSTON, b 1899, Robinson's Bay, Canterbury, New Zealand, married Ernest EALAM       Robert Leslie KINGSTON, b 1901, Robinson's Bay, Canterbury, New Zealand, married Elizabeth BUNNY       Lawrence Henry KINGSTON, b 1903, Christchurch, New Zealand, married Myrtle Louise KARRS       Myrtle Olive KINGSTON, b 1905, Christchurch, New Zealand, married Frank HARRIS       Clifford Roy KINGSTON, b 1909, Christchurch, New Zealand, married Joan STURROCK (son tested with kit #145431)       and one other born post 1910     Martha Elizabeth KINGSTON, b 1871, Akaroa, New Zealand     George KINGSTON, b 1872, New Zealand, married Louisa BROUCHER     Daniel KINGSTON, b 1873, Christchurch, New Zealand KINGSTON, b 1875, New Zealand William Daniel KINGSTON, b 1877, Akaroa, Christchurch, New Zealand, married Agnes BILLINGS    Hester Amy KINGSTON, b 1842, Chew Magna, Somerset, married Henry YORK

1.3.2.     Daniel KINGSTON, b 1802, Chew Magna, Somerset, married 1. Elizabeth HURLOW (eight children) 2. Sarah SANDERS (one child)    Ann KINGSTON, b 1827, Chew Magna, Somerset    William KINGSTON, b 1829, Chew Magna, Somerset, married Elizabeth ROGERS    George KINGSTON, b 1831, Chew Magna, Somerset, married Martha KINGSTONE    Charles KINGSTON, b 1833, Chew Magna, Somerset, married Louisa BATES     Julia KINGSTON, b 1858, Somerset     Emily KINGSTON, b 1859, Somerset     Elizabeth KINGSTON, b 1863, Somerset     George KINGSTON, b 1864, Chewton Mendip, Somerset, married Emily LEYBOURNE       William KINGSTON b 1893, Bristol, Somerset, married Daisy WAKE       Amy KINGSTON, b 1894, Bristol, Somerset       Charles KINGSTON, b 1896, Bristol, Somerset, married Lilian Martha RICHARDS (son tested with kit #150315)       Gladys KINGSTON, b 1898, Bristol, Somerset, married Fred GOFF       Violet KINGSTON, b 1902, Bristol, Somerset, married John APLIN       Doris KINGSTON, b 1904, Bristol, Somerset       Ivy KINGSTON, b 1907, Bristol, Somerset       Edward KINGSTON, b 1908, Bristol, Somerset       Frank KINGSTON, b 1910, Bristol, Somerset     Agnes KINGSTON, b 1867, Somerset     Clara KINGSTON, b 1869, Somerset     Edwin KINGSTON, b 1871, Somerset    John KINGSTON, b 1835, Chew Magna, Somerset, married Martha    Emma KINGSTON, b 1838, Chew Magna, Somerset    Edwin KINGSTON, b 1838, Chew Magna, Somerset    Edwin KINGSTON, b 1841, Chew Magna, Somerset    Emily KINGSTON b 1852

1.3.3.     George KINGSTON, b 1807, Chew Magna, Somerset

1.4.   Hezekiah KINGSTON, b 1752, Cameley, Somerset, married Hannah PAYNE

1.4.1.     Hezekiah KINGSTON, b 1775, Cameley, Somerset, married Grace PARFITT

1.4.2.     Mary KINGSTON, b 1781, Cameley, Somerset

1.4.3.     Ann KINGSTON, b 1783, Cameley, Somerset

1.4.4.     Joseph KINGSTON, b 1786, Cameley, Somerset

1.5.   Charles KINGSTON, b 1754, Cameley, Somerset, married Rachel SPEARS

1.5.1.     Sarah KINGSTON, b 1796, Chew Magna, Somerset

1.5.2.     John KINGSTON, b 1798, Chew Magna, Somerset, married Elizabeth COLOTIER

1.5.3.     Mary KINGSTON, b 1802, Chew Magna, Somerset, married to BATT

1.5.4.     Elizabeth KINGSTON, b 1809, Chew Magna, Somerset

1.5.5.     Hester KINGSTON, b 1811, Chew Magna, Somerset

1.5.6.     Rachel KINGSTON, b 1814, Chew Magna, Somerset

1.6.   Joseph KINGSTON, b 1760, Cameley, Somerset, married Rachel HORTON

1.6.1.     John KINGSTON, b 1793, Cameley, Somerset, married Hester BENNETT

1.6.2.     Charles KINGSTON, b 1794, Cameley, Somerset, married Maria RUDDOCK

1.6.3.     Mary KINGSTON, b 1796, Cameley, Somerset

1.6.4.     Catherine KINGSTON, b 1797, Cameley, Somerset

1.6.5.     Joseph KINGSTON, b 1800, Cameley, Somerset

1.6.6.     Edward William KINGSTON, b 1803, Cameley, Somerset, married Elizabeth BENNETT

1.6.7.     Robert KINGSTON, b 1805, Cameley, Somerset, married Ann MAGGS

1.6.8.     Ann KINGSTON, b 1809, ?Cameley, Somerset

1.6.9.     Thomas KINGSTON, b 1810, Cameley, Somerset, married Mary

1.6.10. William KINGSTON, b 1816, Cameley, Somerset, married Mary MIDDLETON

1.6.11. Mary KINGSTON, b 1816, Cameley, Somerset

1.7.   Sarah KINGSTON, b 1762, Cameley, Somerset


Kit 209527 – Group C

2. Thomas KINGSTON, b.c.1735, lived Shareshill, Staffordshire, England, married 1. Mary STADEN (3 children) and 2. Ann LAADBATER (no children)

2.1.   Thomas KINGSTON, b.1762, Shareshill, Staffordshire, married Mary?

2.1.1.      Ann KINGSTON, b.1791, Shareshill

2.1.2.      John KINGSTON, b.1793, Shareshill, married Susan KNOWLES    Ann KINGSTON    Sarah KINGSTON    Thomas KINGSTON, b.1829, d.1891    John KINGSTON, b.1838    Samuel KINGSTON, b.1840    Harriot KINGSTON, b.1844, d.1890

2.1.3.      William KINGSTON, b.1795, Shareshill, d.c.1879, Huntington, Staffordshire, married ?Elizabeth STOCKLY    Mary KINGSTON, b.1823    Ellen KINGSTON, b.1827    Ann KINGSTON, b.1830    Martha KINGSTON, b.1839

2.1.4.      Mary KINGSTON, b.1797, Shareshill

2.1.5.      James KINGSTON, b.1799, Shareshill, d.1884, Queen St., Cheslyn Hay, Cannock, Staffordshire, married Clara COTTERILL    William KINGSTON, b.c.1827, Staffordshire    John KINGSTON, b.1828, Wednesfield, Staffordshire, d.1828    Charles KINGSTON, b.c.1831    Henry KINGSTON, b.1833, Shareshill    George KINGSTON, b.1836, Shareshill, d.1921, Cannock Registry District, Staffordshire, married Mary Ann DUCKHOUSE              Sarah A. KINGSTON, b.c.1862, Cannock, Staffordshire              John KINGSTON, b.bef.April 1864, Penkridge, Staffordshire, d.1942, Brewood, Staffordshire, m. Hannah BRAY       John William KINGSTON, b.1884, Hartwell, Barlaston, Staffordshire, d. 1940, Cold Hatton, Shropshire, married Fanny DAVIS (grandson tested with kit#209527)       Mabel A. KINGSTON, b.1886, Barlaston, Staffordshire       Joseph George KINGSTON, b.1887, Brewood, Staffordshire, d.1961, Canada, married Lillian M. WHITEHOUSE       Alice KINGSTON, b.1891, Brewood, Staffordshire, married Frank HORTON       Arthur KINGSTON, b.1895, Brewood, Staffordshire, d.1895, Brewood       Ethel M. KINGSTON, b.1897, Brewood, Staffordshire, married Burt WAKELAM       Alan KINGSTON, b.1901, Brewood, Staffordshire, married Ethel              George KINGSTON, b.c.1868, Willenhall, Staffordshire, married Helen Isabella RAY       May KINGSTON, b.1893, Brewood, Staffordshire       Dorothy Helen KINGSTON, b.1894, Brewood, Staffordshire       Frank KINGSTON, b.c.1897, Stretton, Staffordshire, d.during WWI       Ruby KINGSTON, b.c.1900, Stretton, Staffordshire    Emma KINGSTON, b.1841, Shareshill, married Joseph WHITEHOUSE    Thomas KINGSTON, b.1843, Shareshill    John KINGSTON, b.1846, Shareshill

2.1.6.      Joseph KINGSTON, b.1803, Shareshill

2.1.7.      Jane KINGSTON, b.1807, Shareshill

2.2.   Ann KINGSTON, b.1765, Shareshill

2.3.    Mary KINGSTON, b.1768, Shareshill


Kit 107117 – Ungrouped

1.Walter KINGSTON, b.c.1537, Barnstaple, Devon, England, married Johan PHYLYPTE

1.1.    John KINGSTON, b 1564, Barnstable,Devon, married Philip (sic) SPERKE

1.1.1.      George KINGSTON, b abt1600, Marlborough, Devon, married Agnis CLARKE     Richard KINGSTON, b abt1635, Marlborough,Devon     Charles KINGSTON, b 1646, Marlborough, Devon, married Mary KINGSTON              John KINGSTON, b 1671, Topsham, Devon, married Mary PAUL       Simon KINGSTON, b abt1710, Topsham, Devon, married Mary CEELY     Nicholas KINGSTON, b 1747, Topsham, Devon     Anne KINGSTON, b 1750, Topsham, Devon     Simon KINGSTON, b. abt1753, Topsham, Devon, married Sarah BEASLEY    John S. KINGSTON, b 1793, Philadelphia, PA, USA    Stephen Beasley KINGSTON Sr, b 1802, Philadelphia, married Susan TAGGART   John KINGSTON, b 1824, Philadelphia   Stephen Beasley KINGSTON Jr, b 1826, Philadelphia, married Julia Elizabeth ELLIOT

              Henry Houston KINGSTON Sr, b 1854, Philadelphia, married

                                                      Fannie Allan HUNTER

                  Henry Houston KINGSTON Jr, b 1876, Philadelphia, married 

                                                             Jane Lord PARSONS (grandson tested with kit #107117)     John KINGSTON, b 1759, Topsham, Devon              Charles KINGSTON, b 1673, Topsham, Devon              Elizabeth KINGSTON, b 1675, Topsham, Devon              Mary KINGSTON, b 1676, Topsham, Devon              Nicholas KINGSTON, b 1677, Topsham, Devon              Mary KINGSTON, b 1680, Topsham, Devon              George KINGSTON, b 1683, Topsham, Devon              Elizabeth KINGSTON, b 1688, Topsham, Devon

1.2.    Richard KINGSTON, b abt1567, Barnstable,Devon


Kit 255846 – Ungrouped

1. John KINGSTON, b.c.1750, lived Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, England, labourer, d.1837, Hurstbourne Tarrant, married Jane

1.1.    Mary Ann KINGSTON, b.1783

1.2.    Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1785, she is probably the Elizabeth KINGSTON who married Robert PAIN in Hurstbourne Tarrant in 1812

1.3.     Susannah KINGSTON, b.1786

1.4.    John KINGSTON, b.1788, Hurstbourne Tarrant, married Sarah COOPER in 1823, having already had five children by a wife named Sarah, therefore possibly married twice (both wives named Sarah), d.1836, Hurstbourne Tarrant

1.4.1.      William KINGSTON, b.1813, Hurstbourne Tarrant

1.4.2.      Mary Anne KINGSTON, b.1815, Hurstbourne Tarrant

1.4.3.      Lucy KINGSTON, b.1818, Hurstbourne Tarrant

1.4.4.      Jane KINGSTON, b.1819, Hurstbourne Tarrant

1.4.5.      Maria KINGSTON, b.1821, Hurstbourne Tarrant

1.4.6.      Charles KINGSTON, b.1823 (or’24), Hurstbourne Tarrant, agricultural labourer in Hurstbourne Tarrant, emigrated from London to New York on ship Savannah in July 1851 with wife and three eldest sons, settling quickly in Michigan where he became an influential figure in the copper mining industry at Central Mine, also farmer, d.1892, Sherman, Keweenaw Co., Michigan, married to Hannah WHITE in Hurstbourne Tarrant in 1846     John William KINGSTON, b.1846, Hurstbourne Tarrant, emigrated to Michigan with his parents, married Margaret Ann KUNZ in Eagle Harbor, Michigan in 1883 and had four children, but only Carl John survived. Margaret Ann KUNZ died in 1890. John W. remarried Lucy YENDOW in 1891 and had eight further children              Carl John KINGSTON, b.1884, Sherman, Keweenaw Co., Michigan, engineer, settled in Chile, South America in 1920s, d.1963, Connecticut, USA, married Caroline Gertrude LOS KAMP in Cerro de Pasco, Peru in 1912 (grandson tested with kit #255846)              Samuel Otto KINGSTON, b.1885, Sherman, Michigan, d. 1886, Sherman              Ira KINGSTON, (male) b.1887,  Michigan, d.1888, Sherman, Michigan              Margaret Ada KINGSTON, b.1889, Michigan, d. 1890, Sherman, Michigan              James KINGSTON, b.c.1891, d.1959              Mary Irene KINGSTON, b.1894              Merle KINGSTON, b.1895, d.1986              Goode KINGSTON, b.1896, d.1983              Bertha KINGSTON, b.1898, d.1987          William F. KINGSTON, b.c.1901          Harold KINGSTON, b.1904, d.1976          Helen KINGSTON, b.c.1909     James Lawrence KINGSTON, b.1848, Hurstbourne Tarrant, emigrated to Michigan with his parents, labourer, d.1883, Sherman, Keweenaw Co., Michigan, married Ellen Jane              Seth Homer KINGSTON, b.1882, Sherman, Keweenaw Co., Michigan, d.1883     Daniel M. KINGSTON, b.1850, Hurstbourne Tarrant, emigrated to Michigan with parents, relocated to Carlos, Douglas Co., Minnesota in 1879, farmer, d.1908 (some sources say d.1892), married Mary Jane (Jennie) WHITE in 1874              Ralph KINGSTON, b.1875, Sherman, Keweenaw Co., Michigan, d.1875, Sherman              Cora KINGSTON, b.1877, Michigan, d.1943              Florence KINGSTON, (female) b.1878, Michigan, d.1950              Hartford KINGSTON, (male) b.1880, Minnesota, d.1896              Daniel KINGSTON              Sarah Jane KINGSTON, b.1883, d.1949              James KINGSTON, b.1884, d.1949              William KINGSTON, b.1886, d.1960              Harriet KINGSTON, b.1888, d.1976          Mabel KINGSTON, b.1890, d.1890          John KINGSTON, (twin of Fred), b.1891, d.1891          Fred KINGSTON, (twin of John), b.1891, d.1891     Charles KINGSTON, b.1853, Michigan, butcher, d.1901, Laurium, Houghton Co., Michigan, unmarried     David KINGSTON, b.1858, Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw, Michigan, d.1928, married 1. Jane Isabella (Bella) BARR in 1883 and they had eight children between 1884-1893, married 2. Jolie in c.1900 no children, married 3. Jennet (Jenny) McCALLUM and they had five children              Jane Isabelle KINGSTON, b.1884, d.1884, Michigan              Cora Belle KINGSTON, b.1885, d.1955              Viola KINGSTON, b.1886, d.1976              Harrison KINGSTON, b.1888, d.1925              Gladys KINGSTON, b.1891, d.1962              Washington KINGSTON, b.1891, Michigan, d.1892, Eagle Harbor, Michigan              Clyde KINGSTON, b.1892, d.1892              Jean Isabelle KINGSTON, b.1893, d.1975              Lenore Ethel KINGSTON, b.1906, d.2008          David KINGSTON, b.1907, d.1908          Marguerite Leone KINGSTON, b.1909, d.1998          Dorothy KINGSTON, b.1911, d.2007          Faye KINGSTON, b.1917, d.2012     Mary A. KINGSTON, b.1857, Michigan, married Dominick BROWN in 1878     Harriet KINGSTON, b.1859, Michigan, d.1949     Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1861, Michigan, d.1945     Sarah J. KINGSTON, b.1863, Michigan, d.1945  Susanah KINGSTON, b.1864, Michigan, d.1864, Michigan  William H. KINGSTON, b.1865, Michigan, d.1898  Susan KINGSTON, b.1867, Michigan, d.1944  Cora L. KINGSTON, b.1871, Michigan, USA, d.c.1938  Sam KINGSTON, b.1873, Michigan, USA

1.4.7.      George KINGSTON, b.1826, Hurstbourne Tarrant

1.4.8.      Daniel KINGSTON, b.1830, Hurstbourne Tarrant

1.5.    Maria KINGSTON, b.1793, Hurstbourne Tarrant, d.1871, St Mary Bourne, Hampshire, married firstly John TRAYHORN (in St Mary Bourne in 1825) and married secondly Elisha GOODYEAR (in St Mary Bourne in 1848)

1.6.    William KINGSTON, b.1795

1.7.    Elijah KINGSTON, b.1797, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, agricultural labourer, married Ann ORAM (from Pewsey, Wiltshire) in Andover, Hampshire in 1824

1.7.1.      Thomas KINGSTON, b.1825, Vernham Dean, Hampshire

1.7.2.      George KINGSTON, b.1828, Vernham Dean, Hampshire, England, d.1892, married Jane Few from Ely, Cambridgeshire, England     Mary KINGSTON, b.1853     Sarah KINGSTON, b.1855     William KINGSTON, b.1857     Susan Ann KINGSTON, b.1860     Frederick KINGSTON, b.1862     Frank KINGSTON     Charles KINGSTON, b.1875, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England, d.1967, Rugby, married Alice Mary BAYES              Edith Maud KINGSTON, b.1904, Wellingborough, d.1984, married Wilfred Cecil TAYLOR

1.7.3.      Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1830, Vernham Dean, Hampshire

1.7.4.      Sarah KINGSTON, b.1836, Vernham Dean

1.7.5.      Sarah KINGSTON, b.1839, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire

1.7.6.      John KINGSTON, b.1841, Vernham Dean, Hampshire

1.7.7.      Elizabeth Ann (Ann) KINGSTON, b.1843, Vernham Dean

1.7.8.      Hannah KINGSTON, b.1847, Vernham Dean

1.8.    Sarah KINGSTON, b.1799

1.9.    Richard KINGSTON, b.1805


Kit 256327 – Ungrouped

1. Edward KINGSTON, b.c.1530, Elton, Huntingdonshire, England, d.1606, married Agnes (from Elton)

1.1.    William KINGSTON, b.1556, Elton, d.1624, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire

1.2.    Margaret KINGSTON, b.c.1558, Elton

1.3.    Robert KINGSTON, b.c.1560, Elton

1.4.    Richard KINGSTON, b.1561, Elton, d.1625, Elton, married Alice (from Elton) in Elton in 1582

1.4.1.      Ann KINGSTON, b.1583 (twin of William), Elton

1.4.2.      William KINGSTON, b.1583 (twin of Ann), Elton

1.4.3.      Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1587, Elton

1.4.4.      Edward KINGSTON, b.1590, Elton, married Elizabeth SMITH (from Elton) in Elton in 1615     William KINGSTON, b.1616, Elton, d.1657, Elton, married Susanna (from Elton)              Susanna KINGSTON, b.1644, Elton              Sarah KINGSTON, b.1646, Elton              William KINGSTON, b.1648, Elton, d.1657              Henry KINGSTON, b.1651, Elton, d.1726, Elton, married Elizabeth HENSEN (from Elton) in Elton in 1674       Henry KINGSTON, b.1676, Elton, d.1682, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire       Thomas KINGSTON, b.1677, Elton, d.1723, Peterborough, Northamptonshire, married Mary DYE (from Corby, Northamptonshire) in Elton in 1704     Edward KINGSTON, b.1706 (twin of Mary), Longthorpe, Huntingdonshire, married Frances (from Longthorpe)    Thomas KINGSTON, b.1736, Longthorpe, married Mary ADKINS (from Paston, Northamptonshire) in Ashton, Northamptonshire in 1764   Edward KINGSTON, b.1786, Longthorpe, married Mary CARNELLEY (from Castor) in Castor, Peterborough, Northamptonshire in 1812*    Ann KINGSTON, b.1738, Longthorpe, married James CULPIN in Elton in 1761    Edward KINGSTON, b.1740, Longthorpe    Mary KINGSTON, b.1741, Longthorpe    John KINGSTON, b.1747, Longthorpe    Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1748, Longthorpe    Frances KINGSTON, b.1751, Longthorpe, married Andrew RIDDLINGTON in Peterborough, Northamptonshire in 1773    Susanna KINGSTON, b.1754, Longthorpe, married Joseph REED in Glinton, Northampton in 1775    John KINGSTON, b.1758, Longthorpe, married 1. Sarah (from Longthorpe) and they had three sons, and 2. Unknown and they had one further son   Thomas KINGSTON, b.1798, Thorp, Northamptonshire, d. March 1828, married Ann SPEECHLEY (from Peterborough) in Peterborough in 1817 (great great great grandson tested with kit#256327)*   John KINGSTON, b.1800, Thorp   Joseph KINGSTON, b.1802, Thorp   John KINGSTON, b.1813, Thorp, d.1883, Wortley, Yorkshire, England, married Sarah TEASDALE (from Wortley-by-Penstone, Yorkshire) in Tankersley, Yorkshire in 1836*     Mary KINGSTON, b.1706 (twin of William), Longthorpe, Huntingdonshire, d. in infancy       Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1678, Elton       Anne KINGSTON, b.1682, Elton, d.1683, Elton       Anne KINGSTON, b.1684, Elton, d.1684, Elton              Anthony KINGSTON, b.1653, Elton              Thomasin KINGSTON, female, b.1656, Elton, d.1669     Henry KINGSTON, b.1622, Elton     Anne KINGSTON, b.1624, Elton     Edward KINGSTON, b.1627, Elton, d.1629, Elton     John KINGSTON, b.1630, Elton

1.4.5.      Margaret KINGSTON, b.1593, Elton, d.1595

1.4.6.      Margaret KINGSTON, b.1601, Elton, married James HAMILTON

1.5.    Henry KINGSTON, b.1563, Elton

1.6.    Thomas KINGSTON, b.1565, Elton, married Alse SARGEANTE

1.7.    John KINGSTON, b.1567, Elton

1.8.    Ellyn KINGSTON, b.1569, Elton

1.9.    Anthony KINGSTON, b.1570, Elton


Kit 262270 – Results awaited

1. Samuel KINGSTON, b.c.1797, resided in Meenies, Drimoleague, Co. Cork, Ireland, farmer, (son of Paul KINGSTON, who, in turn, was reputed son of Samuel KINGSTON), d.1847, married Mary KINGSTON (b.1802 in Meenies, daughter of Samuel KINGSTON, who, in turn, was son of Thomas KINGSTON) in Drimoleague in 1824

1.1.    Paul KINGSTON, b.1824, Meenies, farmer, resided in Meenies, d.1894, married Catherine (Kitty) BEAMISH in Drinagh in 1860

1.1.1.      Samuel KINGSTON, b.1861, Meenies, claimed to be Sam-Paul-Sam-Paul-Sam, farmer in Greenmount, Meenies, d.1945, married Mary Anne DRAPER in 1891     Paul KINGSTON, b.1892, farmer in Greenmount, Meenies, married Alice Jane JENNINGS in c.1943     Catherine (Kate) KINGSTON, b.1893, resided in The Rock, Drimoleague, d.1974, married Samuel ROSS (a farmer) in 1920     Martha (Mattie) Jane KINGSTON, b.1895, resided in Ballybawn, Ballydehob, d.1973, married James SWANTON (a farmer) in 1926     Mary (Minnie) Anne KINGSTON, b.1897, resided in Cruttees, Durrus, married Michael SWANTON (a farmer) in 1940     John KINGSTON (twin of Samuel), b.1901, veterinary surgeon, resided in India and in Poole, Dorset, England, married Christabel Mary USHER     Samuel KINGSTON (twin of John), b.1901, d.1906

1.1.2.      Abraham KINGSTON, b.1863, Meenies, farmer in Model Farm, Meenies, d.1955, married Sarah Jane LEVIS in 1898     Paul KINGSTON, b.1899, Awarded O.B.E., Methodist Minister in East Nigeria, translated Bible into Ogoni, d.1985, Drimoleague, married Beatrice May LAMBERT in Drimoleague in 1928     Catherine (Katie) KINGSTON, b.1900, resided in Kilronan, Dunmanway, d.1976, married George KINGSTON (a farmer)  in 1927     William KINGSTON, b.1902, farmer, resided in Summerhill, Courtmacsherry, d.1978, married Elizabeth (Elsie) Caroline MORGAN in 1935     Sarah (Sadie) KINGSTON, b.1904, resided in Little Island, Cork, d.1981, married Robert John VICKERY (a farmer) in 1938     Abraham (Abie) KINGSTON, b.1907, farmer in Model Farm, Meenies, d.1984, married Sadie Jane SWEETNAM in 1945     Mary KINGSTON, b.1908, missionary teacher in Nigeria, resided in Belfast, d.1981, married Robert Ernest KER in 1941     Rebecca (Beckie) KINGSTON, b.1910, civil servant, resided in London and Belfast, d.1988     Diana KINGSTON, b.1914, civil servant, resided in London, d.1945

1.1.3.      Mary KINGSTON, b.1866, Meenies, resided in Gurteeniher North/Leitry, Drimoleague, d.1907, married John KINGSTON (a farmer) in 1888

1.1.4.      John KINGSTON, b.1869, head constable RIC A specials, resided in Tullamore and Enniskillen, d.1925, married Sarah DUKELOW in 1907     Kathleen KINGSTON, b.1908, civil servant, resided in Belfast, d.1976     Mary (May) Margaret KINGSTON, b.1909, civil servant, resided in Belfast, d.1984     Sarah (Sadie) Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1917, civil servant, resided in St Andrews, married Ernest (Paddy) BEST

1.1.5.      Rebecca (Beckie) KINGSTON, b.1872, Meenies, resided in Gurteeniher West/Hawthorn, Drimoleague, d.1953, married Samuel KINGSTON (a farmer)  in 1893

1.1.6.      Margaret KINGSTON, b.1877, Meenies, resided in Coomhola, Bantry, married Robert LEVIS (a farmer) in 1898

1.1.7.      William KINGSTON, b.1881, Meenies, Royal Irish Constabulary, resided in Waterford, Clonmel, and Dublin, married Elizabeth LEONARD in 1910

1.2.    Samuel KINGSTON, b.1826, Meenies

1.3.    John KINGSTON, b.1827, Meenies, baptised Church of Ireland but converted to Roman Catholicism before marriage, farmer, resided in Deelish, Drimoleague, emigrated with wife and children to North Wales in late 1870s, d.1881, Cefndy Road, Rhyl, Wales, married Mary REGAN (from Drimoleague) in Drimoleague in 1852

1.3.1.      Samuel KINGSTON, b.1853, Drimoleague, was working as a steel worker in 1901 in Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire, Wales, widowed in 1892, d.1907 (drowned), Ebbw Vale, married Bridget WELSH (from Waterford, Ireland) in Ebbw Vale in 1881     John KINGSTON, b.1881, Newtown, Ebbw Vale, worked in Waunlwyd Colliery, Ebbw Vale, d.1961, Newtown, Ebbw Vale, married Elizabeth Ann McDONNELL (or McDONALD, from Ebbw Vale) in Ebbw Vale in 1905              John KINGSTON, b.1905, Newtown, Ebbw Vale, d.1977, Leicester, England, married              Mary Bridget KINGSTON, b.1906, Newtown, Ebbw Vale, d.1906, Newtown              Thomasina KINGSTON, b.1907, Newtown, Ebbw Vale, d.1983, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales, married Robert Caswallon GRIFFITHS (from Penrhiwceiber, Wales) in Ebbw Vale in 1932              Margaret KINGSTON, b.1910, Newtown, Ebbw Vale, d. London, England, married Patrick GRUGAN              Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1912, Ebbw Vale, d.1912, Ebbw Vale              Catherine KINGSTON, b.1913, Newtown, Ebbw Vale, d.1988, London, England, married 1. Edward BUTLER in London in 1935 and 2. Thomas FORAN in London in 1948              Mary Cecilia KINGSTON, b.1915, Newtown, Ebbw Vale, d.1970, Hendon, London, England, married 1. Raymond M. BRAUND in London in 1935 and 2. Edward Anthony BUCCI (from London) in London in 1941              Samuel KINGSTON, b.1919, Newtown, Ebbw Vale, married Joan GRIDLEY in 1952     Mary A. KINGSTON, b.1883, Moss Bay, Cumberland, England, married John MORGAN in Ebbw Vale in 1905?     Thomas KINGSTON, b.c.1885, Cardiff, Wales     Rachel KINGSTON, b.c.1887, Cardiff, Wales     Thomasina KINGSTON, b.1887, Cardiff, Wales, d.1905     Bridget KINGSTON, b.1888, Cardiff, Wales, d.1969, Ebbw Vale, married Thomas GHEE (from Ireland)  in Ebbw Vale in 1907     Rick KINGSTON, b.1890, Cardiff, Wales, d.1964, Newtown, Ebbw Vale

1.3.2.      Mary Ann KINGSTON, b.1855, Drimoleague, she was a servant in Rhyl in 1881 census, d.1901, married Simon McMANUS in Rhyl, North Wales in 1886

1.3.3.      Paul KINGSTON, b.1857, Drimoleague, d. in infancy

1.3.4.      William KINGSTON, b.1858, Drimoleague, in 1891 he was working as a labourer in Cardiff, Wales, d.1909, Cardiff, married Catherine DONOVAN in Cardiff in 1881     John KINGSTON, b.1882, Cardiff, d.1954     Mary KINGSTON, b.1883, d.1934, married William KELLEHER in Cardiff in 1906     Rebecca KINGSTON, b.1884, Cardiff, d.1885, Cardiff     Catherine KINGSTON, b.1885, Cardiff, d.1972, married David MULLINS in Cardiff in 1920     William KINGSTON, b.1886, Cardiff, d.1904, Cardiff     Margaret KINGSTON, b.1888, Cardiff, d.1934     Paul KINGSTON, b.1889, Cardiff, d.1940, married Cecelia COLLINS in Treorchy, Wales in 1922     Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1891, Cardiff, married James McCARTHY in Cardiff in 1921     Janie KINGSTON, b.1892, Cardiff, d.1893  Thomas KINGSTON, b.1893, Cardiff, d.1893  Julia KINGSTON, b.1894, Cardiff, d.1977  Richard KINGSTON, b.1895, Cardiff, d.1896  Ellen KINGSTON, b.1897, Cardiff, d.1953  Daniel KINGSTON, b.1899, Cardiff, d.1937, married Eva DAVIES in Cardiff in 1925

1.3.5.      John KINGSTON, b.1861, Drimoleague, was living in Cefndy, Rhyl, North Wales in 1881, d.1932 in Drimoleague

1.3.6.      Thomasina KINGSTON, b.1863, Drimoleague, was living in Rhyl, North Wales in 1881, married Binnel

1.3.7.      Thomas KINGSTON, b.1866, Drimoleague, was living in Cefndy, Rhyl, North Wales in 1881, Sergeant in 2nd battalion of Royal Irish Fusiliers, d.1900 two days after being wounded in Boer War at Reit Vlei, South Africa

1.3.8.      Richard KINGSTON, b.1868, Drimoleague, was living in Cefndy, Rhyl, North Wales in 1881, joined army and died young

1.3.9.      Rebecca KINGSTON, b.1873, Drimoleague, was living in Cefndy, Rhyl, North Wales in 1881, d.1938, married Francis McMANUS in Rhyl in 1892

1.3.10.  Daniel KINGSTON, b.1876, Deelis, Drimoleague, d.1943, Rhyl, North Wales, married Mary NAISMITH in Rhyl in 1903  Jessie KINGSTON, b.1905, Rhyl, North Wales, d.1978, Rhyl  Mary KINGSTON, b.1906, Rhyl, married F.T.L. POOLE in Rhyl in 1937  Thomas KINGSTON, b.1907, Rhyl, married Sarah E. DUNN in Rhyl in 1948  James KINGSTON, b.1909, Rhyl, married Margaret POLIN in Conwy, Wales in 1937  Ann KINGSTON, b.1912, Rhyl, married Ralph SELWOOD in Rhyl in 1936  Norah KINGSTON, b.1917, Rhyl, married C.B.J. TIPPING in Rhyl in 1948

1.4.    William KINGSTON, b.1830, Meenies, married Catherine KINGSTON (of Meenies East b.1842, daughter of Sam Kingston (b.1803) and Mary Kingston, see kit#219122) in 1865

1.4.1.      Samuel KINGSTON, b.1865, resided in Butlersgift, Drimoleague, married Abigail FORBES (Kingston?) in 1890     William KINGSTON, known as “Bill the Shoemaker” or “Bill the Bellringer”, resided in Drimoleague, married Anne EVANS     Catherine KINGSTON, married James TYNER in 1915     George KINGSTON, unmarried     Eliza KINGSTON, married John NEWMAN (Scart) in 1923     Abigail KINGSTON, married SALTER (Rea)     Samuel KINGSTON, resided in Butlersgift, Drimoleague, married Mary Jane KINGSTON in 1941     Frances Jane KINGSTON, married Timothy DONOGHUE

1.4.2.      Paul KINGSTON, resided in Bantry, Co. Cork, married Kate KINGSTON in c.1894     Kate KINGSTON     William KINGSTON, Royal Irish Constabulary, resided in Enniskillen and Portrush, married Elizabeth BECKETT ?     Mary KINGSTON, d. aged 5 months     Edward KINGSTON, resided in Enniskillen, married Susan TANNER

1.4.3.      John KINGSTON, resided in Meenies Upper, this branch of the family was known as “The Jack John Willies”, married Annie KINGSTON in 1897     Kathleen KINGSTON, married George KINGSTON (b.1895, from Trallybawn) in 1937     Anne KINGSTON, d. aged 3 years     William KINGSTON     Mary KINGSTON, married John PATTERSON in 1942     John Joseph KINGSTON, resided in Meenies Upper and Dunmanway, married Sarah KINGSTON     Susanna Jane KINGSTON, d. aged 5 weeks

1.4.4.      Thomas KINGSTON, b.c.1872, resided in Curryclough, Kilbrogan, Bandon, Co. Cork, gardener and domestic servant, married Catherine FORDE in 1898     Cecily Katherine KINGSTON, b.1898     William James KINGSTON, b.1899     Mary KINGSTON, b.1901     Frances KINGSTON, b.1902     Rebecca KINGSTON, b.1904     Thomas KINGSTON, b.1906     George KINGSTON, b.1907     Isabella KINGSTON, b.1910

1.4.5.      Richard KINGSTON, d. aged 3 years

1.4.6.      William KINGSTON, resided in Bandon, Co. Cork and Kent, England, married

1.4.7.      George KINGSTON, resided in Kinsale, Co. Cork, married Mary Ann FORBES in 1913

1.4.8.      James KINGSTON, resided in Dunmanway, Co. Cork, married WOLFE

1.5.    Rebecca KINGSTON, b.1832, Meenies, resided in Drinagh, married James ELLIS in 1861

1.6.    Richard KINGSTON, b.1834, Meenies

1.7.    Mary KINGSTON, b.1835, Meenies, resided in Aghadown, married John EVANS in 1863

1.8.    Elizabeth KINGSTON, b.1837, Meenies

1.9.    Thomasina KINGSTON, b.1840, Meenies, d.1846, Drimoleague

1.10.Catherine KINGSTON, b.1843, Meenies

1.11.Thomas KINGSTON, b.1846, Meenies, resided in Deelish and Caheragh, married Elizabeth TYNER in 1897

1.11.1.  Anne (Annie) KINGSTON, resided in Curraghcloy?, married John COTTER

1.11.2.  Richard KINGSTON, resided in Caheragh, unmarried

1.11.3.  Mary KINGSTON, resided in Durrus, married DUKELOW

1.11.4.  Thomas KINGSTON, died age 1 year

1.11.5.  James KINGSTON, resided in Caheragh, unmarried


Kit 262430 – Results awaited

1. John KINGSTON, b.c.1815, probably born in Bohonagh, Rosscarbery, later resided in Ardagh East, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork, Ireland, (son of John KINGSTON), farmer, (according to family tradition he was brother of James KINGSTON b.c.1820 of Bohonagh, see kit#210692), d.1906, married Margaret ROSS (b.c.1814, d.1902, from Dunmanway, daughter of George ROSS) in Dunmanway in 1849

1.1.    Mary Ann KINGSTON, b.1851, Ardagh East, married 1. Charles BATEMAN (widower, farmer, from Woodfield, son of Charles BATEMAN) in Castleventry (near Rosscarbery) in 1872, married 2. John BEAMISH (farmer, from Briar Hill, Kilnagross, son of Samuel Beamish) in Castleventry in 1881

1.2.    Ellen KINGSTON, b.1853, Ardagh East, emigrated to USA, married Nathaniel KINGSTON (from Knockbuy, Drimoleague, Co. Cork, son of Samuel KINGSTON) in Rosscarbery in 1877

1.3.    John KINGSTON, b.1855, Ardagh East, resided in Ardagh East, farmer, d.1928, married Susanna DEANE (daughter of Thomas DEANE of Barleyhill and first cousin of Thomas John DEANE of Burgatia House) in 1884

1.3.1.      James KINGSTON, b.1885, Ardagh East, d.1958, married Margaret JENNINGS (from Coolcrahene, Castleventry, daughter of John JENNINGS a farmer) in Castleventry in 1920 (grandson tested with kit#262430)

1.3.2.      Margaret KINGSTON, b.1886, Ardagh East

1.3.3.      Mary Anne KINGSTON, b.1888, Ardagh East, married Charles O’HARA (farmer, from Currabue, Drinagh, son of John O’HARA) in Rosscarbery in 1922

1.3.4.      John KINGSTON, b.1889, Ardagh East

1.3.5.      Ellen KINGSTON, b.1890, Ardagh East

1.3.6.      Thomas KINGSTON, b.1892, Ardagh East, d.1917

1.3.7.      Susanna KINGSTON, b.1893, Ardagh East, married Samuel John WILSON (farmer, from Derry, Rosscarbery, son of George WILSON) in Rosscarbery in 1921

1.3.8.      Eliza KINGSTON, b.1894, Ardagh East, d. in infancy?

1.3.9.      Frances (Fanny) KINGSTON, b.1895, Ardagh East

1.3.10.  Eliza Anne KINGSTON, b.1896, Ardagh East, d. in infancy?

1.3.11.  Sarah Jane KINGSTON, b.c.1897, Ardagh East, married George Allen WILSON (farmer, from Derry, Rosscarbery, son of George WILSON a farmer) in Rosscarbery in 1919

1.3.12.  William KINGSTON, b.1900, Ardagh East

1.4.    James KINGSTON, b.1858, Ardagh East


Need male participant – Untested#1

1. John KINGSTON, b. ?London, England, married (in Cork, Ireland) to Sarah BIRCH. She, and many of their children, emigrated to Australiain 1857.

1.1.   Thomas KINGSTON, b c1824, ?London, England

1.2.   John KINGSTON, b c1827, ?London

1.3.   Mary Ann KINGSTON, b c1830, ?London

1.4.   Jane Amelia KINGSTON, b c1832, ?London, married ?MAFERS

1.5.   William KINGSTON, b c1835, ?London

1.6.   Robert KINGSTON, b c1838, ?London

1.7.   Edward KINGSTON, b c1841, London, married Sarah Margaret PAGE

1.7.1.      Sarah Olive KINGSTON, b 1877, Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, married Albert Thomas CLARK 

1.7.2.      Edward Birch KINGSTON, b 1879, Collingwood, Melbourne, married Lillian Louise BARNFIELD  

1.7.3.      Thomas Lambard KINGSTON, b 1881, Collingwood, Melbourne

1.7.4.      Ruby Marian KINGSTON, b 1883, Collingwood, Melbourne, married 1. James Rollo THOMSON and 2. Phillip Leisler HUGGINS 

1.7.5.      Eleanor May (Lena) KINGSTON, b 1886, Collingwood, Melbourne

1.8.   Sarah KINGSTON, b c1844, London, married John DERNELLEY (or DURNLEY) 

1.9.   Margaret KINGSTON, b c1848, London, married Thomas BARNFIELD


Need male participant – Untested#2

1. Unknown KINGSTON b.c.1770-1780

1.1.   Samuel KINGSTON b.c.1807, Drimoleague, Ireland, d. before 1886, married Margaret SULLIVAN in 1826 (that Samuel and Ellen were siblings is based on information in an old letter written by a Vermont Kingston)

1.1.1.      Mary KINGSTON b.1827, Seehanes, Drimoleague, married John KINGSTON in 1856

1.1.2.      Ellen KINGSTON b.1829, Deelish, Drimoleague, married John RICHARDSON in 1854

1.1.3.      Thomas KINGSTON b.1832, Deelish, Drimoleague

1.1.4.      William KINGSTON b. 1836, Deelish, Drimoleague, emigrated to Vermont, USA, married 1st Ellen and married 2nd Annie KINGSTON (b.1866, Touraheen, Drimoleague - see pedigree for kit#99618) in 1886 in Ireland and brought her back to USA

1.1.5.      Daniel KINGSTON b. 1839, Deelish, Drimoleague, married Johanna CREAN in 1867

1.1.6.      Sam KINGSTONb. 1841, Deelish, Drimoleague

1.1.7.      Jane KINGSTONb. 1844, Deelish, Drimoleague

1.2.   Ellen KINGSTON b.c.1811, Drimoleague, married Jeremiah DALY in 1829 (that Ellen and Samuel were siblings is based on information in an old letter written by a Vermont Kingston)

1.3.   Paul KINGSTON b.c.1800-1810 (that Paul is a sibling of Samuel and Ellen is based on family tradition, but without documentary evidence)

1.3.1.      Mary KINGSTON b.c.1830-33, married 2ndMaurice Mahony in 1870 (both were widowed, she was living in Sunville/Shronacarton and he was living in Leitra, both in Drimoleague)