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**** This page is currently under construction,

**** Note:  Due to the complexity of researching all lineages going back about "six-seven generations" (to your 64 Great-Great-Great-Great-grandparents; "4rt Great-Grandparents") then back down 6-7 generations, and manually constructing a spreadsheet.  "Our Autosomal DNA Project section" will not focus on QUIN/QUINN or WINN/WYNN related surnames because those suspected name change variation occurred prior to 1600's and are theoretically outside the scope of "accurate Autosomal DNA Testing & Analysis"

**** Please except my apologies for being neglectful on this page /// my priorities have been more focused on my family over the past two years.

**** I am currently trying to identify all new members (& their lineages) and those with private / hidden / or "no information" are also of concern. 

**** Please build your Family Tree at least to your grandparents, this would help me tremendously.  


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(15 Jan 2017)