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Family Tree DNA has a learning centre at
[4th Paril 2014]

Currently, several R-M222+ people (L21>DF13>DF49>DF23>Z2961>M222) are testing on DF85 to see if this SNP will help to subdivide the large "R1b-M222+" group.
[2nd Nov. 2013]
The first Genetic Genealogy Ireland Conference 2013 is going to take place in Dublin on the 18th, 19th and 20th October. Details of the conference can be found at:
This conference is being held in conjunction with the annual Back to our Past event: .

Family Tree DNA is kindly sponsoring the event and ISOGG:   is organizing it.


David Reynolds collects Geno 2.0 yDNA SNP results for people who are L21+.
He has also put together a summary of which SNPs, relevant to L21 are tested in Geno 2.0, WTY etc.: You can click on an individual SNP on that webpage and get more information related to the SNP. [added May 2013]

Family Tree DNA has recently changed the way is describes a position on the y-haplotree.

With the ongoing discovery of new SNPs on the y-haplotree, these new SNPs required a substantial change in the “longhand” explanation of a terminal Haplogroup. To avoid this awkwardness, Family Tree DNA introduced a shorthand version a few years ago that lists the branch of the tree and the terminal SNP, i.e. J-L147, instead of  J1c3d.

Family Tree DNA will discontinue showing the “longhand” version on the y-haplotree and they will focus all of their discussions around the terminal defining SNP.

We, administrators of the Ireland yDNA Project have added the terminal defining SNP to the titles of the subgroups used in our results webpage.[added January 2013]


The Family Tree DNA Draft y-Haplotree:

ISOGG yDNA y-Haplotree: