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Goals & Objectives - achievable and clear:   

1.  Many DNA projects have been well established before 2006, while this project is "3-years" old and began on 11 July 2011.   At that point in time, there were a few GUINN members in the GUNN Project, a few GWINN members the WINN Project, several GUINNs and GWINNs in the QUINN Project, and many of us GUIN-GUINN, GUYN-GUYNN, GWIN-GWINN, GWYN-GWYNN, O'GUIN-O'GWIN, McGUIN-McGWINNs which had not joined any projects.  We did not have a project to call our own.  There were even a few projects which were know to deny us as members. 

2.  We base our surname list on several factors: 

a.  Irish-language names and surnames - Wikipedia (link)

b.  Irish Ancestors - (link)

c.  Scottish Gaelic surnames - Wikipedia (link)

d.  Welsh surnames - Wikipedia (link)

e.  Manx surnames (originate on the Isle of Man) (link)

f.  Late Sixteenth Century Welsh Names (link)

g.  Immigration to the Canada & United States

h.  United States Geography - Settlement Patterns

3.  Objective:  It is improbable for all the variations of our surname to of had a single common origin or clanship, simply impossible.  The GINN, GUIN, GWIN, GUYN, GWYN Surname Project (link) has one of the largest related surname list in existence, worldwide. The extent of possible combinations of origins has always been known, but few expressed interest until our project officially began.  Several projects have recently modified their objectives in the attempt to replicate our purpose.  We are systematically establishing basic Y-chromosome number sets for each of the major (and many smaller) GINN(~), GUIN(N)(~), GWIN(N)(~), GUYN(N)(~), GWYN(N)(~), and related families, including "O" and "Mc" variants throughout the world. 

a.  Identify all variations of spellings around the world.

b.  Determine lineage for proper grouping. 

c.  Identify geographical and chronological points of origins.

d.  Assist with genealogical research by combining information and keeping members informed.

e.  Identify clues in finding ancestral locations.

f.  Assist all members with locating possible future matches.

4.  Several facts and circumstances were reviewed during the conception of this project.  This included publications and source documentation used by traditional genealogist and authors.   DNA has already proven that the several QUIN-QUINN-OQUINN and GUINN-GWINN-OGUIN-McGUINN, families share a very close DNA origin in "FOUR" areas of the Y-DNA spectrum.  Our continued research can and will help buttress conventional genealogical research, proving or disproving connections that have been suggested over many years. 

5.  One of the most important goals is that we truly what our members to be part of their own surname project before they are members of our project.  We understand that there may be problems with other projects, so we have "no requirement" holding people to the previous statement.  We prefer to work side-by-side with other project administrators rather than against.  This road has been very tough, due to pride and self gratification, of which we promote fairness, understanding, and willingness to cooperate.  Several conflicts have arose since our conception, but these conflicts are strictly matters which project administrators should discuss and handle at their level.  We hope to increase our relationships with other projects, as we observe mutual cooperation and improvements.

6.  IMPORTANT:  Please Read, as this is a matter of opinion and subject to yours.  

I personaly, have spent hundreds of dollars on my test and on my immediate families kits, and you have done the same with yours.  It is very upsetting to myself that some project administrators have their member's kits in the UNGROUPED category, or they have their "entire project" with every member in the UNGROUPED category.  The reasons can vary from neglect of their project, to possibly they just don't care about that particular person's sample/kit.  Failing to properly group individuals decreases the credibility of those projects, leaving many questions as to the "truth" or "manipulated fiction" which benefits that administrator's personal lineage..(an example of manipulated fiction is the removal of the Members Surname column, which detracts project credibility leaving the member wondering if they're mixed with Smith's or Jones') ... If a project administrator has your results in the UNGROUPED category for "more than 30 days" .... ask yourself .. "Why am I still in that project."   I am asking everyone to "truly evaluate" each project you are part of... 

a.  Read the background pages.

b.  Grade & monitor your administrators performance.

c.  Evaluate the spreadsheets to determine if your results are properly grouped. 

d.  Email that administrator with your concerns, and if "No response" take action.  

e.  Evaluate the administrators performance with other kits, especially those with your similar surnames.


1.   I can guarentee that our project will not keep members in the UNGROUPED category.  We will not place your results in a group which is "not clearly defined".   We will make every attempt to group and contact you within 1-2 days.   Please be patient, as we normally research lineage before contacting new members, and some times this proces might take 2-3 days, no longer.

2.   You can access almost any project through a number of links without having to JOIN.  Almost all projects have a link on the smaller Project Profile page and most are accessible from FTDNA homepage (link), by typing the surname in the upper right-hand "Search Your Last Name" block.   Another way to access a project which might be unreachable, is to experiment by changing the "primary name" in the URL of a project that you can access.   For example: .. change the /GuinnGwinn/ in the link above to /Quinn/ or /Winn/ after you paste the link into your web brouser, then click the "Enter" key.

3.   Make sure you SAVE the Project to your FAVORITES on your web brouser.  This will allow you to access the project without having to remember what the URL link is.  Create a sub-Folder with multiple Favorite Projects on your web brouser.

You do not have to remain in the UNGROUPED category to view most projects unless if they were originally set up as "private".  If that is that was the case, then ask yourself, "Why join a project which you can not access?

4.   Make a formal Customer Complaint using the (link) below, concerning your dis-satification with that project or its administrator which appear as INACTIVE.  You can always remove yourself from any project you wish, at any time and you do not have to give a reason, ... (if prompted, "I don't like sitting in the UNGROUPED section while genetically proven cousins are grouped...", "I found a project that tends to my needs..." ).   We hope your comments and concerns are taken serious by FTDNA's customer service project support personnel.

5.   Submit a request to become the Administrator of these "troubled projects".  ... If you become an administrator of a troubled project, call me for assistance.  My cell number is on this page below and on our main background page.  Helping you helps me ... because I do not have all the answers, but I hope we can restore interest in all projects and I will help you navigate the GAP pages.

FTDNA Administrator/Customer Complaint Form: (link)


7.  Finally, there are a few small to medium size projects which appear to contain some overlapping with several of our various surnames.  We want to encourage participation with the following:  the COEN, the GUYNUP, the McGINN, the McGINNIS, the QUINN, the WINN, the WINNETT projects.  These members can benifit by joining an overall combined project. 
Michael A. Gwinn, (575) 403-9654
GINN,GUIN,GWIN,GUYN,GWYN Project administrator
(and all similar surnames including "O" and "Mc" versions)

(updated 1 Sep 2014)