Hinshaw DNA Surname Project - Results

Through DNA matching and collaboration among various Hinshaw descendants, we have validated Newton Hinshaw, b. c. 1833, Alabama, as being the most distant ancestor yet identified for one branch of the Hinshaw family tree.

And also as a result of DNA matching and analysis by project members, we also now believe (and are strongly pursuing the probability) that Thomas Hinshaw, b. 1797, d. 1869, is the most likely candidate to be Newton Hinshaw's father.

Those are significant discoveries that were solidified by our DNA testing.

We hope this Surname Project helps us identify additional ancestors for that branch and many other branches of the Hinshaw family tree.

We are now soliciting members to aid them in accomplishing their genealogy and DNA research goals.

Choose a Y-DNA test and join our group.


If you have any questions about this process and would like to email the Hinshaw Group administrator, please do so at:  FamilyTreeDNA@RoyalTechnologyGroup.com