Hanks DNA Project - Y-DNA SNP

The major branch points on our shared paternal lineage trace back through genealogy, history, antiquity, and ancient anthropology to reach our early hominid ancestors who lived in Africa. Recent (terminal) branches may be as recent as ten generations old or several thousand years. Thus, they are an established way to trace the migrations of human populations from the earliest times to the present. The branches on the paternal tree are haplogroups. SNP markers on the Y-Chromosome define them. This page displays Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) SNP results for the project. It shows Y-DNA haplogroups and all SNP results both positive (derived) and negative (ancestral). A plus, +, sign denotes positive results. A negative, -, sign denotes negative results. You may learn more about Y-Chromosome SNPs on the Understanding Y-DNA SNP Results learning page.

Learn more about this page. This page displays project members’ Y-DNA haplogroups and SNP results. Predicted haplogroups are in red, and confirmed haplogroups are in green.

Kit Number Paternal Ancestor Name Haplogroup Short Hand Confirmed SNPs
E5516   I2b1 I-M223 M223+
178371   R1a1 R-SRY10831.2  
17988   R1a1a R-M198  
20264   R1a1a R-M198  
21402   R1a1a R-M198  
21548 John Hanks b.1470 R1a1a R-M198  
21860   R1a1a R-M198  
109066   R1a1a R-M198  
11707 Peter Hanks, 1673-1733 R1a1a R-M198  
25308   R1a1a R-M198  
299438 Wilcox ? Hanks? R1a1a R-M198  
305356 Thomas Hanks, b. 1630 d. 1675 R1a1a R-M198  
309311 Thomas Hancks c. 1630 - c. 1674 R1a1a R-M198  
3373   R1a1a R-M198  
44519   R1a1a R-M198  
91151   R1a1a R-M198  
36815   R1a1a R-M198 M17+, M198+
35412   R1b1 R-P25 P25+
43050 John Hanks, b.c. Nov. 2, 1680, Richmond Co. Va . R1b1a2 R-M269  
26536   R1b1a2 R-M269  
25802   R1b1a2 R-M269  
2597   R1b1a2 R-M269  
2598   R1b1a2 R-M269  
11709   R1b1a2 R-M269  
11733   R1b1a2 R-M269  
12132   R1b1a2 R-M269  
121431 Sylvanus John Hanks b. 1832 in NY R1b1a2 R-M269  
13519   R1b1a2 R-M269  
13647   R1b1a2 R-M269  
162874   R1b1a2 R-M269  
215921   R1b1a2 R-M269  
20266   R1b1a2 R-M269  
210593   R1b1a2 R-M269  
297434 Thomas Hanks R1b1a2 R-M269  
N71686   R1b1a2 R-M269  
N101304 John Nichols d 1774 Halifax Co, VA -    
219879 Unknown -    
265052 Henry Barkley b 1720 d1753 -    
295317   -    
303382   -    
53839   -    
331305   -