J2a-M47- Background



Al-hosani, BALKHEYOUR, Chapman, L290, Lipinski, M322, M47, Montgomery-Devoni, Moroudi, Simonian, Strudwick, Strudwicke


For kits with Y-DNA confirmed or predicted J2a-Z6065. Kits without Y-DNA or from other Y-DNA haplogroups will be removed.
J2a-Z6065 is ca. 13700 years old and has the main subclades/SNPs:
  • Y8522, Y7708/Z29414
  • M47, M322, L290
  • Z39478, Z39476
  • Z7532, FGC15782/Y13893
  • Z7554, Z7503
  • FGC15901, FGC15865
Of all members in J2 (J-M172) project ca. 3.6% are Z6065 (~1.4% M47, ~2% FGC15901). The subclades Z39478 and Z7554 are not well researched so far (late 2016).


47نرحب بكل ابناء سلالة جي 2 ام

هذا المشروع خاص بكم انضموا الينا ان طلع نتيجكم جي2 ام 47

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