Haldane DNA Genealogical Project - News

There is much more that can be learned, should we get more participants. A male Haldane from Jamaica can determine if his Y-chromosome has the Scottish Haplogroup signatures or is of a different designation. I have contacted seven Jamaican Haldanes in the hopes of getting a participant.

Members of Hadden families from Ireland, England, and Scotland can determine a likelihood of relationship to those already tested. Other Haldanes can determine their Haplogroups and where they fit in the "world picture."

Please know that there is no risk in having your DNA tested. As you can see, it shows nothing of your named ancestors - only your Haplogroup and possible shared genetic history with others who have been tested. The data are fascinating and can reveal much about our past and our possible ancestry, but we need more tests to reach better conclusions.

PLEASE consider joining this study today. Use the link below to connect directly on the internet or contact me if you want me to order the testing kit for you. I will gladly report to you any and all information I gather and ascertain if you should choose to join the study.

If you have questions, by all means contact me and I shall try to answer them.