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After researching the HAM surname in Virginia for over ten years, and co-authoring a three volume work on the HAM surname, we now have a different tactic in the search of HAM immigrants to the US.

DNA Analysis can be helpful when normal traditional routes have been exhausted. We intend to make use of the concept of Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA).

There were at least ten immigrants to Virginia, and although they were most likely from England, other possible countries of origin include Scotland and Ireland. Early immigrants to Virginia include:

- begins with Joseph HAM in 1621, Jerome HAM, Richard HAM, Manuel HAM, Thomas HAMM(S), Rosse HAMM, HAMO (a Turk), William HAMES, and others.

There were also similar immigrants to Maine (William), New Hampshire (John), New York, Pennsylvania, etc. Others arrived as slaves, and there has been a long standing question about Native American origins.

CONCEPT: The idea is to sort the numbers into groups, by matching numbers. A link to each group will display the oldest known ancestor. With enough samples and combined research, we should be able to determine origins of each group.

This DNA project has been established to allow the HAM surname from around the world see if they are related to each other through a common ancestor.


Results will be posted at (this) Family Tree DNA web site


and analyzed at the "HAM Country" web page (space permitting):


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Project Stats

Statistic Type Count
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Y-DNA Deep Clade (Prior to 2008) 3
Y-DNA Subgroups 16
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Y-DNA12 55
Y-DNA25 49
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Y-DNA67 18