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Heebner, Heibner, Hiebner, Hübner, Huebner


I have been researching my Huebner family line for nearly 60 years. My Huebners lived in Wurtemberg. About 1650, my Huebner line migrated to Posen, living in Ratti, Gramsdorf, and Wischin Hauland, before my oldest ancestor, Jakob, accepted the invitation of a Polish lord to migrate to his virgin forest land. There Jakob Huebner joined others to clear the land while continuing his weaving trade and farming. He lived in Chwalborzycer Hauland, Poddebice, Poland until he died, which changed the contract for the family still living on the land. His great grandsons, Gottfried and Karl Samuel Huebner in l864 were no longer able to afford the rent and migrated with to Helenowka and Tuczyn, Volhynia. From there one family went to Rosenfeld, Manitoba, the other to Germany.