Hoar(e), Hore, Horr, Hord and Hoard Surnames- Background



Harr, Hoar, Hoard, Hoare, Hobart, Hoor, Hoore, Hor, Hord, Hore, Horr, Horre, Howard, le Hore, Oar, Ore, Orr, Shorr


A male-lineage surname project to help those currently or previously with the Hoar surname. This surname changed often in family lines in both Southwest England and North America.  Common surname variants before and after include Hoard, Horr, Hore, Hord, Hor, Hoare, le Hore, Orr, Ore, and Oar.  Other less common are Shorr, Hoor, Hoore, and Horre. Also Harr, Hobart, and Howard -- recent changes made to these more common surnames with other origins. Those with similar surname and geographic ties are welcome to join and help tie various family lines together.  Roots may be back in Ireland and Wales as well.  More details at wiki page http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/hoar

The project originally focused on the (Charles) Hoar family of Sudbury, MA and the Hezekiah Hoar family of Taunton, MA.  Both arrived from Southwest England (Counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wilt and Gloucester) in the 1600's.  Tangential focus was extended to the Hord's of Virginia after some overlap in DNA results appeared.  Now the project has expanded to all with the surname to help cover the mass emigration of the 1800's from the area.  And to help those who have similar, possibly overlapping, long family lines similar to the before mentioned families. We would like to see several descendants of each family get their y-DNA tested.  Assuming these are unrelated families, each will have it's own STR signature. Otherwise, we can possibly use genetic evidence to bolster paper records in building a more accurate picture of each family lineage.

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