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Thank you for visiting Our Jackson Project News page. This page is dedicated to present information that may help in your ancestral search. It was updated March 25, 2010 to remove outdated material and add new material and a lot of Jackson lineage links. Please email a co-administrator with any suggestions. (Page last updated 8 Jun 2010.)

What Is This New Family Finder Test??
FTDNA information You Really Should Know
Links to Websites of Interest; Both General & Lineages (lots of new links here)


Special deal for those who have already tested at Relative Genetics, Ancestry, Oxford ancestors, and Genebase:  http://www.familytreedna.com/PDF/PROMO_GAP.pdf


What Is This New Family Finder Test??

http://www.worldfamilies.net/familyfinder http://www.familytreedna.com/landing/family-finder.aspx

and finally, FTDNA's own FAQ page: http://www.familytreedna.com/faq/answers/17.aspx

And the International Society of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG) has a wiki site just for Family Finder: http://isogg.org/wiki/Family_Finder_project


FTDNA information You Really Should Know

FTDNA family forum page.  FamilyTreeDNA has a Public Forum – A link to this forum is always on the lower right hand portion of the Home Page of FTDNA. This is a good place to ask questions, read questions and answers that other folks have exchanged. This is for DNA as it pertains to all folks, not just Jacksons. Anyone can read the postings, but one must register in order to post a message or reply to a post within this Forum.

WE STILL HAVE SOME MISSING ANCESTRAL LINEAGES (uplines) Let’s fill up the blanks! Send the information to Mike Jackson (the email address is at the top of each web page.) Please be precise as possible: give b/d year; b/d place (city, county, state) from closest deceased ancestor to earliest known ancestor and your relationship to the closest ancestor. This information is vital to recognizing various branches within specific Haplotype groups.

• FamilyTreeDNA provides the tests for a recently founded partnership between the National Geographic Society, IBM, and the Waitt Family Foundation. The Genographic Project link provides information from FTDNA explaining its benefits, and how you may participate. Our Jackson Project now has several members, whose DNA was transferred from The Genographic Project (per partnership agreement), and are recognized within our Jackson members as having a “N” before their kit number. If you have already requested FTDNA to become a participant within the National Genographic Project, the notation "GenoProject Conversion" will be placed by your name.

• FamilyTreeDNA has additional projects that include the Jackson or other surnames of interest.  One or more of these projects may be of benefit to you.  Any participant of any FTDNA project has the privilege to become a participant at no charge.  Some of these links may be beneficial to those who have matched a different surname.  Click on the link provided by FTDNA on your personal page and click on the symbol located top right of the page - visit their public web page information, and check out the possibilities.


Links of Websites of Interest: General & *Lineages*

Query Boards:
Jackson Surname Msg Board of GenForum
Jackson Surname Msg Board at Rootsweb 

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Jackson_Genealogy/ The purpose of this group is to bring together Jackson researchers with a goal of finding male descendants that are willing to submit a sample for Y-DNA identification. This information will help link and or separate the various Jackson lines.

FTDNA page for the Lost Colony Y-DNA Project. Jackson is a name of interest on this site: http://www.familytreedna.com/public/LostColonyYDNA/default.aspx

Lost Colony Center for Science and Research website:

http://lost-colony.com/home.html This site has many related links available for those interested!

Famous DNA: DNA Haplotypes (DNA signatures) for famous, or infamous, homo sapiens: mtDNA & Y-DNA:

LINEAGES: The following web pages contain information on the lineages of some of the participants in this project. All links were active when checked March 25, 2010. We offer this as helpful places to research or connect with folks, but in no way guarantee that the information on these sites is documented. If you have or have found a helpful Jackson web site you would like listed here, please email an administrator with the URL and why it is helpful.

ohn Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins  Jackson Brigade: Stonewall Jackson's line
http:www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com  Descendants of Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Long Island, NY
http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~bird/  Mary Harkey Russell's Family
http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/m/c/a/John-R-Mcanally/index.html. These are McAnallys whose roots go back to an Unknown Jackson thought to be born in Virginia.
  Jacksons born in, or migrating from, Virginia whose DNA matches that of Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Long Island, NY
Ambrose A. Jackson b 1692 in Brunswick Co., Virginia

Samuel Jackson, Pioneer of Essex Co., NY.
Samuel Jackson (1782-1852) and his wife Rachel Doty
Thomas Jackson and Mary Starkey Ireland > Chester County, Pennsylvania and descendants to Georgia.
Thomas Jackson and Mary Cheesman of Gloucester Co., NJ - mid 1700's.
William Jackson b 1760 NC, d Fayette Co., IN; m Abigail Gillum b 1760 NC, d Rush Co., IN
http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/j/a/c/Darrell-H-Jackson/index.html?Welcome=1043633340 Wm Jackson NJ to Carter Co, TN
William Jackson b 1780 VA, d Knox Co., TN; m Mattheny Wilson b 1780 NC, d Knox Co., TN
William Jackson b 1816 TN, d Izard Co., AR; m Nancy Staggs b abt 1821 Wayne Co., TN, d aft 1888
William Archibal Jackson b 1819 Genesee, NY; d 1863 Oswego Co., NY; m Catharine Blow b abt 1820, d 1902

WHY THE NEED TO UPGRADE? Many upline paragraphs will greatly encourage a member to upgrade his test. This is NOT just to increase FTDNA sales! This is nearly always because information from a 12 marker test will enable you to know whether or not you belong with a certain Haplotype group, but does not test enough levels to pinpoint genealogical exact matches. For example, a 12 marker test will usually enable a man to know whether or not he is related to the Robert Jackson of Hempstead Group, but will not show enough information to determine which branch of that large group a man might belong to. Sometimes it is helpful when sponsoring a man to learn if he is related to you or not, to begin with the 12 marker test. If the results indicate a relationship, then the test can be upgraded to learn more precise relationships. If the results indicate there is NOT the hoped for relationship, that is good information to know, but you may not be interested in pursuing further testing. The greater the level of testing, the more precise the comparisons are.

UPGRADING TO MORE MARKERS? - FTDNA members can refine their earlier test to include a larger number of markers at a discounted rate IF the order is placed through your FTDNA PERSONAL PAGE.  Click on ORDER TESTS link at the top right hand corner of your PERSONAL PAGE.


DEEP CLADE TESTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE: Family Tree DNA is now offering for its customers who already have tested their Y-DNA, a series called “Deep Clade tests” which go deeper into different Haplogroups. The Haplogroup tests will test a single SNP, to determine which haplogroup, or major branch of the tree a male belongs to. This test goes much deeper, with more thorough results on your direct male Jackson family. Go to the Family Tree DNA homepage and find out more specifics. When satisfied you want the test – go to your PERSONAL PAGE, click on ORDER TEST.

HAVEN’T YET JOINED Y-SEARCH? It’s EASY – It’s FREE – Join through your FTDNA PERSONAL PAGE – The link to join it located at the top of your page (small neutral colored box with “Y” in the box. Click on the box – Once there follow the directions given - when through, you can easily come back to your PERSONAL PAGE by closing the Y-Search site. The Y-Search Results are compared by others who have used varied labs throughout the WORLD.  International Projects use the results posted here – It’s a valuable tool, available at your fingertips.

WANT TO JOIN THE GENOGRAPHIC PROJECT? Small fee involved – Click on “JOIN” box at the top of your PERSONAL PAGE – Scroll down to GenoProject – highlight – click and you are on your way – fee will be shown at bottom of page. GREAT PROJECT, and you will receive some fantastic information. The fee goes to helping continue the GenoProject anthropological endeavors regarding the “human migration” patterns.