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The project is open for all H35 mtDNA haplogroup member and also to persons who suspect they might be H35, based on their mtDNA matches.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup H35 is an uncommon subgroup of haplogroupH, a Eurasian Haplogroups which likely arose in between West Asia and CentralAsia. H35 is defined by the mutation is C3342T. - If you have got full sequence mtDNA, could you please check your account to make sure the admin can see your Coding Region data: in practice, select the Limited box (not Read Only)

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Suomi DNA projekti / Finland DNA Project group (a closed group).


  • Haplogroup H subclades (FTDNA)
  • Haplogroup H35 page by Ian Logan
  • mtDNA Community pages - This website is committed to the support of the "Copernican" reassessment of the human mtDNA phylogeny and to the establishment of computational tools meant to facilitate phylogenetic analysis and comparison of complete mtDNA sequences.
  • mtDNA Haplogroup Mutations (FTDNA): list of the mutations required for different haplogroups

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