J2a4 Levant Genetic Match Group - Goals

Our primary goal:
To combine our personal genetic data and family histories with late-breaking news about our J2a4* haplogroup to uncover our clan's likely travels over the last 500-10,000 years. Many of us are genealogists and even those who aren't are finding it fascinating to get this longer, bigger view of our families' history.

Along the way we:

1) Pool knowledge and research on relevant historical events and migrations

2) Pool knowledge and research on our individual genealogies to trace back our paternal line origins as far as possible

3) Promote advanced testing (higher marker numbers, SNP tests) in a strategic way to increase our insights into who connects to whom, how, when and why.

If you love history and finding your place in it...and are a genetic match with any of us---or want to take the DNA test to find out...please join!

Also, we work in close coordination with the J-L24 project at ftdna which is looking at the history, migration and subcategories of the larger haplogroup of which we are a part. We encourage you to join that project as well since what they learn and determine will be relevant to you and your family as well.

Debra Katz