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Kenion, Kenyon, Kenyoun, Kinion, Kinyon, Kinyoun, Kynion


The Kenyon Project is dedicated to helping everyone with known or suspected Kenyon paternal lineage identify and confirm lineage, breakthrough brick walls, and make the jump over the pond through the use of Y-DNA testing. 

Y-DNA is the gold standard of genetic genealogical testing today.

We welcome you to look through our pages. DNA holds the promise of taking genealogical research to a whole new level in the coming decade. We make every attempt to remain at the forefront of this exciting era and hope you will join us in experiencing this leap firsthand.

If you have any questions, you can contact either Richard or Marilyn, whose emails are listed below.

Administrator Bios:

Richard Reid Kenyon, PhD is the founding administrator of the Kenyon Project. He is a member of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG). He is a preeminent researcher of Kenyons in America and more recently England. His accomplishments include the compilation and transcribing of early Kenyons listed in the earlier United States Federal Census Records throughout the United States, compilation of descendant lists for numerous Kenyon lines, and the compilation of The Author’s Supplement, a copy of the rough draft left by General Howard N. Kenyon at the time of his death. Dr. Kenyon has been an attendee of the WDYTYA (Who Do You Think You Are) Convention in England and regularly networks with people involved in Kenyon research in England. His lineage descends from Thomas Barber Kenyon, born 1780, going back to the early immigrant John Kenyon.

His email is:

Marilyn A. Kenyon, PsyD. is co-administrator of the Kenyon Project. She is a member of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) and Gold Trail Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). She has been involved in Kenyon research for the past six years, with attention to male Kenyons who migrated to New York State between 1790 and 1850. She recently compiled a first draft of her research. She used her uncle, James Russell Kenyon, as testee for the Y-DNA submission of her Kenyon line. Her lineage hit a brick wall at Lyman Kenyon, born circa 1814, New York. Through the use of Y-DNA testing she has been able identify a close match to a Kenyon and rule-out other Kenyon lines. She understands the frustrations of others who have also hit brick walls.

Her email is:

American Kenyon lines identified to date:

The major ones are listed below, starting with an ID, then name, birth date and place, and number of known descendants.

1 John Kenyon, b. 1655, Oldham, Lancs, Eng, 17,478
2 James Kenyon, b. 1657, Glodwich, Lancs, Eng, 955
A John Kenyon, abt. 1782, Holmsfirth, Yorks, Eng 148
B Paul Kenyon, abt. 1776 MA/RI, 143
C Jonathan Kenyon, 1779, VT, 141
D David Kenyon, abt. 1730, Liverpool, Eng, 61
E Thomas Kenyon, f/a Rev. Henry B. Kenyon, 1800, Schoharie, NY, 435
F Roger Kenyon, 1659/60, Peel Hall, Lancs, Eng, 27
G John Kinion, bef. 1794, NC, 66
H Lawrence Kinion, abt. 1765, Orange Co., NC, 182
J Joseph Kenyon (m2. Mary S. Hibbard), abt. 1794, NY, 15
K Benjamin Kinion, abt. 1780, NC?, 2,506
M Madison S. Kenyon, 1815, Providence, RI, 267
N Nelson S. Kenyon, abt. 1829, NY, 15
P Perry G. Kenyon, abt. 1792, Charlestown, RI, 79 (he d. 1861, Malloryville, Ont. Canada)
Q James Kinyon (m1 Fannie Bell), 1789, RI, 184
T Joseph Kinion, abt. 1775, NC?, 207 (In Wash. Co., IL by 1820)
X Daniel Kenyon (m. Mary Tanner), 1744, poss. Benson, VT, 56

These lines were designated by Richard Reid Kenyon, PhD, in his compilation of lines in America.

English Lines:

The identification of English lines, as well as other Kenyon lineages throughout the world (Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Wales, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and others) is a work in progress. The Kenyon Project is working with Rod Clayburn, member of Guild of One-Name Studies, who heads the Kenyon One-Name Study to assist in the identification of these lines. The project welcomes and encourages Kenyons from England and other parts of the world to submit their Y-DNA to the FTDNA Kenyon Project.

The project currently has two Kenyon members living in England.

Last updated: 9 April 2014

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