HUDSON, HUTSON etc Global DNA Project - Results

Thanks to the DNA Project participants we have proven and disproven numerous research theories as well as made some surprising discoveries:
 **The major "Amelia" and "Chesterfield" VA Hudson lines are proven to share the same common ancestor.  The VA progenitor is Richard Hudson. 
 **The major "Hanover" VA Hudson line of John Hudson b abt 1692 is genetically independent of the Amelia and Chesterfield HUDSON lines thus disproving a long-time theory that they were all related.  William Hudson is suspected progenitor.
 **The "Westmoreland" Co VA line of Joshua Hudson is proven to be a genetically independent Hudson line.
 **The "Essex" Hudson group is genetically proved to be another independent Hudson family.  
 **Abraham Hudson b1729 in VA is proven to be genetically matched to others of the "Amelia" and "Chesterfield" lines.
 **Edward Hudson b 1756 in Camden District (now Kershaw Co), SC is now proven to share a common ancestor with others of the Amelia and Chesterfield VA Hudson group. This line has been researched for over 40 years and thanks to the DNA Project the wall finally has a crack. 
 **The earliest proved ancestor of the main genetic Eastern Shore line is Henry Hudson. 
 **Included among our mystery lines are those of Ebenezer Hudson born about 1805 in Delaware and William Hudson born 1780 in Maryland.
 **Among our unique DNA matches is the genetic tie to the 5th-century warlord, Niall Noigiallach, better known as "Niall of the Nine Hostages." The jury is still out as to whether they are true descendents of the Niall...

**We have linked continents and also have additional lines with documented origins in Canada and England.

**We also have a number of additional lines that appear to be completely independent as well as a number that remain a mystery. ONLY more DNA testing will help solve these mysteries.

Note: To avoid confusion and help with identification of the many Hudson etc lines, the independent Hudson Family Association (HFA) granted permission to use the nomenclature created and used by the Association for many years for some of the major Hudson etc families. The HFA ( has a wealth of information on Hudsons, Hutsons etc.