Hanks DNA Project- Background



Hancks, Hanks


The Hanks DNA Project was created to help determine which Hanks lineages share a common ancestor.

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), affiliated with Dr. Michael Hammer and the University of Arizona, tests the Y-chromosome which is passed from father to son to son, etc. Therefore, in order to participate, your descent must be through a direct male to male Hanks lineage. In order for a female to participate, she must recruit a male on her father's side -- her father, brother, cousin, uncle, etc.

Please visit the FTDNA web site for more information about DNA testing and availability of other tests.

To view the pedigrees of the participants, please select the RESULTS button above. We have placed the pedigrees in groups of closely matching individuals which correspond to the group numbers on the Y-DNA results.

Read our News section to learn more about our project and to see what the latest pedigree additions are to the web site.