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Mission Statement

The Kenyon Project aims to advance the understanding of Kenyon ancestry by combining documented lineage with genetic advancements through DNA testing.


  1. Identify specific American Kenyon lines (refer to background page)
  2. Identify specific English Kenyon lines
  3. Identify common ancestors between English and American lines
  4. Assist members in making matches to their lines
  5. Identify potential prospects for future testing
  6. Provide periodic updates and progress reports to members
  7. Increase membership numbers (to 40 within two years, with a target of 100 members)



1.  Specific individual American lines of the immigrant John Kenyon (ID = 1). Source for these lines comes from American Kenyons, by Howard N. Kenyon, published 1935* 

2.     Descendants of American immigrant James Kenyon (ID=2), born 1657, Glodwich, Lancashire, England with solid documentation. Source for this line comes from American Kenyons.

3.      Locate and compare Illinois, North Carolina, and Missouri lines (K-line, T-line, Roger Kenyon, etc.)

4.  Locate, identify, and document subsequent Kenyon immigrants, arriving after John and James, and possible prior immigrants, those arriving prior to John and James.


1.      Kenyon lines in England today

2.      Descendants of Lord Lloyd Kenyon

3.      Descendants of Jorden de Kenyon

4.  Descendants of the 17th century Lord Roger Kenyon of Peel Hall

* The book American Kenyons, by Howard N. Kenyon is available for free through Heritage Quest. You can get a code, if your public library carries it. It is also available on Reprints may also be purchased online at Higginson Book Company (

Last updated: 9 April 2014