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*HARVEY Y-DNA MEMBERSHIP* : August 24, 2010

There are a total of 96 participants who have requested a Y-DNA test kit, have paid the test fee, and have returned their test sample for processing by the lab.

The detail for the status of the 96 participants follows :

28 members with 67 Y-marker results received.

50 members with 37 Y-marker results received.

05 members with 25 Y-marker results received.

13 members with 12 Y-marker results received.

In addition to the above noted 96 members who have paid and have
Y-test results returned :

02 potential members have *recently* requested and received Y-test kits but have not returned them for processing at this date.

03 potential members have requested and received Y-sample kits some time ago but evidently do not intend - or are unable - to follow through with testing as the kits have been in their possession for quite some time and they do not respond to messages.

003 (additional female members have participated as mtDNA testees.)
001 (female member has requested a sample kit but has not returned it for processing)
105 total “membership”
Of particular interest is the fact that 21 of the 96 male Harvey men Y-DNA tested have been sponsored by female Harvey researchers who have sought out and requested help from their Harvey menfolk. This means about 22% of the test returns have been provided by our lady Harvey researchers. Thanks for your hard work in achieving this, ladies - I know finding a related willing "proxy" male Harvey is not always easy or simple to do. Good work!



Haplogroup distribution of the 96 members fully tested is as follows :

E1b1a haplogroup = 3
E1b1b1b2 haplogroup = 2
E1b1b1c1a haplogroup = 3
G haplogroup = 2
I1 haplogroup= 16
I1d* haplogroup= 1
I2b1 haplogroup = 1
J2 haplogroup = 1
R1a haplogroup = 4
R1b1b haplogroup= 15
R1b1b2 haplogroup= 26
R1b1b2a1 haplogroup = 1
R1b1b2a1b haplogroup = 1
R1b1b2a1b3 haplogroup = 2
R1b1b2a1b4 haplogroup = 4
R1b1b2a1b4c1 haplogroup = 1
R1b1b2a1b5* haplogroup = 7
R1b1b2a1b5 haplogroup = 3
R1b1b2a1b5b haplogroup = 3


As of this date we have identified 34 individual Harvey lines with distinctive haplotypes within identified major haplogroup designations.

This further breaks down into 20 groups (containing at least two members) comprised of a total of 69 members; 18 single individual lines exhibiting distinctive haplotypes/haplogroups (or having a match with a testee of another lab); and a holding group of 9 haplogroup R1b1b2 members/lines who have not found a match at this time.

This shows that about 72% of the tested Harvey project participants have found at least one significant match. As the total number of unique and separate Harvey lines are identified and listed the odds get increasingly better that any "incoming" individual tester will find a match.


This brings us to the topic of paper trail documentation in conjunction with Y-DNA testing. There is no substitute for thorough, accurate, and complete research of the public and private records we all sort through in our attempt to break down those "brick walls".

DNA testing is a very powerful "assistance" tool. It can be effectively used for pinpointing our research focus onto whichever single family clan is our own true *related* target. However, DNA, on a stand alone basis, cannot identify a specific male within a given family clan as our own individual direct-line ancestor - it can only indicate that a particular male is, or is not, a member of the targeted family clan. (Depending on which haplogroup a testee finds he resides in the requirement for number of tested markers can vary substantially in order to have confidence in the indicated relationship.)

The paper connection research techniques we are all familiar with must be used in *conjunction* with DNA to identify the most likely ancestral candidate, and then, we must dig even deeper into the paper trail in order to locate the facts that confirm the premise that a specific individual actually is our direct line male ancestor.

One of the outstanding advantages of coordinating Y-DNA and standard genealogical documentation is that once a true ancestral family connection has been made it is possible to leapfrog backward in time over several generations to more distant Common Ancestor(s) by testing and Y-DNA confirming their purported direct line male descendants.

This can be accomplished by testing descendants of two or more known, Y-DNA and paper-related males descending from a common ancestor. The advantage here, of course, is that working forward *and* backward in time simultaneously may provide new clues to our relatedness links as we catch sight of genealogical work performed by other researchers of the same family line.


The FTDNA free public website hosted by Family Tree DNA is available for viewing from :


Much additional DNA information is available for your browsing at this site including how to join the group, tests available, and pricing.
Please note there is a substantial price discount available via testing as a member of the Harvey Y-DNA Surname Project.

A link to a substantial library of scientific papers is also found on the FTDNA home page.

Please remember, your contacts with and encouragement to prospective Harvey participants is our STRONGEST recruiting tool. Please use this tool diligently and often!

Bill Harvey wlh@foothill.net
FTDNA HARVEY Group Administrator
A volunteer position with no remuneration or benefits provided from FTDNA or anyone else.

*COUNTRY/REGION OF ORIGIN* (e-mail for assistance in researching specific local Harvey lines)

Great Britain---------------

New England & Canadian (wlh@foothill.net)
New England & Canadian (rjharvey2@verizon.net)

Mid-Atlantic---------------- (harvey.c.w@myactv.net)

Southern USA-------------- (alharvey1@bellsouth.net)
Southern USA-------------- (j.b.windham@cox.net)

Mid-West USA-------------