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Abidavid, Abraham, Aievoli, Al-Ajeel, Al-Askar, Albertazzi, Al-Enezi, Al-Enezy, Alfyghawy, Al-Fyghawy, Al-Hashimi, Ali, Al-Mazrooei, Al-Saleh, Amaral, Amprayil-Cherian, Ancira, Anderson, Anonychuk, Auger, Austin, Bailey, Ball, Beard, Becnel, Belenchia, Benjamin, Bervenmark, Bourbonais, Brochetti, Brown, Carrico, Carriço, Champine, Charin, Charkoff, Chiramel, Coleman, Colford, Collett, Comiter, Contini, Conway, Cordell, Costa, Cote, Crace, Crass, De Meules, Demby, Demetrakopoulos, Demeules, Di Leo, Dileo, Doreleyers, Ékes, El-Agha, El-Figawi, Eneza, Errico, Fadel, Feliciani, Figaoui, Figawee, Figawi, Fighaoui, Fighawi, Frank, Fry, Fuller, Fyghawy, Gadie, Gadier, Galarneau, Gardner, Gatier, Gatter, Gatterer, Gatti, Gattie, Gatty, Gilbert, Goff, Goodsell, Gough, Graham, Hare, Harris, Hassan, Hassanzadeh, Hawkey, Hindi, Hirschfeld, Hobballah, Holtzberg, Hosmer, Human, Hunt, Hunter, Hutchcraft, Iseroff, Isroff, J2a4*, J2a4c, J2a-L250, Jaeger, Jager, Jäger, Jarbo, J-L1064, J-L250, J-L26*, J-M68, Joss, Kahanizaman, Kartchner, Katz, Katzgarden, Kennings, Kile, Kirchner, Kirdin, Kohl, Kohn, L1064, L250, L250.2, L251, L251.2, Laroche, Lego, Liegl, Lothrop, Lugers, M68, Mabilia, Machi, Maksoudian, Malaman, Malayer, Masters, Mauck, Medina, Mock, Mollo, Montgomery, Moon, Morlino, Muollo, Namour, Naser, Nassr, Nicotera, Nogales, Nosari, Olovsson, Orbelyan, Osmer, Paul, Perez, Perunovic, Phillips, Potenza, Rega, Riggle, Rinella, Rodrigues, Rodriguez, Romanelli, Salmond, Santen, Schweizer, Shihab, Shipman, Shlush, Sicignano, Singer, Stergiou, Stoelting, Strong, Sulaiman, Swisher, Taylor, Thomaz, Tolva, Torrico, Turner, Ullah, Valseriati, Vardhana, Vetterle, Via, Waddell, Waddle, Walther, Wannigman, Ward, Weeks, Weigant, Wright, Yaeger, Yager, Yalden, Yeager, Yerex, Younes, Zack, Zanatta, Zeni, Zisa, Zorin, Zuckerman


J-L250_Logo Top News, Goals, Help (Glossary), Research & Resource page, Forum, Donate: Thank you Conrad!

Volunteer Haplotype Research Project for Y-DNA tested L26+ (= J-L26; formerly J2a4, J2a1, etc.)
and clustering by STR haplotype (Marker values) to kits (presumed) L250.2+, L1064+, PF5169+, DYS391=9. More SNPs/clades with haplotypes of interest: Z2221/PF5160, Z2397/PF5197, YSC0000246, PF5174, PF5177, L251.2, L777; L70*DYS462=10; M47; M68; L198; PF5119*I; L210, Z489; M92*B
If you are positive for the SNPs please join: J2a-PF5197 (J-PF5169, J-YSC0000246) Haplogroup research

Genographic Project Geno 2 male customers please transfer your data (in Profile / Expert Options) for free to Family Tree DNA to your existing kit-number or create a new account and join this project to give and receive more information about your paternal lineage origin and roots in the Y-chromosome tree. Geno 2 Data files (.CSV) with the Y-DNA-SNP results are very welcome for further research (please send them to the Project Admin).

Your benefit when you join - description of the subgrouping (022 , 122-b1*A, 089-A1, etc.):

  • Bringing high and low resolution kits together: High-Res kits (67+ STR-Markers, deepest terminal SNPs) will be used as "anchors" for Low-Res kits (37 or less STR-Markers, no SNPs under J2a-L26). The Grouping will be done by calculating the distance in generations to an optimized haplotype: Distance nomenclature system is three digits; this nomenclature can change. Different Groups can have the same distance, but are divided by Macro-Cluster namenclature: This is either the part of the Haplogroup Name sub of J2a-L26 (FTDNA J2a4, ISOGG J2a1) and/or a haplotype Cluster Name (Paragroups from J-Project in J2a-L26*: A1, B, C, H, I, etc.). Between distance and group there is an indication of L250 status or presumption: + (positive), ? (unknown), ~ (probably negative), - (negative). Micro-Clusters are kits in the same Group (distance max. 19-39 generations): For already known J2a-L26 subclades the nomenclature in J-Project and L24-Project is used, research and additional naming is done primarily in the big Paragroups of J2a-L26* (A, C) and in J2a-L26*H-L1064. For every Micro-Cluster the lowest distance of a public kit with the highest STR-Marker coverage is choosen for all other kits/members.
  • Understand what Low-Res matches are "false": The FTDNA-Match-calculation is not able to detect the most interesting Low-res matches and J-L250 project tries to help here. If you see your Low-res matches grouped here in different Macro-Clusters, they are probably "false matches". 
  • Probable area of ​​expansion of Micro-Clusters: geographical region is given; without ? when comfirmed by three diverse kits/surname matches (also outside the project)
  • Confirmed (+) terminal SNPs listed for every Micro-Cluster. 
  • Get help for your best next upgrade: ▶ indicates some action of kits in this group would be interesting for research and better evidence. Trough work and cooperation in J-Project, L24-Project, ISOGG-SNP research and with the FTDNA-Lab a suggestion for the next step will be given. It should be easier for you to decide if a single SNP test, a Y-STR-Marker upgrade (Y-Refine) or a huge step like the "new deep clade" test Geno 2.0 is the best. See Help (Glossary).
  • Group background colors also try to indicate the situation regarding L250 and testing situation.
Main quests of this project - you help to clear them by joining:
  • What J-samples/kits are tested L26+ or L27+ or L927+ and also positive for one or more of these SNPs: L250.2, L251.2, L1064, M68?
  • What J-samples/kits cluster by STR-haplotype to the previous ones (have a similar/matching STR-marker values pattern)?
  • What J2a-L26-samples/kits have DYS391=9?
  • How widespread are all these samples/kits (paternal ancestor locations)?
  • Why are J2a-L1064 and J2a-M68 modal haplotypes so diverse and near to many other clades/clusters downstream of J2a-L26?
  • Are L250.2, L251.2, L1064 and M68 reliable and stable SNPs?

Feel free to ask the Administrator (ChrisR@J-L250). Look also at ISOGG Wiki Y-DNA project help.

Please visit and join also this Projects with J2a-L250 and nearby haplogroups and haplotypes:

General Fund

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Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Debit $10.00 11/21/2013     278654 Unknown
Debit $10.00 11/21/2013     278654 Unknown
Debit $39.00 7/21/2013     N88317 Unknown
Debit $39.00 6/17/2013     E4955 Unknown
Credit $39.00 6/17/2013 Chris R. funding PF5169 for E4955   Individual
Credit $20.00 2/27/2013 N37321 open   Unknown
Credit $20.00 2/8/2013   open   Unknown
Debit $29.00 1/14/2013     E4955 Unknown
Credit $29.00 1/14/2013 Chris R. Testing SNP Z2220 for E4955   Individual
Debit $35.00 12/30/2012     159297 Unknown
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Project Stats

Statistic Type Count
Big Y 3
Combined GEDCOMs Uploaded 16
DISTINCT mtDNA Haplogroups 43
DISTINCT Y-DNA Confirmed Haplogroups 13
DISTINCT Y-DNA Predicted Haplogroups 2
Family Finder 35
Genographic 2.0 Transfers 21
Maternal Ancestor Information 78
mtDNA 51
mtDNA Full Sequence 18
mtDNA Plus 40
mtDNA Subgroups 0
Paternal Ancestor Information 107
Predicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 67
Total Members 121
Unpredicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 4
Unreturned Kits 3
Y-DNA Deep Clade (After 2008) 37
Y-DNA Deep Clade (Prior to 2008) 6
Y-DNA Subgroups 63
Y-DNA111 43
Y-DNA12 112
Y-DNA25 108
Y-DNA37 105
Y-DNA67 79