The GRINDLE DNA Project - News

As the Y-DNA chromosome is passed from father to son, only men can inherit the Y-chromosome; therefore only men can be participants. Only males who have surnames of Grindle, or the variant spellings of the name, can provide a DNA sample to this project. Females do not inherit their father's Y-chromosome and therefore cannot submit a DNA sample. However, females who are interested in their direct paternal line can ask and encourage a male relative with this surname to order a Y-DNA test.

You can order your test kit online qualifying for our special group rate. A 37 marker test at $149 will determine a genetic relationship within 7 generations or 175 years.  You can save costs by ordering the 37 marker test rather than upgrading to it at a later time.  A 12 marker test, available at $99,  is sufficient to determine if two people are genetically related, however the 37 marker test is highly recommended for more meaningful results. If initial cost is a concern, one can upgrade from a 12 marker test to a 25, 37 or 67 marker test at a later time.

The test is simple and your privacy is maintained. The test entails a swab of the inside of the cheek with a small brush, and then placing the brush in a tube. This is repeated once more and then the kit is returned to Family Tree DNA for processing. The lab will analyze the DNA and provide your test results to you in approximately 8 weeks.

For more information, please contact the Group Administrator or Family Tree DNA. Or click on the following link to join the project: