Graham Surname DNA Project - News

15 June 2012:  There’s great news for Grahams and Jordans and their relatives in the J1c3d group. One of their number (N42042) has just been WTY-tested positive for two new SNPs: L1252 and L1253.

L1252 appears to be widespread among J1 testers, but the new SNP L1253 could prove to be a marker for this cluster within J1, presently characterised by DYS388=15, YCAII=22-22 and DYS455=10.

Dec 2010: All J1 testers in the Graham group to date can be recognised by their STR signature, as all have DYS388=15 and YCAII=22-22. The modal value for this line of J1 Grahams, and probably the signature of the earliest Scottish ancestor of the Ancient Grahams, William de Graham (c1080-1127), can be found in Ysearch at CMCFF. Several of the Grahams from this line have been subclade-tested as J1c3d with P58+, L147+, L222-. 

We have had three unexpected matches all who have ancestry in North Carolina. Those participants are busy comparing their family trees to identify their common ancestor.